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That Is The Question

A weekly Comedy podcast featuring David Andrew Laws
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All good things must come to an end. And so must That Is The Question. Temporarily anyway. Whether you've listened from the beginning or are only becoming aware this is even a thing, the good news is, you can listen to this episode over and ove
In this penultimate episode of That Is The Question, we talk about pens, ultimately. No, that's not true. We do however talk about Star Wars, censorship, and the Bishop of Something-or-Other. You know, Shakespeare stuff. Listen in and enjoy!
Patrick Marran is an actor, musician, and arguably TITQ's biggest fan. And he's willing to fight to keep that title. He knows karate, krav maga, and we're definitely not just making up awesome facts about him now to get you to listen. Also he h
Hakuna Matata may not be exactly iambic, but you can put your worries away, because it's time for another scintilating episode of That Is The Question! So give away your money, your worries, and your pride as Rachel Caplan and David Andrew Laws
If David Andrew Laws is your favorite podcast co-host, we've got bad news (and you've got weird taste). But if you prefer a head-to-head bout between two of the hardest-working ladies in Shakespeare, look no further. The world is an oyster, thi
A few disclaimers: 1. We recorded this episode in a big echo-y room but we'll be back to our regular set up next week. 2. David has literally never seen a James Bond movie but we're working on it. 3. Sophia Carlin is a delight (full stop). Th
Knock knock! Who's there? Not David! Instead, we've got two special guests for you this week who are guaranteed to amuse and amaze with their knowledge of King Henry VI Part II. Listen in and enjoy!
We can't believe we actually found someone to take on this episode! But welcome to the canon, Two Noble Kinsmen. And welcome to the podcast Julia Sismour! Julia and David go head-to-head, toe-to-toe, and funny-bone-to-your-ear in this fratern
Brian's back! Back again! Brian's back! Tell a friend. Or two! Or ten! Or, more appropriately, eight. Because this one's aaaaaaall about Henry the VIIIth. Included within this episode are exactly eight facts, eight jokes, and eight clues that
This is our twenty-eighth episode of That Is The Question, which means you could start back at the beginning and listen to an episode a month! (If you were listening in February, that is...) But don't do that. Instead, feast your ears on the mo
You're going to treasure (for treasure) this episode of That Is The Question. It was a real pleasure (for pleasure) to record. See if you can guess from our very subtle hints what play we talked about with Regina Renee Russell! 
 Listen in and
There once was a podcast on Shakespeare That you can listen to with no fear. This isn't a sonnet But still, come get on it, The topic by now should be so clear! That's right, we talk about all 154 of Shakespeare's sonnets this week, and Mike
Och aye!! It’s a super-spooky super-Scottish episode today, though somehow we completely avoid any actual Scottish dialects! We talk morality, geography, and funny hats with Anne Whitaker, and the point value at the end of this episode is downr
The good news on this episode is that James sounds great! (And, as he says, that's all that matters) David and guest Drew Hutcheson…might need to sit a little closer to the mic next time. But it’s still a delightful episode full of lots of lear
Your ears aren't deceiving you; that's not James at the helm! We've been holding onto this one for a while (hence the change in audio), but you've earned it! See what happens when the host gets put to the test: this week's guests are David Andr
Have a little peak behind the curtain with us. Usually we record That Is The Question in David's apartment. James sits comfortably on his host throne, David lounges unprofessionally on the couch, and our guest is waited on hand, foot, and other
The power couple of podcasting is back! Oh, and Megan Greener's there too. It's a symbolic episode full of syllables and syllogisms about Cymbeline. Listen in and enjoy!
Psst! Hey! Over here, in the description! Yeah! Hi! Guess what. There's a special announcement in this here episode! Don't you wanna know what it is? Course you do! Lean in a little closer and I'll tell ya. A little closer. A little closer. Wh
Sam recorded an episode with us a while back, but it got eaten by the void that is the internet. Now she’s back, and the stakes are higher than ever! Who will be crowned king, and who will fall out of the podcast tower? Listen in and find out!
Spoiler alert! Pericles is a play by Shakespeare! Kind of.... Double spoiler!! It's *not* one of his most popular!! Will that stop Rob Sniffin from earning his place at the top of the podcast totem pole? Or will David suddenly succumb to some s
You don't have to be a put-upon king to go mad! David does that all on his own this episode. But does that mean Emily C.A. Snyder has proven her legitimacy? Who will be heir and who will be heir-headed? Listen in and find out!
It's a blast from the past with one of Shakespeare (probably) earliest plays. But will its relative simplicity work in David's favor? Or will Melissa Meli be crowned king of the trivia bandits? Listen in and find out!
No matter how you slice it (or spell it, or say it) Troilus & Cressida's a classic (whether David believes it or not). Luckily, Isaac Allen Miller's here to pick up the slack (which, if all these parentheticals are any indication, is quite a bi
It's a merry war of wits with the lovely Elizabeth Ruelas and the ever-something David Andrew Laws. But what does that make James? Probably Dogberry. Yeah, that sounds about right. And what does that make you? Why, the luckiest audience in all
This episode's coming in just under the "Monday" wire, but it's fresh out of the proverbial oven, so don't burn the roof of your proverbial mouth. But who will take the crown? Will Toby Miller ascend the brightest heaven of invention? Or will
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