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The Perfection of MDMA & The Stupidity Of Banning Drugs with Dr. Ben Sessa

Released Wednesday, 8th June 2022
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Peter is joined by Dr. Ben Sessa. Dr. Sessa’s professional bio reads that he’s the Chief Medical Officer & co-founder at Awakn Life Sciences, a licensed & approved psychedelic psychotherapist, a published medical & fictional author, & an experienced medical Cannabis prescriber; among other things. But his Twitter bio says “Doctor. Writer. Researcher. Psychedelic Medicine Lead for Awakn Life Sciences. MDMA, ketamine & psilocybin therapist. Vinyl lover. Determined pacifist. Awake.”

In this episode, Peter & Ben talk about the San Fran of the UK, drug policy, problems with prohibition, drug addiction, MDMA in clinical settings versus festivals, what makes MDMA so special, the economic incentives of legalization, and much more. 

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