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A weekly Video Games, Animation and Manga podcast featuring EdoNinja Zoldyck
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Episodes of Storm Connect

The first StormConnect Podcast Episode that were to be live on Twitch. The episode consists of the discussion regarding RWBY Volume 8 Chapters 4 & 5. The chapters are already kicking off that this could not wait to be talked about behind the sc
The first and last overly emotional StormConnect Podcast Episode consists of talking about the final reveal for Smash Ultimate: Sora from KINGDOM HEARTS. EdoNinja & Crunch returned from the long hiatus and as they came from different livelihood
Overediting is a term that is casually thrown left and right among in the Smash Community towards to video editors of all sorts that are involved in the scene. It has led to many certain confusions about this form of content which unfortunately
RWBY Volume 8 Chapters 12 & 13 were in a way parallels to each other which is why the reviews are grouped up together for this podcast episode. Enjoy listening to the on-edge Edo that fears for the finale of this volume and the series itself. I
We only have a couple chapters remaining of RWBY Volume 8 and since Volume 6, they introduced certain depths that just did not make any sense or just happened to be questionable, people grew very concerned of what path CRWBY made for the story
RWBY Volume 8 produced a couple more chapters after their midseason hiatus comeback, there were drastic differences from their first return chapter. https://twitter.com/EdoNinjaZ/status/1367015881373483016?s=20
RWBY Vol. 8 finally returns from its lengthy midseason hiatus starting off with the main characters at the Schnee Mansion. The hideout was bound to be exposed eventually and suddenly, it turned into a cute horror movie chapter.
A Remnant Rewind overdue episode, I hop back on to talk about RWBY Volume 8 Chapters 6 and 7 for a refresh on what we could expect for when RWBY airs back on this Saturday after their lengthy midseason hiatus!
One of the legendary Final Fantasy antagonists, Sephiroth, being dropped for Smash Ultimate deserved another podcast episode for it for our review, the presentation from Sakurai, the marketing strategy of Sephiroth, Mii Costumes, and of course.
After a long week of nothing but bad news, Crunch brings nothing but heat to the table to talk about the recent, yet evil, acts committed by everyone's favorite family friendly company, Nintendo. 
Just in the nick of time, Nintendo reveals a new character for Smash: Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. Despite the recent news about Nintendo, Edo and Crunch talk about the hype trailer he got, his moveset, expectations for patch 10.0.0, and muc
We are now 3 chapters in of RWBY Volume 8 and we are already receiving such early signs of the death cast and how much in favor Salem has here in the war. What is even worse is that there are people that are being put out of commission so quick
It's that time of the year again where we go on another rollercoaster ride with RoosterTeeth's New RWBY Volume Premiere and feel conflicted about it once it's done for another year. Now that more characters are coming together to the stage of A
Some time has passed since the release of Steve from Minecraft (Alex, Enderman, & Zombie skins) in Smash and this time, it took a little more to really experiment and understand the fighter's potential even though... we try to draw our own conc
As this is being typed with odd finger movements, you can already tell, there are words that need to be said regarding Smash Ultimate's New DLC Fighter as of October 2020. The typing ends here as the episode title speaks for itself. https://twi
It's that time of the year again, where we now have an official countdown for the new RWBY Volume to premiere! RWBY Volume 8's development has been the most unique in comparison with the other volumes. There is a lot of more information that ca
With the world in shambles and in panic mode, Apple's made their contribution to the chaos with their product lineup, prices, and services they have to offer, it may even shock you. Special guest, Joshu, joins me on the discussion as to what we
With the long silence we had this year with Nintendo, they came out with a big bang for their celebration for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. As expected, there are some background information that should be clarified so everyone has
Persona 5 has been a huge success for ATLUS, they of course, will milk the game's lifespan until they reach to that limit. They have done several forms of adaptations and probably will continue it from this point on and today we will be talking
After the wonderful week of streaming Paper Mario: The Origami King, EdoNinja has very unique comments to make here in this review. There also a couple updates regarding to address with the StormConnect Podcast at the end as well! Article 1: ht
Before EdoNinja dives into Final Fantasy VII Remake, he plays through the original, watched the events of Advent Children, and Crisis Core, to get the full understanding of its background and its hype within the media. For the first time ever,
Sony finally unveils the new Playstation 5 to the public alongside with its exclusives lineup, however there are some mysteries surrounding the console itself. We provide our input on the games, the console, and give attention to speculation th
After our session experience with Min Min and the new patch that came for Smash Ultimate, we now have reached our personal verdicts on the game overall and characters. Patch Notes Link: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detai
After our hiatus from the R/R Special Coverage, we return here to address our thoughts on the Min Min from Arms in Smash Showcase, Vault Boy as a Mii Fighter, and future updates we are seeing right now for Smash Ultimate. Also mentioning Byleth
Last Royal podcast episode, we talked over the premises of Persona 5 Royal without spoiling the game and determining its worth. In this podcast episode we will be diving into all the spoiler content and going all out.
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