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Episodes of STRESSPROOF Podcast

So many hopes and dreams are still written on pieces of paper or left hanging on people’s vision board because of one thing - they stopped believing. And it’s NOT because “it” wasn’t possible, it’s because one day you decided it wasn’t worth be
Believe it or not most Stressed Out Successes deny their feeling depressed because of their ability to continue as a highly functioning adult. Maybe you can still excel in your job, be highly engaging in a conversation, or even help other peopl
Why is it that some people are able to resolve problems quickly while others get stuck feeling stressed out and confused as to what to do next? One of the biggest reasons for this is because most Stressed Out Successes are unaware of the two ph
Does it always feel as if your mind can do so much more than your body? Do you ever feel as if your body just can’t keep up with the demands of your life? And is feeling this way causing you to feel even more frustrated at yourself and even you
Most Stressed Out Successes are running on empty because they’re forgetting that natural “give and take” principle that lives inside of us in order to function optimally. And in order to explain how this process works, I want to invite you to t
Most Stressed Out Successes spend a majority of their time trying to resolve the problem so they don’t have to feel so stressed. There’s nothing wrong with that but if you still feel stressed even after you’ve solved your problem, there are two
If you’ve ever felt misunderstood and made it mean that you’re not a good communicator, people don’t listen to you, or people just don’t “get” you, then you’ll want to listen to this episode. We’re going to be talking about how misunderstanding
Do you ever have deep thoughts about what to ultimately make of a situation or how to see the TRUTH in something so that you can move on or make the right decision? And does this overthinking ever burn you out or make you want to drown yourself
This week I’m sharing a personal story where I had my own stressful moment of panic and how I dealt with the unknown. You will laugh, furiously nod your own head in empathy, and maybe even delight in yourself as you learn a new tool to help YOU
Does it feel like no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to get along with that one person? Or maybe you’ve left that old team only to find yourself working with someone who was just like that old co-worker? In this episode I’m breaking
Most Stressed Out Successes fantasize TOO much about what could have been not realizing that this type of indulgence is blinding them to the opportunities that exist right now. Instead of looking ahead and feeling good now, we spend our free mo
Believe it or not, burnout doesn’t “just happen”. Most Stressed Out Successes will look back and tell you that there were signs all along the way leading to the one or two major lessons they had to learn, AND burnout happened to be the messenge
Have you ever faced a new role or project and found yourself too overwhelmed with stress that it actually prevented you (or made it really hard) from achieving your goals? In this short episode I’m sharing why most Stressed Out Successes fail i
In this episode I’m sharing why we must balance our results with pleasure, and why every endeavor we engage in doesn’t always have to give us a result, other than the pure enjoyment of having done it. I’ll be sharing how this affects the podcas
Are you growing resentful at the people around you, requests that come through, or even your own calendar? Do you ever wonder to yourself, "Why don't I have more time to do the things I WANT to do?"? Believe it or not, so many Stressed Out Succ
Oftentimes indulging in our own illogical fear prevents us from taking action, which then results in future pain. For example, if you’ve ever needed to hire someone but the fear of hiring the WRONG person keeps you from making the hire, the pai
Believe it or not most Stressed Out Successes are living within this invisible BOX of what they think their lives need to look like... ... without ever questioning their deepest desires first. If you’ve ever felt unsatisfied or even unhappy as
Do you sometimes feel as if you feel MORE than the average person and it almost feels like a second job just to manage your energy levels so that you can feel “good enough” to go to a networking event or even a social event? Do you ever feel ov
Most people are nervous to say the word “stress” around me. But the truth is, I’m a normal person just like you. And in this week’s episode I’m sharing my top daily habits that I personally use so that I eliminate unnecessary stress and sufferi
This week’s conversation is all about the fear of losing success. Perhaps you’re stressed because you’re trying to keep it all together and maintain what you’ve worked so hard to finally have in your life; and the fear of losing it all is gripp
If you’re a Weekend Warrior AND feel like a Stressed Out Success then you probably use your weekends to release some major steam. This works great, until it doesn’t. Suddenly you might find that the weekends are just as stressful or worse, mean
Stress can sometimes be the scapegoat for something much deeper. And so what that looks like for most Stressed Out Successes is they blame the multiple deadlines, sudden changes in policy, or that one specific person for their unhappiness. The
Oftentimes we have trouble letting go of the past because of how we think it’s affecting us now. We say to ourselves: "If that work incident never happened then I'd be more confident." "If only I had handled it differently... I'd be in a comple
If you’re like most Stressed Out Successes, part of the reason why you feel so stagnant in your career and personal life is because you are DENYING parts of who you really are. Think about it, how can you attract the right people and the right
Do you often imagine the worst case scenario? Do you find yourself feeling bad for days or even weeks after an undesirable result, and this lack of productivity is costing you precious time at work and with the people you love? If you answered
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