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Episode 145 - Twitter Posts and Thailand Ghosts

Released Wednesday, 3rd March 2021
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It's our 145th Episode! We're not sure why that's important really...but it feels like a milestone? Maybe? Lindsey talks about some of the suuuuper cool ghosts from Thailand Folklore and hey, spoilers, they're super cool. And also a little scary. Jordan reads some texts from our Haunted Hotline as well as some creepy short stories from Twitter.

Other topics in Episode 145 include yelling the word "flips", Weird Science, Lindsey's cool pants story, throwing food very fast, can ghosts smell?, missing bunny heads, Myt the ghost, eating raw meat and/or flesh, stealing organs from people who might be vampires, back scratches, and checking in with the ghost that lives in your toilet. Join us, won't you?

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