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Episode 168: 03 - Vibrational Perception

Released Friday, 26th November 2021
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The truth is, whether you’re 20 years old, or 40 years old, the volume of conditioning that you have is the same. That’s because you are really only physiologically conditioned once every seven years, and psychologically in significantly less time. That means that the cognitive limitations you perceive about your life are nothing more than perceptions. The prison you’re living in is purely a projection created by your mind.
The good news, brothers, is that enlightenment can happen in a moment. It’s not a matter of force, but a matter of awakening. You will understand when you are ready to understand! Being an alpha male means releasing yourself of the external authorities and deliberately choosing to be authentic and impact the world around you. Stepping into your identity as an alpha male will reveal to you that you are an independent and unique being, free from being a slave to society and its culture of ignorance. 
The final perception we use to observe the mind as a passenger of our consciousness, along with primordial and visual perception, is vibrational perception. Wild as it may sound, spiritual or vibrational perception can be the best tool available to us. It is somewhat akin to emotional ownership. Allowing emotions to rise within you, and letting the body perceive the energy around you have many similarities. This is a form of observation that allows thoughts to move through your mind without engaging with them because you are a passenger of consciousness. 
Brothers, it's important to distinguish between physiological emotions and vibrational truths. When the mind encounters energy vibrations, it wants to create a story, and that's how interconnection overt happens, which are erroneous conjectures used to explain vibrational energy. We aren't introverts or extroverts like the story tells us. Instead, we receive or transmit vibration from our mechanical energy. None of it comes from the mind. It comes from the realm before the mind. The realm of vibration.
Once you've understood this, you can begin to manage your energy accordingly. Begin with non-judgment, let go of the analysis of why, and allow the vibration to pass from you as a transmitter or to you as a receiver. You're not judging, but calibrating. Think of it like tuning an instrument. Once the mind is free and released from its own prison, we can transition into a plane of vibration that allows us to bond with each other in a completely different way, a way that is so foreign to the current way we relate to each other.
Self-discovery, and elevating your alpha is not about esoteric mysticism, but rather to wake you up to the truth of who you are and live the life you’re meant to live! I’m not here to judge. I’m here to free you. 

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