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Tabletop Tiddies

A weekly Games, Hobbies and Actual Play podcast featuring Charlene Bayer
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Episodes of Tabletop Tiddies

The party comes head to head against Heckna and his remaining allies after saying goodbye to their fallen teammate and hello to an unexpected friend. This marks the final episode of Marge’s Favourites, but we’re sure there will be more than a f
As the second season comes to a close, Marge’s Favourites fight their toughest battle yet against Heckna’s pet Snout and a reborn Korak, played by B.Dave Walters... And he has a new counterspell…Content Warnings: character death, exhaustion, zo
Borba, Steve, and Asher confront Arachne - played by Jeremy Cobb - in order to rescue Wilmer from his cocooned state! Will they be able to save him, and convince Arachne to go against Heckna?Content Warnings: abduction, spiders, webbing, exhaus
In our final episode of Season One, Octavia searches the shadowland for an unlikely ally, Imogen is confronted by Father Paul at church, and Evelyn tries to prove herself worthy in Elysium.Content Warnings: religion, deceased relatives, blood,
Marge’s Favourites deal with the aftermath of Sophie’s battle before making their way to the Revelia’s Big Top in search of Arachne and his werespider coven.Content Warnings: exhaustion, extreme weather, marionettes and clowns, webbing, spiders
The Investigators of the Occult and Unusual attend to a myriad of cases with their new “intern” Erasmious (played by Halie Thibodeau). Imogen’s romantic (un)life begins picking up heat!Content Warnings: blood, gaslighting, coercion, mind contro
Using the playtest of Adventures in Oz by Double Critical, this week we are travelling out of the Revelia and into Oz. Join Sara, Rachel and special guest Haley (Unprepared Casters), as they find themselves magically teleported to the Cider Hor
Imogen tells the IOU what little she remembers of her trip to Ireland, before the investigators face the surprising evolution of Erasmius’ haunted estate.Content Warnings: gaslighting, disregard for human life, blood, violenceStoryteller: Kelly
Wilmer, Borba, Steve, and Ascher come face to face with Sophie The Chandler Of Flesh (played by Podgie) in her laboratory. Will they be able to escape the clutches of her magical experiments, or will they become just another of her wax creation
Evelyn and Octavia find a way to help Marguerite get her soul back, before being visited by a handsome dandy vamp named Erasmius (played by Halie Thibodeay) who has a haunted house problem.Content Warnings: gaslighting, disregard for human life
Marge’s Favourites must deal with the consequences of their actions - the revelia has become far more dangerous due to the blood moon! Will the party be able to rescue their kidnapped allies?Content Warnings: torture, marionettes and clowns, in
In this special DnD one shot inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune, our players with special guest Nikki  (Beholder to No One)  adventure into the deserts of the planet Arrakis. Taking place immediately after the Harkonnen takeover, will these loyal
The Investigators of the Occult and Unusual meet up with Rat (played by Sara Mayfield) and organize a heist to steal Marguerite's doll back from the Inquisitors… Who knows what may happen when night falls...Content Warnings: blood, violenceStor
Steve, Borba, Ascher, and Wilmer dive deep into the naughty corner to face off against one of Heckna’s most prized possessions - his pet Myrmidon! Content Warnings: crude humour, marionettes and clowns, insects and maggot like creatures, bullyi
Octavia and Evelyn seek out the guidance of Aunt Florence (played by Shayne Eastin) to save Imogen from her perilous fate. Everyone exchanges holiday gifts, and Octavia reveals a dark secret that connects with Aunt Florence’s and Evelyn’s histo
Marge’s Favourites escape the Tunnel Of Love and reconnect with their allies to plan their next move - what will be set in motion is sure to change everything...Content Warnings: marionettes and clowns, insects and maggot like creatures, bullyi
Evelyn, Imogen, and Octavia visit the Giovanni family to deliver the details behind their daughter’s passing. They also gain some (unwanted?) help in their search for Springheel Jack and Marguerite. Content Warnings: ghosts, lack of human empat
The group is left undecided on how best to get Cicero (played by the amazing Aki Benson) to reveal Heckna’s weaknesses. Will they be able to convince Cicero to take another chance at dethroning his former lover, or suffer a similar fate worse t
The IOU continues to search for the doll that contains Marguerite’s soul, and they deal with the discovery that Springheal Jack is on the loose. Also - Octavia isn’t who she appears to be… Content Warnings: street harassment, misogyny, gaslight
The party debriefs with Marge and drops off their items at the Lost And Found, revealing their critical error with Neeka. Everyone heads off to the Tunnel Of Love to meet Cicero, and get stopped by some beckoning monsters…Vote for us in the Gam
The Investigators of the Occult and Unusual deal with the aftermath of Marguerite's big reveal. The coterie members also take steps to further their own personal tales with some downtime quests. Content Warnings: religion, burning, gore, slight
Marge’s Favourites arrive at her “Meatery”, searching for what caused the Alarm spell to be triggered - they meet Neeka the human wizard who is played by the amazing Emily Floyd! Will they be able to put their heads together and beat the puzzle
Leon (played by special guest Dare) is separated from the coterie and gets to meet the sinister carnival performers up close and personal, while Octavia, Evelyn, and Imogen attempt to escape Dracula’s Domain to search for their missing friend.C
The party is ambushed by security guards for attacking the Heck-Yeah-Tron, and they have to face one of Borba’s worst enemies - a creepy doll! With this battle delaying them from following up on Dr Stella’s secret symbol message, will they be a
Imogen, Octavia, and Prophet continue to explore the Chantry Of Curious Contraptions, while Leon (played by Dare) and Evelyn attempt to escape Malk’s Hall Of Mirrors… What other horrific secrets lie in wait in this festival of the macabre?!Cont
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