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StreetPX - A Photography Podcast

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Hosted by Bay area photographers, RE Casper and Jim Watkins. StreetPX is a coffee and a chat style podcast focusing on the who, what, when, where and why of street photography, documentary photography and photojournalism. Each episode, we sit with fellow photographers to share stories, trade advice, analyze projects and discuss whatever else happens to come up in conversation. Often unpredictable, but always a fun.

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The StreetPX crew drops in on Harvey Castro at Studio 369 in Oakland, to discuss a storied life of photography, Cuba, combat sports and a perilous journey from Nicaragua to the United States. From his first camera, a Dr Pepper can converted into a disposable film camera, to his Hasselblad and Leic...

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CJ Lucero is a documentary photographer and this past June, you may remember him joining us as the surprise audience guest who sat in during StreetPX Live at Streetfoto. Without preparation or warning, he gave us an amazing, yet brief interview. Today, we bring him back to expand on his background...

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After a brief scheduling stumble, StreetPX is back to feature Dave Christensen, director of the esteemed Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco. Hailing from Wisconsin, Dave started his career wielding a back-breaking large format Deardorff. Specializing in commercial and fashion photography fr...

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Today we have the wonderfully talented, Roza Vulf. An award winning street photographer, kind enough to spare some time, to call in to the show from her home in Rome, Italy. Roza Vulf has an impressive track record of recognition in the world of street photography, including (but certainly not lim...

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Christopher Rusanowsky joins us from the comfort of his home in Los Angeles, California. We’re getting back to photojournalism and documentary …… >>> [Read the rest] The post EP43 – Hope and a Prayer with Photographer Christopher Rusanowsky appeared first on StreetPX - A Photography Podcast.

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