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#15: Steampunk With Podcaster and Librarian Elizabeth Headrick AKA "Bluestocking"
This is a crossover episode with podcaster Elizabeth Headrick aka Bluestocking of the Steampunk Dollhouse Podcast! We share podcasting lessons learned, including some bumper samples. I love Bluestocking’s literary analysis of steampunk fiction, which she studies academically as an MLIS grad student. Plus, she gets delightfully sassy and political–it’s tons of fun and I always learn a lot. And her Scholarly Steampunk Collection and recommended reading list for 2018 are not to be missed!
#6: Cyberpunk With Author Bruce Bethke
This interview with the author who coined the term cyberpunk covers everything you'd hope it would, and then some. Bruce's term inspired all the other punk genres we celebrate on this show, including steampunk. No big deal! Bruce shares some exciting new projects and updates (if you're already a Bethke fan, you're going to really love what he announces!). Bruce also shares what he's looking for in submissions to his Friday Challenge opportunity for authors. And if all this wasn't enough, he also supplies THE best reaction I've ever heard to a brief technical timeout in our conference call, so I left that in the recording. It's pretty awesome.
Season 2 Begins!
It's been a minute, hasn't it?! Here are announcement links mentioned in this Season 2 kickoff mini episode. Interviews resume next Thursday and every Thursday thereafter through September. Get more involved via emails every Friday: www.Storypunks.World/newsletter Join the Storypunks Salon and Reading Room (book club): Apply to sponsor an episode: www.Storypunks.World/promotion I hope you have a marvelous week! - Cindy  
#29 (Part 1): Steampunk With Author Jim Butcher
Jim Butcher writes several popular series including The Cinder Spires (steampunk!) as well as The Dresden Files and The Codex Alera. In Part 1 of 2, Jim chats about writing several series at once, using his author powers for evil, and plenty of other interesting stuff! Please also note that Episodes 29 and 30 wrap up Season One of this podcast, so be sure to check out my intro for more detail. Thanks for being part of Storypunks!! www.Storypunks.World
#18 (Part 2): Steampunk With Kevin Steil AKA the Airship Ambassador
This week, Kevin Steil and I continue to discuss his many projects, including his Steampunk Museum, Steampunk Hands Around the World blogathon, Airship Ambassador TV channel on YouTube, Airship Ambassador expansion pack for the game Twisted Skies, and tips for reaching out to steampunk friends around the globe. He also shares some reading recommendations from his impressive steampunk book collection. Don't miss it! www.Storypunks.World  
#1: Step Into Storypunks With Podcast Host Cindy Grigg
The Storypunks Podcast unites “punks” across many distinct yet related science fiction and fantasy sub-genres, including cyberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, decopunk, biopunk, mythpunk, silkpunk, mannerpunk, solarpunk, ecopunk, atompunk, clockpunk, and more (time travel and alt history included)! Host Cindy Grigg interviews writers, makers, musicians, artists, and other creators. Find your next read or get creative inspiration.
#10: Atompunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, and More With Musician Paul Shapera
Paul Shapera is a musician whose New Albion and Tales of Lost Hollow albums span atompunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, steampunk, and more!  So no matter what you fancy, this episode probably has something for you! We get into fascinating territory, including Paul's relatively uncommon four-act storytelling structure rather than the more traditional three-act or five-act storyline, and how this relates to the idea of "Escher's Loops" (yes, as in, the illustrator). Paul also describes the sound of each punk era, including instruments and thematic inspirations. And since the concept of "rock opera" can be elusive, he also shares his preferred term for his kind of storytelling: pulp opera. Yup, Paul's pretty much the coolest. Find more detailed show notes and links to the video version at www.Storypunks.World. Paul's site, where you can listen to and purchase his albums:  
#31 (Part 1): Ecopunk, Mannerpunk, and Cyberpunk With Author Jesikah Sundin
Interviewing author Jesikah Sundin about her Biodome Chronicles series is a stunning place to begin Season 2. We chat about so many punks in this one, especially ecopunk, mannerpunk, and cyberpunk as well as hopepunk and solarpunk! Plus, she'll join me as we kick off the Storypunks Salon and Reading Room virtual book club via Facebook Live on Earth Day: April 22, 2019! Join the book club here: www.Storypunks.World
Announcement: Show on Hiatus Until June 14
I'm stepping out on a writing research expedition! Thank you for being part of this show so far. It's been a ton of fun, and has really expanded what I'm working on. The show is now on hiatus. I have tons of interviews coming your way again June 14, 2018! In the meantime, I'm collecting audience answers to questions I've been asking many of my guests. Fill out the survey here for possible (as in, very likely!) inclusion in upcoming shows! Find this at Storypunks.World. Thank you!  
