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The Enterprise D is charged with escorting a special passenger who has spent her life isolated in preparation for a new role. It’s Salia, the soon-to-be leader of Daled IV accompanied by Anya, her protector. Salia is expected to bring peace to
During a routine crew rotation, Dr. Bruce Maddox announces he is having Data transferred under his command in order for the doctor to disassemble the android in order to study him and create more of his kind. Data is properly apprehensive and d
As part of an officer exchange program, the Enterprise gets a new Benzite ensign, Mendon, and the Klingon ship, the Pagh, gets Riker. Both struggle to fit in with their new assignments. Mendon is eager to impress Picard while Riker is eager to
Once again, the Enterprise is pulled off course by a distress call. While they’re on the way to Star Station India, they get an urgent call from the USS Lantree announcing the crew of that ship is dying. They blow off India and find the Lantree
The Enterprise heads to Gravesworld, home of famous genius, Ira Graves, to answer a distress call from his assistant? Companion? Whatever the Hell, Kareen. Graves is dying, and in a last ditch attempt at immortality, Graves secretly transfers h
The Enterprise encounters a cargo ship in distress and beams over its captain, Thadiun Okona, a self-described flamboyant and rakish character with an eye for the ladies. While Geordi works on repairing the damaged part from Okona’s ship, the b
The Enterprise is cooling its warp coil waiting three days for the USS Victory, so Geordi surprises Data with a pipe and an invite to the holodeck to play Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Geordi is immediately frustrated when Data tears through
After we enjoy Worf and Riker getting some vigorous exercise in the holodeck, we get to see the Enterprise D encounter an anomaly in space, an area of blackness without matter or energy. They move in to investigate, and before they know it, the
As the Enterprise-D transports some dangerous virus samples, Deanna Troi is suddenly pregnant! Unknown to the crew, a nameless entity impregnates Troi, and the pregnancy progresses with shocking speed. Troi gives an effortless birth to a boy wh
         Generations opens with the launching of the brand new Enterprise B, signaling the retirement of Captain Kirk and crew. Kirk, Chekov, and Scotty are on board to see the new bird off when they receive a distress call from ships caught in
Memories, like the corner of our minds . . . Dave and Andrew dive into the misty, watercolor memories of season one with their best of/worst of list! A celebration of season one of TNG and TNGeez, this episode is all about looking at the good,
The Enterprise D is ordered to the Neutral Zone to investigate the disappearance of several outposts and to determine if they are the result of the Romulan Empire reasserting itself in the quadrant. The Romulans haven’t been heard from in over
While the Enterprise D is once again on the way to get some R and R, the crew receives a Code 47 priority message for Picard’s eyes alone. On remote and desolate Dytallix B, Picard meets with three esteemed Starfleet captains, including his old
Dave and Andrew sit down with two special guests, Star Trek mavens Nicole Goux and Dave Baker, to look back at an episode of the original series in a bonus episode celebrating the roots of Trek. Has Spock gone wild? So it seems when the usually
The U.S.S. Enterprise experiences a weird hiccup in time followed by a distress call from Dr. Paul Manheim, a leading expert in the exploration of time. Picard and crew discover Manheim in quite a confused and troubled state, but perhaps more i
When a shuttlecraft with Troi aboard crashes on a remote and desolate planet, the Enterprise crew leaps into action to rescue her. When the away team beams down, they are met with some kind of living goop stain named Armus, who prevents them fr
The Enterprise shows up in a solar system where the star is going all wacky so they can observe some never before observed solar activity. Very BURSTY! If an episode of space action in which the Enterprise gets disabled by a solar flare and has
On a mission to find the missing USS Drake, the Enterprise ends up on Minos, a planet known for its proficiency in manufacturing arms and selling them to whoever has the credits. The crew discovers the planet is devoid of life, and before they
The Enterprise D enters the Neutral Zone to answer a distress call and unexpectedly ends up rescuing three Klingons who claim they were attacked by the Ferengi. After one of the trio dies from his wounds, the remaining pair, Korris and Konmel,
The Enterprise D orbits Relva VII as young Wesley Crusher tests for entry into Starfleet Academy, competing against three other promising candidates. Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew finds itself subject to a surprise inspection from Starfleet Co
Starfleet sends everyone’s favorite Galaxy class vessel to pop in on terraformers who have been in deep “forming” Valera III, but who have fallen behind schedule. Picard and company are told to take a space hike by the head ‘former, Mandl. When
The Enterprise searches for the mythical planet of Aldea, and soon regrets finding it when its inhabitants kidnap several pieces of the ship’s most precious cargo--the children. It seems that the Aldeans live a blissful life of contemplation an
Andrew and Dave join the Enterprise as it takes old timer Admiral Jameson to negotiate a peace deal on Mordan IV while the Admiral goes through a reverse-aging metamorphosis. 
Dave and Andrew take a ride with the Bynars on a hijacked Enterprise when they do the math for "11001001," episode 14 of ST:TNGeez, Not Another Star Trek Podcast! 
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