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An intense rocket barrage this week has pushed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to its highest level since the 2014 Gaza War. The question is whether this attack was at the bidding of Iran. 5) More than 600 rockets launched from Gaza toward As
With mainstream consensus finally admitting that SARS-2 probably escaped from a Chinese lab, we revisit a program originally broadcast on January 31, 2020, the same day President Trump announced a nationwide ban on travel from China. That day,
Evidence mounts that federal government unemployment bonuses are hobbling an economic recovery by paying people more to stay home than to go back to work. 5) Liberal Democrats condemn Israel for responding to rocket attacks from Gaza; 4) Open
American media was fixated on hearings about the January 6 riot at the Capitol Monday while the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount was engulfed in smoke. 5) Hundreds injured in Jerusalem riots, complicating formation of new Israeli government;
Chinese scientists have researched ways to deploy biological weapons to fight a Third World War, including a weaponized coronavirus, since at least 2015, raising questions about the origins of COVID-19. 5) New document shows Chinese scientists
As states re-open, employers are finding an unexpected problem: Workers have found they can make more money staying home and collecting federal unemployment bonuses. 5) France, UK clash over fishing rights around Jersey; 4) Biden, DOJ plan to
Experience life-changing sessions from theologians, apologetics experts, investigative researchers, archaeologists, and prophecy teachers in the comfort of your own home! Nearly fifty hours of video content! Register now to take advantage of th
The battle of Armageddon will be fought at, and for, Jerusalem. We explain how a mistake in transliterating led to the belief that Armageddon would be at Megiddo, why Jerusalem makes more sense than Megiddo, and why the “serpent” in Eden was n
An important study by researchers at the Salk Institute published last Friday is a reminder that we don’t know as much about SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, and the experimental vaccines as we’ve been told. 5) New Salk Institute discovery leads to quest
Innovation in science and technology isn’t evil, but it’s a powerful lure that draws humanity back to the false promise of the serpent in Eden: Ye shall be as gods. Join us in Israel this fall! For details on the 2021 SkyWatchTV Israel Tour, v
Prayer could become illegal under a new law under consideration in the UK that would ban “conversion therapy.” 5) Benjamin Netanyahu returns mandate to form government to Israel’s President Rivlin; 4) Biden pushing $6 trillion spending plan; 3
Researchers at the Salk Institute published new research Friday that confirms COVID-19 is a vascular disease, attacking the circulatory system, and that the spike protein on the virus plays a a key role in causing illness. 5) New Salk Institut
Dr. Michael Heiser returns for a fourth and final day and offers an AMAZING revelation about a mysterious woman called 'Wisdom' who turns up both in the Bible and in the Book of Enoch! Who is she and WHAT IS SHE DOING!? FREE! THE HARDBACK BOOK
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Monday that he’s willing to let Naftali Bennett of the Yamina party take the first turn in a power-sharing arrangement, but it’s not certain that Bennett is ready to agree. 5) Biden’s Secreta
A record 34% of household income in the US is now in the form of transfer payments from the government such as welfare and food aid. The combination of a devalued dollar and crushing debt will destroy the middle class. 5) France to prosecute r
Research for other projects leads us into unexpected territory this week--imposters who may masquerade as the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11. We explore the strange connections between St. George, the patron saint of England, and mythical/supe
Students at UCLA claimed during a recent debate on Critical Race Theory that automatic soap dispensers are racist because they force users to display their palms—the lightest colored part of their skin. (The dispensers “see” users with infrared
What started as a review of the biggest changes in science and tech over the last decade morphed into a discussion of how mobile tech, artificial intelligence, and gene editing could lead to the fulfillment of end times prophecy. Join us in Is
President Biden rolled out his $1.8 trillion expansion of the American “social safety net” Wednesday night, but Democrats in high-tax states want Biden to repeal Trump’s State And Local Tax (SALT) deduction cap, which mainly benefits households
A group of retired generals in France have called for a military takeover if French President Emanuel Macron doesn’t stop the “disintegration” of the country by Islamists. 5) Restaurants struggle to hire staff because of generous unemployment
Did you know that the disciples of Jesus and the writers of the New Testament honored the Book of Enoch and even expected Jesus to fulfill what was written in this ancient work? AND THEN HE DID! FREE! THE HARDBACK BOOK OF ENOCH PLUS MORE FREE
Joe Biden’s emissions targets to fight climate change would mean shutting down 11 fossil-fuel power plants a month for the next 14 years. And John Kerry wants to remove carbon dioxide—plant food—from the air. 5) Shadowy company takes control o
Dr. Thomas Horn describes what is happening at the Vatican and among its top theologians in preparation of so-called DISCLOSURE and a coming great deception!
A bill to make “Washington Douglass Commonwealth” the 51st state passed the House last week and goes to the Senate. If passed, this would add another representative and two more senators—presumably Democrats—to Congress. 5) DC statehood bill p
This week, we explain why we think Moses and Elijah are the prophesied Two Witnesses of Revelation 11. We dig a little deeper into the Balaam Inscription that we discussed last week, and we highlight the connections between the Plains of Moab,
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