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It's your old pals Sure, Let's Call It News. We're back again with an episode that believe it or not was recorded before Halloween! This is also coincidentally being released on Austin's birthday, so yay! Anyway welcome back to our audio news p
Well... hey again.. long time no see. Wait! Don't leave we didn't mean to abandon you for so long! Baby come back! We know we've been gone awhile, but we can all snuggle up by a fire together and chat about it...right? This week we give you a
4 WEEKS! 4 FRICKITY FRACKING WEEKS!! You probably all thought we were dead. Well hey we're back from the dead and we're coming atcha with some hard hitting news! In this episode Emily discusses her various adventures over in Fiji, Austin expla
Short Story ends at 7:28 mark. AHHHH Pokemon are everywhere!! Seriously this phenomenon has taken over and I can't say I'm not thrilled. Oh hey, it's Austin! I'm actually the only one in this episode. So if you're looking for an Emily-centric
Episode 19 and it seems we're going to start simplifying the descriptions. In this episode Austin is disappointed how he fan-girled over Twitter to one of the hosts of "The Worst Idea Of All Time" podcast. Emily discovers the origin of Guardian
Hey guys, this is Tod, the SLCIN intern. Austin wanted me to take the reins on this description because he's embarrassed. He's very sorry that he's late with this episode, but he wants everyone to know he's only one man and makes mistakes. Anyw
Well guys, it's official that we're the worst at releasing episodes on time. Specifically Austin is the worst at editing in a concise and consistent amount of time... well oh well we have episode 17 out for your pretty faces now! Sorry it's out
I know we usually write something cheeky that isn't serious in the slightest, but we will be taking a break from that this week to simply say, The people involved in the Orlando Shooting are in our hearts and in our prayers... https://www.gof
Well this episode is most definitely a doozy. We have done something special for all your faces to apologize for the lack of an episode last week! We give you our longest episode to date! To do this we actually broke up the recording into two p
Well ladies and gents, it's time to get some sleep. No podcast this week because Austin is extremely sick...seriously he needs to pull himself together. Anyway don't forget to leave a rating and comment!
3 weeks in a row of guests and its going great! This episode we welcome a good friend of Austin’s, Cameron Brooks. Was it a mistake? You tell us. Nah he’s a funny guy who loves to agitate Austin. Also we got this episode out on time this week,
Well dog-gonnit! I was so close to getting this posted at 11:59 Monday, but I missed it. So even though we’re technically late, I think we should get a pass. Anyway episode 13 is a fun one! We actually have our second guest, Katie Nina! Also kn
Well so it happened again, we decided to record at the worst possible time. Emily isn’t feeling great and Austin is tired. Except this also happens to be our fool proof plan to create comedy. So don’t be scared away dear listener, sit down wher
How do you do, kind listener? Bad? Well pop a squat and listen to two engaging people talk about their love and fear for Shia LaBeouf. Seriously Shia is an American Treasure…maybe even a National Treasure. Shhhh don’t let Nick Cage know, becaus
Looks like episode 10 is where we’ve hit our stride! For once we’re on time and it was easier than ever to record. Looking back on 10 weeks ago Emily and Austin, I see children who had no idea what they were doing. Now with some time under our
Well same ol’ same ol’ with the schedule being off, but hey we’re working hard to get all the kinks out. Anyways welcome to episode 9! Crazy that we’ve been talking into a small tube that transmits our voices to all you people for over 9 weeks
Hey I see you all must have noticed we have changed our release date to Mondays, no tears it just works better this way. I swear it wasn’t your fault and Saturdays will always still love Saturdays, but Mondays now have full custody. Regardless
Well who would’ve thought that we would’ve made 7 weeks of podcasting?? Not I, but here we are and boy do we have a doozy of an episode for all of you. We bring you yet another Austin personal embarrassment, more insane news stories, and the be
Well gang, we’re here hat in hand begging for all your forgiveness. We were late releasing this again, but for good reason. We finally learned how to dramatically improve the audio quality! So score! Also no joke, we recorded this over the cour
Who's up for some news related hi jinks? Trick question, we know you all are! Well you're in luck because episode 5 is good to go! So strap in, grab some beef jerkey if you have some, and listen to Austin explain how he wants to mess with his
This week we are too tired to write anything witty, so we just want to say that whoever is reading this is beautiful! <3 <3 <3 ...except you Kim Jong Un Talking Points: Gatorade Disaster, Walking into any job you want, Bed Bug Flamer, Ghost
Well it's time for us to pop into your podcast feed again...but this time we are really ill. Like really really sick. So don't be surprised when we go into some weird tangents. Especially when Emily starts talking about killing someone with a b
Madhouse round 2! This week we're much more relaxed and on our game as we dive into the happenings of our strange world. We finally divulge a smidgen of personal information, including a haunting story from Austin's past and what Emily detests
Welcome, to the journey of a lifetime. Sit back or pop a squat as we take you on a safari through the cesspool of humanity. Our mission in this first episode and future episodes is to find weird, outrageous, and hilariously true news stories t
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