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 n = 61In this episode, Tom interviews Paul Looyen, Teacher, YouTube educator and trivia genius about Physics teaching, science education and photography. You can find Paul most places as @physicshighYouTubeWebsiteInstagramTwitterPaul answered
n = 60STEMpunk was given an incredible opportunity, to run an event for the Vivid Ideas festival called Significant Figures, where we interviewed a wonderful scientist with a panel or more excellent scientists, or significant figures!The panel
n = 59Dr Space JunkIn this episode, Tom interviews Alice Gorman about the usual things like how you got involved in STEM and Space Archeology. We talked about her beginnings, some actuall space archeology and most importantly, we left plenty un
Well, it is not exactly rocket sci....,Actually, it IS exactly rocket sciencen = 58In this episode, Tom interview Matthew D'Souza about the usual things as well as his recent win at the SpacePort America Cup.  This was a great episode with a yo
Shane, a microphone and Zeeshan.n = 57What does Genetics, Boston, and being president have in common? In this episode of STEMpunk, Shane sits down with Zeeshan Siddiqui in chatting about his passions from his research in bioinformatics to inspi
Dr Abigail Fraeman, Shane Hengst,Liz Landau, Tom Gordon,Dr Sarah Reeves.n = 56 On Tuesday 16 July 2019, STEMpunk went back to Wayward Brewery and were joined by special NASA guests for an evening of Planets and Parables. Dr Abigail Fraeman (Pla
n = 55Action shot of Mitch being interviewedIn this episode, Tom interviews Mitch Gibbs from the University of Sydney's School of Life and Environmental Science. Mitch studies Oysters and climate change. In Mitch's words, in this case, "climate
We started STEMpunk a couple of years ago, perhaps we should have done this sooner!n=54This was a great episode, it was a chance for the STEMpunks (Tom, Christie and Shane) to talk about some really essential stuff like... Who is our Audience?R
n=53Annie Handmer. Historian, Philosopher, Sociologist, Ethicist, Scientist.In this episode, Tom interviews Annie Handmer from the University of Sydney's School of History and Philosophy of Science. Annie studies things such as international sc
Thumbs up Corey!n=52In this episode, Tom interviews rising star Corey Potter-Tutt. We talked a lot about indigenous Science, brain food, animals and their superpowers and Camelids! A great episode where I feel like I learnt a lot from a differe
Artists impression of Ivy Artist: Ivyn=51In this episode, Tom interviews Science communicator and journalist Ivy Shih. We talked a lot about science journalism, which is really great as it is a different perspective to what we normally hear on
Rachel Rayner...and BUBBLES!n=50In this episode, Christie and Tom interview Science communicator brilliant person Rachel Rayner. We talk about where science and science communication can take you and some amazing places that Rachel has gone and
Kat Ross with the little spidery looking MWAn=49This is a fun episode with Astronomer Kat Ross. Kat has been working hard at astronomy, education, resources and Women in Physics and is doing really well getting the word out as far and wide as p
Dr Karl, Jasmine Fellows, Tom Gordon,Dr Andy Stapleton, Professor Nancy Longneckern = 48This special edition was another STEMpunk live episode. This time at The Australian Science Communicators conference in Sydney in mid November 2018.With a h
n = [email protected] is a really special episode with a bit of a STEM hero, Pamela Gay. I saw a tweet from Pamela that she was heading out to Sydney, so I jumped in and asked if she had the time.  She so wonderfully said yes. What a great con
n = 46Associate Professor Michael KasumovicHow is a Sex Lab, the Theory of Evolution, and ‘Spinder’ connected?Shane sits down with Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic to have chat about how everything revolves around sex, the positive influen
n = 45It's good to get your herd on every now and then! Tom interviewed Kirsten Banks, amazing astrophysicist and big time nerd!We chatted about Brian Cox, Music, Astronomy, space and all the things. I hope you enjoy this episode. Kirsten answe
Mars, cos we talked a lot about Mars. Should we go there?n = 44This was a great episode. In this episode, Tom Had 6 work experience students and 3rd year Nanotechnology student Alison in to have a big chat. This was so much fun. Thanks to all f
It is time...to talk with Anncyn = 43The P Stands for Philosophy.In this episode, Tom and Christie interviewed friend of the show Anncy Thresher about philosophy of Physics, and about time too! We chatted about Anncy's research into philosophy 
Episode 42:In this episode, Tom and Shane celebrate a minor milestone with the 42nd STEMpunk episode. We celebrate by running through a couple of Hitchhikers guide tot he Galaxy quizzes and facts. Please enjoy.We tried the BBC Hitchhikers Guide
Vanessa and her Cosmic PuddingEpisode 41:In this episode, Tom talks with the Vanessa Moss, Astronomer extra-ordinaire. Vanessa knows her telescopes and was very informative to talk to. We chatted about STEM, Astronomy (lots of astronomy!), danc
Dustin Bates, frontman for Starset.Episode 37In this Episode, Tom and Guest STEMpunk (Guestpunk??) Petr Lebedev talked with Dustin Bates.In Science week 2017, a friend of mine Dustin Bates from the cinematic rock band Starset came out for their
Ben Pope in his appearance on University Challenge.Episode 38:In this episode we talk to the very interesting Ben Pope. We talked about astronomy, Sagan, Hawking, University Challenge, STEM, Science in Society and a whole lot more. That sounds
Episode 39:Dr Chloe Warren.Standing up, being funny, and Science-yIn this episode, Tom talks with the very super cool Dr Chloe Warren. We talked about STEM, (and what that even is), writing, comedy, life, industry, research and how to (or how n
Episode 40:In this episode, Tom talks with the founder of Fizzics Education, Ben Newsome. Ben is a pretty interesting guy, and after listening tot this interview you'll probably agree that he doesn't really like to sit still for very long. Alwa
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