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Episode from the podcastSober is Dope!

My Rehab Story (Why Rehab was Key to my Addiction Recovery)

Released Sunday, 27th June 2021
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Without Detox to Rehab my Alcohol Addiction would have killed me. My Sobriety and Sobriety motivation came from complete Rock bottom and Darkness. My Addiction Recovery was a miracle. Sober life gave me a second chance. I was not Sober curious until I was facing death. Recovery from addiction was my blessing. I share my recovery stories from addiction and how detox and rehab saved my life. My name is POP Buchanan. I am the Founder of the Sober is Dope podcast. Sobriety podcast and Addiction podcast centered in transparency and healing. This post is dedicated to anyone struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction and addicts world wide.
Sober is Dope Founder explains why a medically assisted detox is important for a healthy withdrawal process. Take a look into his experience. POP Buchanan is the founder of the Sober is Dope Podcast and company. “I am speaker, sobriety activist, and businessman. I am a recovering alcoholic with 8 years sobriety. I devoted my life to sharing my story and to excite healing in others. I started Sober is Dope to highlight the benefits of living a sober life and to provide tools for personal life transformation.  The Sober is Dope Podcast is an honest podcast that covers all aspects of recovery from addiction, trauma, and life. We put a huge emphasis on self development, mental health, sobriety, motivation, and life transformation. We cover topics like addiction science, meditation, health, nutrition, therapy, mindfulness, Love, Process Addictions, and spirituality. The podcast is for anyone seeking help with addiction, depression, toxic lifestyles, and finding purpose through abstinence.” #sobrietytips #sobrietypodcast #sobertips Here is the link to the Podcast, Shop, and FREE Personal Transformation E-BOOK. Highest Blessings. ➡️( https://bit.ly/2Dh67xi ) “It’s never too late to be amazing!” - POP Buchanan 🌍  Sober is Dope! Podcast 🥇 ( https://linktr.ee/Soberisdope ) —— #alcoholism #anxiety #mentalhealth #aa #therapy #addiction #opioids ##addict #love #advice #health #na #brain #soberisdope #soberpodcast #drugaddiction


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