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The Singing Bowl - Crown Chakra

Released Tuesday, 1st September 2020
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The singing bowls have been used for a long time to help with healing and balancing of the body. The one that Hari is playing here is an Aquar Aura Gold Crystal Singing Bowl which has many benefits. It is a 9" size and is on scale B which resonates with the crown chakra which is known as the Sahasrara Chakra.

These transmissions have each been recorded in a highly focused and meditative environment so that the clearest and highest intentions are embedded into the recordings.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, meditation, to improve restfulness and sleep, increase concentration, realign your chakras, clear your mind or calm your emotions Crystal Transmissions are the perfect tool to bring you back into balance.

How to listen to this sound transmission? 
  • Sit in a clean sacred space or somewhere you feel comfortable without disturbance
  • Ensure your mobile phone is switched off and other distractions are not present
  • Ideally you should sit on the floor cross legged if possible, or you can sit as you find comfortable
  • Close your eyes
  • Please play the audio through good quality speakers to feel the effects of this healing transmission to you or you can use a decent set of headphones
  • Switch off your mind, relax and go into meditation once your eyes are closed
  • Attention focussed on your crown chakra - the Sahasrara Chakra, picture the divine light energising your being