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River is back after an unexpected hiatus. She shares how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her personally this winter, and she reviews the major events of the past three months. And then she asks the Tarot: what's important right now? When dea
It's December. The moon is waning, we’re approaching the end of the year, and winter is also coming  here in the northern hemisphere. The ongoing strain of living through a pandemic, combined with all of these natural and temporal milestones, s
This week, River confesses that she's not her best self right now, but she leans into the spirit of Thanksgiving in the hopes that a good dose of gratitude will cause a cosmic shift. She asks the Tarot, how can I give thanks? and in response, s
This week, River is contemplating the nature of truth, something that we think of as empirical, quantifiable, and verifiable, and yet that often we can't agree on. Since we can't always know exactly WHAT the truth is, River asks the Tarot, wher
Since the last episode, the US presidential election has happened, and it looks as though Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been elected. With this apparent seismic shift in the political landscape, River wonders what will happen next. She asks
This episode comes at a very important moment in time. We've just marked Halloween, Samhain, and the Day of the Dead. In the northern hemisphere, we're headed towards winter. And, in the United States, we're about to find out the results of the
River is back from her fall break and is trying to generate some motivation by looking ahead to Halloween and to the Presidential election. However, the daily grind is getting to her, and she's wondering how to move on from that feeling of bein
During a particularly ugly week in which the Hating, Superspreader President of the United States has doubled down on his enthusiasm for White Supremacy and has come down with COVID-19, spreading it among his staff and supporters, host River Ro
Life can be a lot to deal with at any given time, and in the midst of a global pandemic, while you're also dealing with social and political upheaval, it can feel impossible to keep going. To address the state of overwhelm that so many of us ar
In the tenth episode of Tarot for a Troubled Time, River Rose reflects on the transitions we're going through right now, from the new lunar cycle to the changing of the season and to the loss of Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsbu
Host River Rose is reflecting on the fact that it's been a hard week on planet earth, between COVID-19 and everything else that's happened. In the wake of all of our collective challenges, she asked the Tarot: What the actual f**k?! This may no
Host River Rose is spending another week away from home and pondering not just how she can get back home but even where home is, and when it is. Turning to the Tarot for answers, she draws the Wheel of Fortune and Strength reversed, What do the
This week, River Rose is thinking about the heated conflicts in our lives, and she asks the Tarot the question: How can I cool things down? In response, we get the Knight of Pentacles, the Two of Swords, and the King of Cups. With a spread that
This week, River Rose thinks about our dearly departed and wonders what advice they might have for us right now. Whether you believe that our departed loved ones still exist somewhere out there in the universe, or whether you believe they only
In this episode, host River Rose considers what good news may be available to us this week. She also aggressively asks the Tarot to tell us something good. Like a the close friend who tells us like it is but who may not tell us what we want to
It's a noisy night in Brooklyn, but River transcends the roar of the traffic to ponder the question: how do we rise up? The Tarot tells us to consider the Two of Pentacles reversed, the Ten of Wands, and the Three of Swords -- three cards that
With another wild month behind us, we are now in August, and reflecting on the moon. Looking ahead to the week that stretches before us, River Rose asks the cards a question that is on many of our minds: how can I get some rest? The cards respo
The week that just passed was intense and difficult, so River wants to keep this week's reading simple. She also wonders whether we might feel better if we stop focusing on ourselves for a moment (if we can), and so she asks the cards the quest
This week, we embark on our journey through the Tarot with a three-card reading, and we ask the cards the question: Where the F Are We Right Now? In response, the Tarot gives us three cards: the Queen of Wands, the Nine of Wands, and the Five o
Introducing Tarot for a Troubled Time:  Host River Rose reflects on the troubled time that we are collectively living through, using the cards of the Tarot deck. Looking for a way to deal with COVID-19, political corruption, racism, and other d
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