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Episodes of Taui

You can now become your own I Ching spiritual reader.  Ra Un Nefer Amen shares his insights from 40 years of teaching the I Ching and counseling and following the lives of counselees over the past 40 years.  Join him in a lively discussion of h
The Ausarian Initiation system was Kamit’s main spiritual system.  It was fundamentally based on the knowledge that man is a divine being who begins life in the human stage.  Given that the human nature is dominated by emotionalism, sensuality,
Men Ab is a Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) meditation system that activates and optimizes the prefrontal cortex of the brain.  Men Ab will greatly enhance your performance in school, on the job, career, finances, relationships, health, artistic per
Join Ra Un Nefer Amen, author of Metu Neter series in an informative discussion on how to prepare for the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice was the most importabt spititual time of the year in antiquity.  The ancients whent to the greatest e
    Your brain is your greatest and most important physical asset.  It is the chief determinant of your health, vitality, earning power, relationships, educational and professional performance--all areas if life.  Yet, due to the failure of the
A frank and indepth discussion on the health issues Black men face in their communities: Alternatives and Solutions.
Join a panel of Alternative medical practitioners and MDs of the Ausar Auset Society and Taui Network in a discussion of holistic health practices involving Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Homeopathy, Meditation, and Nutritional Science.
This is a private training session for staff members
Ausar (Osiris) is not a deity. It is the embodiment of the spiritual principles that define man's divine nature. All that you have to do is to consult the various Ancient Egyptian spiritual writings, and for a full explantion, any of the seve
Ra is not a "sun god" as claimed by Egyptologists. It is the Holy Spirit of God and of man. For the truth all that you have to do is to consult the various religious texts of Ancient Egypt, and for a full explanation, any of the seven volumes
Up until 70 years ago or thereabouts most western historians and Egyptologists lavished praises on ancient Egypt for its accomplishments and contributions to Greece and therefore Western Civilization in science, mathematics, architecture, art,
In this episode, Ra Un Nefer Amen, best selling international author on Ancient Egyptian Spirituality discusses the Utchau Metu--the chief spiritual technique that they used to achieve spiritual realization.  The discussion will be based on his
The winter solstice, according to ancient spiritual cultures, is the time when the energies of the earth enable the greatest enhancement to the ability to enter the state of altered consciousness, thus enhancing man’s ability to communicate wit
 In spite of the great deal of information on the solstices and equinoxes it is a fact that few understand their true meaning.  In the same manner that the vegetable kingdom’s operations are dependent on the seasons—times for sowing, growth, f
Ra Un Nefer Amen reveals the most effective yet non technical means of making forecasts with your Bazi Astrology chart, and how to integrate it with Qi gong to enhance your success--as taught in his latest book, Bazi Success Strategies (availab
Ra Un Nefer Amen discusses volume 6 of his Metu Neter.  Ra is not the sun or a sun god.  It is the spirit, the same as the Christian Holy Ghost, the Hebraic Holy Spirit and the Hindu Kundalini.  It is the source of the factors that shape the s
Ra Un Nefer Amen discusses volume 4 of his Metu Neter, the Ausarian Initiation system. Ausar (Osiris in Greek) represents the synthesis of the divine laws and principles that make up man's divinity.  Realization of divinity is essential to mas
Ra Un Nefer Amen, renowned international author, introduces his latest book, Bazi Success Strategies.  It is the first and only book on Chinese Astrology that enables one to gain control over the 10 modalities of the life force (Qi) which are r
Ra Un Nefer Amen, leading international author on ancient Egyptian spirituality gives insight into the cultivation of the Auset (Isis) faculty of man's spirit.  It is the chief faclty responsible for the reawakening of man's divinity.  It gover
One of the best kept secrets of spirituality is that mantras or words of power are the chief keys to the power of mind over matter. Mantras, words of power, angels, names of God and so-called "deities" are one and the same.  Join Ra Un Nefer A
The Winter Solstice begins December 22nd5:30am (GMT), 12:30am EST and ends Dec. 25thmidnight.  Everything that happens in your spirit, good and bad, is directly determined by your spirit.  If you do not care for the way your life is going, it i
Metu Neter, volume 6, Ra Initiation; Ra Un Nefer Amen's latest book will show you how.  The book explains in great detail how to use the 75 words of power to improve your life in over 200 areas of life.  You will find mantras that will help you
Ra Un Nefer Amen has now released one of the most important books in the Metu Neter series. Ra Un Nefer Amen's latest publication.   Ra is the Holy Spirit of God and of man.  It is composed of 11 faculties and 72 sub faculties.  The Ra Init
Ra Un Nefer Amen discusses how you can learn to manage your weight and to improve your health with the meditation system taught in Metu Neter, volume 5.  In this volume of the Metu Neter series Mr. Amen focuses on the brain-spirit connection to
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