#42 (Part 2): Cyberpunk and GameLit - Mountaindale Press Owners Dakota and Danielle Krout
Not only has Dakota Krout done well in GameLit (the wider term encompassing things like LitRPG), but he and his wife Danielle also apply tools and data that worked well for him as they help other authors launch and succeed.  Part 2 also features Dakota's answer to the trends question I end most interviews with--his was probably the most unexpected and specific answer I've heard. Check it out! Also mentioned in this episode:
Switch Up!
I'm moving! Our last two episodes for Season 3 will post in September once I transition and iron out arrangements for uploading episodes. I'll have a double episode for you, featuring an awesome steampunk makeup demonstration, so you may want to subscribe on to catch episodes 59 and 60. REMINDER: Sad we only have 2 episodes left in 2019? Please consider supporting my goal to make the podcast year-round rather than seasonal at Thank you! - Cindy
#46 (Part 2): Steampunk With Writer and Pilot Nathan Van Coops
Nathan Van Coops' steampunk Skylighter series is a great point of reference as we continue talking about steampunk, alternate history, retrofuturism, and more. Since Nathan is a pilot, I also picked his brain about the airships and other contraptions we love to speculate about as punks. It's a really fun and creativity-inspiring chat. Join us! For punk-related editing inquiries: www.Storypunks.World/Newsletter  
We'll Be Back for Season 3!
We've had a fabulous Season 2, thanks to my guests and all of you.  NOTE: Due to unexpected life changes, all off-season aspects of the Storypunks Podcast as well as my writing are now on hold. I'll share more once the show resumes in 2020! In the meantime, check out Kate Shea, Charlie Geiser, and the Children of Proteus team for their comic, a Makeup Monday series (featuring steampunk aquatic creatures . . . awesome!), and more. Best of luck with all you're working on!
#8: Steampunk With Event Planner, Musician, and Author Jeff Mach (Part 1)
  This show was recorded during a less-than-live Facebook event (sorry to anyone I inconvenienced!) and a single episode would run well past an hour, so I've split it into two parts. This week, Jeff spends most of our discussion on the definition of steampunk--so for all you creators looking for some analysis around defining steampunk, this is for you! We get into "The Great Steampunk Culture War", the steampunk multiverse (awesome!), why Jeff has been referred to as a Steampunk Dada-ist, and much more! Jeff also offers a giveaway (woo hoo!!) and insight on upcoming festivals or how to support the artists who donate their time for benefit concerts. Next week, we'll continue with insights on events, running a steampunk-related business, and Jeff's creations from music to his upcoming book!  
Show Schedule Change
This has been a tough decision, but Storypunks is switching from a weekly to a biweekly podcast (every other week), beginning next Thursday August 9, 2018. Please have a listen if you'd like more detail. Thanks for your understanding, and please subscribe so you'll know when the next interview pops up!
#37 (Part 1): Dieselpunk With Graphic Novelists - The Lost Mountain Mechanicals
In Part 1 of this conversation, I speak with all three of the Lost Mountain Mechanicals: Steve Nedvidek, Ed Crowell, and Jack Lowe. We look at their creative process and how they've found ongoing inspiration to create the Jekyll Island Chronicles graphic novels. I loved their interpretations of dieselpunk, steampunk, and so much more. Tons to think about here! www.Storypunks.World Mentioned in this episode: Retro-themed candy including awesome "decade boxes" - www.Storypunks.World/Candy  
#44 (Part 2): Cyberpunk SALON With Creative Director Madqueen - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick
Creative Director Madqueen continues our discussion about Blade Runner and Philip K. Dick's book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. Madqueen brought a ton of perspective and I left with so much to think about. I think you will, too! We covered a lot, but as always, feel free to add your comments to the social media posts. Don't be shy! Find Madqueen: Got feedback for me? Connect with Storypunks:
#41 (Part 1): Cyberpunk and LitRPG With Author Dakota Krout
I loved catching up with LitRPG author Dakota Krout this week. In Part 1, we chat about his thoughts on cyberpunk as well as his Divine Dungeon and Completionist Chronicles Series. Since some of you may not be familiar with the term LitRPG, we get into some detail about it and I think you'll really love thinking about the possibilities. Also mentioned in this episode:    
A Storypunks First!
