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That‘s Cool News | A weekly breakdown of positive Science & Tech news.

A weekly Science, Technology and Engineering podcast
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Episodes of That‘s Cool News

News Timestamps: Scientists use seismic noise to image first hundred meters of Mars | Ars Technica (01:44) Ultrashort laser pulses shred superbugs without harming human cells | New Atlas (08:47) The World's First 3D-Printed Prosthetic Eye Wil
News Timestamps: Meta’s sci-fi haptic glove prototype lets you feel VR objects using air pockets | The Verge (01:35) A New Membrane Can Substantially Upgrade Wearable Energy Generators  | Interesting Engineering (10:23) Research reveals how t
News Timestamps: A New Origami Lunar Habitat Can Unfold Into 750 Times Its Own Size | Interesting Engineering (00:52) SpinLaunch completes first test flight of alternative rocket | CNBC (06:44) Chemotherapy-free stem cell transplant promises
News Timestamps: Thiel-Backed Helion Targets 2024 Breakthrough for Nuclear Fusion | Bloomberg (01:08) Humans could 'live forever' as firm offers 'immortality' freezing for about $660-a-year | The Brighter Side (08:52) Magnetic brain stimulati
New Timestamps: Blue Origin announces plans for a commercial space station | Engadget (01:06) Amazon’s broadband satellite venture Kuiper teams up with Verizon to expand 5G coverage | The Verge (07:52) Essential Amino Acid Supplements Could P
News Timestamps: This ingenious wall could harness enough wind power to cover your electric bill | Fast Company (01:22) Researchers develop a new way to find cancer at the nanometer scale | MedicalXPress (07:45) Elon Musk’s Boring Company get
News Covered: Hubble Finds Evidence of Persistent Water Vapour Atmosphere on Europa | ESAHubble.org (01:13) Ex-SpaceX Engineers Are Building a Cheap, Portable Nuclear Reactor | Interesting Engineering (06:42) Energy-efficient AI detects heart
News: GM reveals Ultra Cruise "hands-free" system that covers "95 percent" of driving scenarios | The Verge (01:40) SpaceX Is Doubling Its Number of Astronaut-Carrying Spacecraft  | Futurism & Teslarati (10:27) Facebook Connectivity unveils r
News Timestamps: Supercooling advances human tissue preservation | MedicalXPress (01:44) DeepMind develops AI that can forecast the weather | Silicon Angle (08:12) The Kidney Project successfully tests a prototype bioartificial kidney | UCSF
News Timestamps: China Aims for a Permanent Moon Base in the 2030s | IEEE Spectrum (01:33) ‘Jumping gene’ may have erased tails in humans and other apes—and boosted our risk of birth defects | Science.Org (08:32) Winged microchip is smallest-
News Timestamps: SpaceX Launched Its First Crew of Private Citizens to Space | Interesting Engineering (01:25) Lucid shares EPA range for Air models including 520 miles on the Dream Edition Range | Electrek (6:28) A 'Gene Silencing' Injection
News Timestamps: Electric Footsteps? Novel Wooden Floors Generate Power From Walking | Interesting Engineering (01:16) New Way to Pull Lithium from Water Could Increase Supply, Efficiency |  UT News (07:52) The World's Largest Carbon-Sucking
News Timestamps: Luminate aims to make hair loss from chemotherapy a thing of the past | TechCrunch (01:16) Perseverance Just Drilled a 'Perfect' Rock Sample After The First One Crumbled | Science Alert (09:26) Motional reveals its Hyundai Io
Timestamps: World's first mobile MRI machine detects strokes that require surgery | New Atlas (01:18) Neuroscientists Detect Remarkable 'Brain Waves' in Lab-Grown Mini Brains | Science Alert (08:20) Reducing sugar in packaged foods can preven
Cool News Timestamps: Major nuclear fusion milestone reached as 'ignition' triggered in a lab | Phys.org (01:11) 3 grizzly bears groups are linked to 3 human languages | Big Think (08:36) A Deadly Brain Tumor Has Been 3D-Printed in The Lab Fo
Cool News Timestamps: NASA to Study a $700 Quintillion 'Goldmine' Asteroid | Yahoo (01:36) Soft robot chameleon changes color in real-time to match background | TechXplore (08:07) Newly Designed 'Smart' Insulin Could Majorly Improve Type 1 Di
Cool News Timestamps: These Foldable Houses Cost $50k and Go Up in a Day | Singularity Hub (01:19) 3D Concrete Printing Robots Cut Rail Construction Carbon Emissions by 50% | Interesting Engineering (10:55) Simple RNA tweak boosts potato and
Cool News Timestamps: Single drop of dried blood can reveal athlete doping | Futurity (01:39)  Acoustic Tweezers Can Pick Objects Up With Sound Waves – Without Any Physical Contact | SciTechDaily (07:50) Masten Space Systems to develop a GPS-
Cool News Timestamps: Scientists Created the World’s Toughest Self-Healing Material | Interesting Engineering (01:38) Tesla's “Self-Driving” Tech Available for $99/Month | MotorTrend (07:30) Microsoft-powered autonomous beach-cleaning robot |
Cool News Timestamps Northrop to build homes on moon orbit under $935 mln NASA contract | Reuters (01:07) Tesla launches initiative to build first solar neighborhood in Austin  | Fox7Austin (06:38) US Special Operations Command to Test Anti-A
News Timestamps: Stumble-proof robot adapts to challenging terrain in real time | TechCrunch (01:33) Rare 'hypernova' explosion detected on fringes of the Milky Way for the first time | Space.com (07:35) New fabric passively cools whatever it
Cool News Timestamps: This ancient beetle is the first new species discovered in fossilized poop | Science Mag (01:53) A Laser Breakthrough: First Commercially Scalable Integrated Laser and Microcomb on a Single Chip | SciTechDaily (05:15) To
Cool News Timestamps: Dengue Mosquitoes Can Be Tamed by a Common Microbe | The Atlantic (01:24) Intelligent carpet gives insight into human poses | CSAIL News (13:03) Virgin Galactic Was Just Cleared by the FAA to Launch Commercial Flights to
Cool News Timestamps: World's most powerful magnet being shipped to ITER fusion reactor | New Scientist (01:45) Next-generation implants will be biodegradable and non-invasive | MedicalXpress (11:26) Bio-Inspired Hydrogel Protects the Heart
Cool News Timestamps: Researchers Create Soil Catalyst to Make Farming on Mars a Reality | Vice (1:35) Samsung shows off stretchable OLED screen in prototype heart rate monitor | The Verge (10:11) BYD's electric school bus will feed electrici
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