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Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball that would clearly guide you at each step along your life journey, and then rally all your inner voices to hop on the faith-and-trust train to follow the guidance?  In today’s Meditation & Healing Circle,
Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of this special day, I’ll be sharing some Sufi teachings about honoring moms as well as a reading from my upcoming book.  Bring the mom in you and all your intentions and prayers for the moms in your life as we hono
We are often warned about the danger of anger. Yet, every emotion serves an important function – even anger.  But what do we typically associate with anger? It’s a sign of losing control, being irrational, unreasonable – and yes, dangerous. So
Today's Circle offers you a space to pray for healing for yourself, others, human, animal, planet – wherever your heart feels called to bring healing and harmony.  "A body that has fallen into disharmony becomes susceptible to disharmonious inf
Last week we focused on holding others in love even when they might be challenging our patience or hurting our hearts. This week it’s your turn to receive the love you need for your heart. Do you notice places of constriction in your body? Thi
That person in your life who can’t quite get it together. Everybody has one. It might even be you. They frustrate the heck out of you. You try to reason with them, plead with them, support them, challenge them, and maybe even enable them. To no
Today millions of people celebrate the Easter holiday. It’s a time of rejoicing, and it also carries some pretty heavy messages that template our collective consciousness and create an unhealthy society.    As I sat in meditation asking for gui
Everyone has an inner artistic creativity that is waiting to be unveiled and expressed. The art that is manifested is an expression of the Ultimate Artist and an opportunity for us to know our Source as well as the beauty of the Creation. The b
How can you find and feel safety in turbulent times? How can you hold to your purpose in the midst of distractions? How can you stay the course when the going gets tough?  That is the topic of today’s Meditation & Healing Circle. I'll be sharin
If you are living on planet earth, you likely could use a tune-up. And if your body is here but you’re not living in it, you could likely use a clearing and embodiment practice.  In today’s Meditation & Healing Circle, we’ll call on an ancient
You’re likely familiar with healing the inner child, but what about the inner mom? Every mother I know carries guilt around the inevitable imperfections of motherhood.Mothers are human too, yet they are the child’s first connection with the mat
It’s hard to be effective or have much impact in our lives if we do not feel a sense of security and safety. And with all that's moving in our world right now, it's easy to feel thrown off balance by the instability in the collective field.In t
Do you ever find yourself listing in your head all the things that are causing you stress? Recent events that had a strong impact on you, situations you need to deal with, people who need your help, projects you are behind on, all the little th
Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of this Day of Love, I have a special treat for you. Today we will follow 10 simple steps to clear the heart of clutter, release its constriction, rest into the heart and bathe in a waterfall of love.  Join us fo
You know the feeling - Heart? What heart? When we get so caught up in all the life events that are pulling our attention in fifty different directions at once.  How can you settle your mind? How can you connect with your center? How can you ret
For years I’ve taught that the mind is not the healer – it does not have the power to heal you. Yesterday I sat through a presentation that offered evidence for the mind’s power to heal. It was a good presentation, and I understand why this is
Can you think of a time when you had a breakthrough, but still didn't really feel at ease with the situation - like it just is what is without any explanation or justification, nothing to prove? Would you like to move beyond breakthrough into m
Sometimes we just need to stop, take a deep breath and allow ourselves to be filled with Mercy. In today’s Prayer & Healing Circle, we empty our cups and expand our capacity to receive, and fill the cup with the healing power of the love of the
What is the difference between Healing and Transformation? And how do we get there from here? Listen in to today’s Prayer & Healing Circle to find out… After last week’s session on Setting Inspired Intentions and Affirmations, I thought we’d ta
Happy 2021! It’s a great time to set Inspired Intentions. Inspiration is how Source guides and directs us. Intention is how we align with the inspiration and say yes.  Inspiration comes through the heart. It’s the Breath of Spirit that breathes
When you think of powerful role models, ones with qualities you would most like to emulate, what do you think of? A quality that tops the list for me is Dignity. If you’ve been following the past few weeks, I’ve been on a theme of restoring dig
Today’s topic comes in response to learning that the song “WAP” was named 2020 Song of the Year by several media outlets and reading reviews calling it a “sex-positive expression of feminine power.” Today we're exploring what Female Empowerment
Purification of the Heart means keeping the heart clean and clear of clutter. Polished even. If your body is a temple (and it is), your heart is the alter of that temple.The heart is a gateway between the material realm with all it’s conflictin
Several people have asked me to create a simple 15-minute meditation. I got it in 16! No intro or outro. You're welcome to download it and use it as a daily meditation practice.
Gratitude is a gift that opens you to the gifts the Universe wants to bring through you and carries you from the particular gifts back to the Source of all giving.Gratitude is…A vibe-raiserA muscle-relaxerA heart-deepenerA soul-expanderA spirit
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