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Operation Logic Bomb! So that has to be some kind of puzzle game? No? An over the top shooter?! Well, okay. Tyler, Dave and Ian dive into this Nintendo Switch Online game that probably should have been called Geometry Contra. There may be quite
Tuff E Nuff! Or is it HEY PUNK! ARE YOU TUFF E NUFF? Revel in the 90s glory of this fighting game handed to us by the Mini Nintendo Switch Online Randomizer. We talk about games we are playing, games we are making sure we do not play, we figure
Mean Girls (DS) is a thing of legend…that no one cared about until it became a thing of legend. This game was one that was listed for purchase but no one could find. Many people claimed to have seen it but no one owned it. Did it exist? Was it
Do you know how many cave man platformers there are for the SNES? Oddly, it’s a lot. Do you remember Joe & Mac being one of the best, but is it? We continue our wonderful streak of having on Wizened Sage Ian to delve into this childhood favorit
Kabluey / Bombuzal, whatever you want to call it. This game is a port of a PC game make in the late eighties, and wouldn’t you guess it – the SNES one is the worst of the lot! So we do talk about it but first we talk a lot of Avatar: The Last A
Jelly Boy. That’s right, not Jerry Boy. It’s not Smart Ball. Nor is it Jelly Boy 2 (which is a completely different game with a different developer and publisher. The original game finally brought over to our shores as the most recent batch of
Hey! Do you like Super Nintendo? Probably. Do you like Nintendo Switch Online? Again, Probably. Otherwise you may not be here. Did you know they released some SNES games this week on Nintendo Switch Online and they are right up our alley? Well,
Wizened Sage Ian returns to the podcast to guest host much like Master Higgins returns to Super Adventure Island II! Things are a little different in the second Adventure Island on the SNES, which is appropriately named Super Adventure Island I
Super Adventure Island. It’s like Adventure Island but super. No, really. Normally we do games from the Randomzier but by means of Epic Artisanal Podcast Magic to temporarily seal away it away so we could do some games we want to try out. So co
All Calls! Ian? Jon? IAN AND JON! This is a special break of an All Calls (Because Dave is Sick) so we are taking a week off from gaming to give Dave an easy fun recording. Can you hear the AC? It’s running full blast but is amazingly quiet, PR
Little Nicky for the Game Boy Color! You know that’s freakin sweet. Or not. Maybe it is? Come listen and find out. I’m sure everyone has seen this 21 year old movie so this will be a very listened to episode. We had to bring on our foremost Ada
Super Turrican! Only 609 episodes after we did Super Turrican 2 as the 91st game on IGN’s Top 100 SNES games. Long time listeners will recall the pure vitriol that Dave felt for Super Turrican 2. So how does he feel about this one? How does Tyl
(To the theme song) The Flintstones, meet The Flintstones. It’s a Super Nintendo story. From the Randomizer, It’s a curse on TADPOG History! Let’s talk with Tyler and Dave about this sheeeet! When upon this game they should skeeeet! Okay, I’ll
The Randomizer decided to throw us something we thought may be more up our alley: Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally…BUT THAT MAY NOT BE THE CASE AT ALL. We get that out of the way in the first minute of the show so come let us really unburden ou
Space Football: One on One. Yep. That’s the title. Please observe the episode art. Does that look like Football? Also, the one on one part – is football that kind of sport? Don’t forget the SPACE part. Adding all that up you know exactly the ca
More All Calls, BABY! We know they aren’t super popular but boy do they work like a fun sort of therapy for Tyler and Dave. So please forgive us as we ramble and laugh all through the messages sent by our wonderful listeners—mostly Adam. We bel
In celebration of Tyler’s brother Ryan getting married – WE RESURRECT THE ALL CALLS SHOW! That’s right. It has been a busy week for Tyler being way out of town for the wedding so we humbly request the easy therapy for TADPOG that is a the glori
You read that right, we are ON THE BALL about ON THE BALL. Well, there isn’t really much ball to be on with this game. The game talk is light since this game can be beaten very quickly with minimal effort. So we talk about ALL OF THAT but we al
Well, it has “been a week”. With absolutely insane work schedules, Mothers Day events, graduations, and much much more, we were not able to get together this week to record something new new, but we didn’t want to skip a week. So…we’re opening
Pocky & Rocky! Just a short 575 episodes after we covered the sequel we’re back to talk about the original. Of course we had to bring on our foremost Pocky & Rockiologist: CHOCTOPUS (y’know from YouTube)! We talk about anime movies, Goosebumps
Courtesy of the Randomizer and an independent wrestler who requested we do this episode back in 2014, we bring you Phantom 2040! This game has some long reaching and interesting lore but in true TADPOG fashion we get to that about 40 minutes in
Hey, look what the Randomizer threw at us! Paladin’s Quest! I see castles in the box art and Paladin is in the title so it must be a classic medieval RPG. No? It’s a futuristic space game that never once contains the word “Paladin”? Well, from
DUCK DODGERS! No, wait, that’s not the title. It totally should be the title but instead it is called Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions. Missed opportunity. Well, the Randomizer threw this one at us and it was one of the more polarized opinions b
The gift from the Randomizer this week is, the fantastic alluring title of SOS / Septentrion (if you had it overseas). It could have used a much better title but we will get to that later. We try some Easter snacks, talk about cats and how to r
The Super Aquatic Games Starring the Aquabats! Now that’s quite the title. Did you think it was about the band, The Aquabats? Nope, it’s not. Did you think it was about water sports? Are you some sort of incredible clairvoyant who suspected thi
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