Guess what? We've already published eight episodes in May (whew!!). That represents some kind of Storypunks Podcast record! Not only could this mean some of you are catching up but I've also apparently discovered the limits of my monthly podcast server allotment. Who knew?! It means I'll post upcoming full episodes next week. Have a fabulous week as we head toward June . . . and summer! www.Storypunks.World
#21: Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and Solarpunk With Author Nisi Shawl
Author Nisi Shawl's novel Everfair posits, what if Belgian forces had not succeeded in colonizing the Congo? And it's AWESOME!! In this interview, Nisi shares her definitions and ideas around steampunk as well as AfroRetroFuturism, cyberpunk, solarpunk, and hopepunk. She pays a beautiful tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin, and shares several resources and organizations for readers and writers.
#17 (Part 1): Steampunk With Kevin Steil AKA the Airship Ambassador
A popular panelist and steampunk personality, the Airship Ambassador (Kevin Steil) has consulted for the show Steampunk'd! and other projects. His website,, is an impressive compendium of steampunk news, recommended reads, and so many other goings-on. In addition, he writes a popular blog with in-depth interviews. In this episode, we discuss all of the above as well as how he designed his iconic Airship Ambassador costume. And there's more! This will be a two-part series continuing to Episode 18 as well.
#13: Hairwork With Artist Courtney Lane
Think art made from human hair sounds weird? You might think again after this fascinating interview with historical and contemporary hairwork artist Courtney Lane, who creates and restores mourning jewelry, momentos, and more. We chat about how this unique storytelling medium intersects with death positivity, lachrymatory bottles, post-mortem photography, and other historical topics relating to genres like alternate history and steampunk. Video version on YouTube or Storypunks.World.
#9: Cyberpunk With Author Malka Older
Malka Older's Centenal Cycle Series begins with Infomocracy followed by Null States and State Tectonics, and takes readers through a world of micro-democracies. I love how she's using the series to create small laboratories in which to investigate social technologies and structures as well as the diverse characters moving among them.  Basically, you will feel smarter after this conversation with Malka, and especially if you dive into this series . . . I know I did! Mentioned in this episode (with additional show notes at Storypunks.World): Malka Older's Website Detroit's Digital Access Divide (New York Times) Brave New World Conference Neil Harbisson - Cyborg Moon Ribas - Cyborg Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion
#2: Cyberpunk and Biopunk With Author Dan Wells
I have decided to give a quick update at the beginning of every show, so this is when I'll describe what I'm working on.  I wasn't sure I'd do this at first, but the timing is nice because I'm entering my "Structural Phase" of a pretty hefty work in progress. Listen to the episode or visit my website ( for a description of my work in progress.  If you'd like to get involved as a beta reader with input on a story, please fill out the form at Learn more by listening to or watching the episode! Interview With Cyberpunk and Biopunk Author Dan Wells Dan Wells has written many novels and other fictional works you can find at Here's a list of questions I asked Dan in Episode 2. Me: In this show, we discuss "the punks", and today we're focusing on cyberpunk. Since everyone defines them a little bit differently, what's your take on the defining the term and what do you feel qualifies as cyberpunk? Me: Tell us about each of your cyberpunk books or series and why readers should check them out. Specifically, what themes do your books focus on? Me: As I've begun reading Bluescreen, I'm blown away by how well you write a cast of diverse characters. What kind of research, tools, or other planning goes into pulling that off as an author? Twitter: Sean‏ @SeanTaillon  - What evolutions he's gone through in regards to storytelling. Personal eureka moments in regards to overall craft or a specific story. Twitter: Ben Lane Hodson‏ @BenLaneHodson  - How do you do your tech research for your cyberpunk books? Phone: Robert from Denver - How do you keep an ongoing series fresh with new ideas? Also, writing can be difficult, so I'm looking for inspiration about the payoff. What's the most rewarding thing for you about finishing so many stories? Me: Anyone who visits the About tab on Dan's website can read some really fun and more in-depth biographical tidbits than I covered in the bio. I found myself blown away by everything you've been up to, Dan! So, what's your secret for writing productivity? How do you get so much done?! Me: Why is cyberpunk important right now? Why does the world today need more cyberpunk? Look forward to another interview next week! I am so excited to be sharing these interviews with you.
#27 (Part 1): Solarpunk and Ecopunk With Author Mary Woodbury
Mary Woodbury runs Moon Willow Press as well as other sites and projects focused on eco-fiction. In this episode, we talk about her work as a curator and creator in this realm, including her definitions and vision for terms like solarpunk, ecopunk, hopepunk, and other environmentally-related punks. She has many resources for artists and readers to check out: blog: www.Storypunks.World
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