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zombietesticle reviewed this podcast on Apr 22nd, 2019
"Great show but not the same without Mike : ("
silamandered reviewed this podcast on Mar 12th, 2019
"Absolute trash. "
stattonln reviewed this podcast on Nov 14th, 2018
"The host is a self-absorbed child who narrates mental health cases based on his own "opinion". He has proven to be a disgusting guy and ruins the podcast."
VoltageSpike reviewed this podcast on Apr 11th, 2018
"Mike Boudet is a misogynistic piece of crap. You deserve better than him. Google "Mike Boudet reddit" to learn more."
Parth reviewed this podcast on Jan 19th, 2018
"Amazing production values for what has been essentially a one man show"
Sibil71 reviewed this podcast on Aug 31st, 2017
"I am an accountant working for a public accounting firm and the days/weeks get LONG during tax season so I like to have things to listen to while I work. Sword and Scale is one of the best produced podcasts I listen to and is by far my favorite. I recommend it to everyone I know that shows even the slightest interest in true crime."
CappuccinoAmericano reviewed this podcast on Aug 29th, 2017
"Used to be a fan but the actions of its toxic host have changed my mind."
patreon reviewed this podcast on Aug 14th, 2017
"He's very opinionated and doesn't just tell the story. He interjects his liberal slant and often steps over the line of acceptable. He's a bully. If you write anything negative about his podcast on fb or twitter, he will berate you and, in his opinion, he's always right. You're just an idiot. This used to be my favorite podcast until I just couldn't overlook his personality anymore. He also will give the victims names without their permission and it has caused turmoil in their lives because of it. Why would you do that? They've already been victimized once. I recommend the podcast Casefile. "
2jacobusgirls reviewed this podcast on Aug 14th, 2017
"OK guys some topics are way out there like the one I think episode 21 the puppeteer . where i literally was shaking and had night mare since this was very close to where i Live.. Otherwise i can't agree more about Florida its a Everyone tropical end point... keep doing what your doing ,"
TallDarkandGruesome reviewed this podcast on Aug 13th, 2017
"First true crime podcast that I've ever classed as "essential listening" Unlike most, stays clear of the much travelled serial killer route and covers often little known crimes (certainly here in the UK) and deplorable acts. Have recommended S&S to many and shall continue doing so"
Mike reviewed this podcast on Aug 12th, 2017
"The host seems to be sockpuppeting the reviews here."
ccvanvooren10 reviewed this podcast on Aug 8th, 2017
"While the first season is alright, the host repeatedly demonstrates his lack of understanding (or desire to understand) the different communities he regularly attacks and demonizes. He shows time and again he is in this for the money and little else. Production quality continues to decline and host provides less and less original content with each episode. This podcast is on the same level as "content curator" blogs that think putting a 50 word intro counts as creating content. "
Cbronte reviewed this podcast on Aug 8th, 2017
"I've had so many podcasts recommended to me, and I kept trying to listen, but couldn't get interested. Sword and Scale is, to date, the ONLY podcast I've been engaged in, and I have listened to every single episode numerous times. Mike tackles the tough topics with class and tact. He gives brutal details without delving into sensationalism or mockery. If ever I'm murdered, I want Mike to tell my story."
MikeIng reviewed this podcast on Aug 7th, 2017
"Found my way to this one after the first season of Serial and thought the podcast had potential but the editing was terrible. Instead of using the most pertinent clips from an interview (which are mostly just gleamed from Youtube) the listener has to sit through 10 minutes of unedited interview on a regular basis. The host continuously plays listeners calling in and telling him how awesome the podcast is at the end of episodes and it's cringe worthy. The host is incapable of taking any kind of constructive criticism. Long story short, this podcast started with a ton of potential but instead of using increased funds to better the show, the host blocks out all suggestions and continues to put a subpar listening experience. "
NinaGabrielle reviewed this podcast on Aug 7th, 2017
"It is almost unfortunate that S&S was the first podcast I listened to religiously, because it literally ruined all other true-crime podcasts for me! Most true-crime podcasts just tell you a story, robotically reading from a page. Not Mike Boudet. He dives so much deeper into each story, going far beyond the facts on Wikipedia. Mike's voice, sexy and intriguing, telling you the gory details of some of the most horrific crimes/tragedies, and interviewing people who have dealt with the crimes/tragedies first-hand, makes this podcast legitimately addicting. I'm OBSESSED! Thanks so much to Mike and his team for giving us, the best God damn true-crime show ever made!"
Chandler reviewed this podcast on Aug 7th, 2017
"This is by far my FAVORITE true crime podcast out there. The quality of the audio, the amount of research that is done, the stories and people featured; just the overall effort put on by S&S makes this a **** awesome podcast **insert rock-on emoji here**"
rprokic reviewed this podcast on Aug 6th, 2017
"The very best true crime podcast!"
valente1989 reviewed this podcast on Aug 6th, 2017
"Outstanding production and editing. It is a pleasure to listen to, it has a very clean crisp sound. The narrator goes in depth and always asks questions you may not have thought of. "
Emee reviewed this podcast on Aug 6th, 2017
"Love this podcast!! Mike Boudet is so talented and brings the stories to life!"
Lexie reviewed this podcast on Aug 6th, 2017
"From the very first episode, I was hooked on this podcast. However, sometime after S1, it fell in a hole so deep that it is not able to get back out. If you want a podcast that does plenty of background research and presents information in a way that is the respectful to victims and survivors, then you will have to look elsewhere. If you don't care about plagiarism, enjoy tacky souvenirs with serial killers on them, think that it's cool to invade the privacy of survivors and really don't give a damn what anyone else thinks - then hey, join Mike and his minions. But don't forget to donate. After all, we have to Make Mike a Millionaire! "
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