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Level 7 Lesson 3 - PDF

Released Thursday, 3rd November 2011
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In this lesson we are looking at the structure -(으)ㄹ 만하다. This structure has a variety of meanings and it is very important to pay close attention to the context in order to understand what kind of meaning is intended.

Generally, -(으)ㄹ 만하다 means that there is enough reason or justification for a certain situation or that something is doable or possible, but mainly in the sense of being "bearable" to do.

→ 갈 만하다 [gal man-ha-da]
= to be possible to go
= to be worth going (and checking out the place)
= there is enough justifiable reason for one to go

→ 먹을 만하다 [meo-geul man-ha-da]
= to be edible
= to taste okay (the taste is bearable)
= the taste is acceptable

→ 늦을 만하다 [neu-jeul man-ha-da]
= to be forgivable for being late
= there is enough reason for being late

→ 놀랄 만하다 [nol-lal man-ha-da]
= to be natural to be surprised/shocked
= there is enough reason for being surprisd/shocked

Sample Sentences
1. 그럴 만해요.
[geu-reol man-hae-yo.]
= It’s understandable to be so.
= It’s possible.
= There is enough reason for it to be so.

2. 그 사람은 인기가 있을 만해요.
[geu sa-ra-meun in-gi-ga i-sseul man-hae-yo.]
= There is enough reason that he is popular.
= It’s understandable why he is popular.

3. 이 책 읽을 만해요?
[i chaek il-geul man-hae-yo?]
= Is this book worth reading?
= Is this book good?
= Do you recommend this book?

4. 괜찮아요. 참을 만해요.
[gwaen-cha-na-yo. cha-meul man-hae-yo.]
= I’m okay. It’s endurable.
= I’m okay. It’s bearable.

5. 가족끼리 한 번쯤 갈 만해요.
[ga-jok-kki-ri han beon-jjeum gal man-hae-yo.]
= (The place) is worth visiting once (or twice) with family.
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