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It's finally here. I've been hoping to create this interview with Ryan Forsell for literal YEARS. Ryan's heart is akin to no one else I've ever met, and it's because of him and my friendship with him that Be Free even started. I met Ryan my sop
Today we get to be a little bit more free with Brennan Jung! I've known Brennan for years, but since Be Free came on the scene, he has been right here along the way. We realized Brennan has been to the most Be Free Stories Nights out of anyone!
I'm nervous about this episode. I'm nervous about the work that's being done on my heart over this past year, but I'm also so grateful for it. This coming Sunday, December 2nd, 2018, we are having our last Stories Night in LA of 2018. Yesterday
In this very special episode of The Be Free Podcast, I sat down with Cory Marquez. I'm so pumped to share his story with you, because he has been instrumental in the development of Be Free ever since we became friends two years ago. Cory has co
This past week I did something that I always encourage other people to do, but never do myself. I admitted to myself that I need some help. Sharing that story on this podcast was a release, and hopefully it will be encouraging for you and other
It is finally time to bring back the Be Free Podcast! This first episode is an interview I did with Callie Mulville. On this episode, she is actually interviewing me about Be Free/my coming out experience for a work project at Sacramento State.
How did this BE FREE thing come about? More importantly, WHY did it come about. How can you get involvled? COME TO THE BE FREE BIRTHDAY PARTY ON SEPTEMBER 22ND 2017 at MANTRA COFFEE COMPANY IN Azusa, CA! Live music, Be Free People, Be Free Stuf
It's been a while since I've cried while recording a Podcast. I love you all. Let's never stop dreaming. Let's believe that our God is good and he is faithful too. Ecclesiastes 4:12 Peace and Freedom everyone  
I am so afraid to post this Podcast and to take this next step in the BE FREE journey, but it has become so apparent that this is what needs to happen.  In order to make all of the BE FREE dreams come true (including continuing the podcast, th
Today we begin a series entitled "How to Love" and I can't think of a better day to start this series than today BECAUSE it is National Coming Out Day! To me, this day is all about love. Loving yourself and loving others JUST as they are and JU
The BE FREE Party happened on Friday, September 23rd 2016 and let's just say IT CANNOT be the last one!! SO Many people came together to turn the night into a place of creativity, community, hope, love, and Freedom! We got to sing songs, see ar
Three years after I typed the first words of the SPLIT story, I published the first Podcast. But as I finished writing, recording, and editing the SPLIT Podcast, it was so fun to realize that the making of this Podcast was a story in it of its
This is the FINAL episode of the SPLIT Story, but not the end of the Podcast. Next week, this podcast will change names from SPLIT to BE FREE- and I couldn't be more pumped about it. Thank you for listening to this story and sharing it out with
Kyle wrote me a letter about the story of our friendship. I read the letter out loud with him sitting by me, so that I could crash into him every time I came to a section I couldn't bear. Once again, he held me, and he cried with me. And then,
This episode documents the first time I ever recorded my own story for someone else to read. Kyle asked me to write down everything that happened between us, and I don’t think there is anything more beneficial that I could hav
To be honest, this is me trying something new. This is me giving a free flow of thought, conversation, and story (which I believe is the answer). I hope it helps to bring about reconciliation and grace. Peace and Freedom friends.
The moments in our lives in which we enter a doorway through which we cannot return. The moments when we realize we were chasing after something we wanted instead of something we needed for so long. The moments when everything finally begins t
Usually, when I am at a loss as to what I should do next, I try to figure out what it is I am most afraid to do. Oftentimes, what I am most afraid to do and what I want to do the most are the exact same thing and in order to get moving towards
With just a month left in college, a new hope came about in my life. It was something that I thought I never wanted, but I couldn't see that I needed it until the facades of perfection were lifted.  "I need to come out. I need to be free. But
Although it seemed counter-intuitive to continue to see Kyle, there was just one thing I needed him to know. I needed him to know exactly how I felt because I couldn't bear the thought that he didn't know how treasured he is.  And his response
Have you ever taken a moment to stop and recognize all the ways you are inhibiting other people from loving you? How many things you are hiding, how many things you assume about the way they'll respond to your truth, how many things you wish to
You know that moment when you something has happened and you know you will never be the same because of it? That person says something or treats you a certain way and your entire view of the world and life is flipped upside down and there is no
As much as seeing Kyle made me shiver with shame, we decided that we would try something that most people would advise against; meet up and talk for hours every week. Zed was skeptical of our plan, so he decided to investigate whether or not th
With the taste of freedom after coming out to my guides, I continued to begrudgingly take steps towards healing. It was then that the last person I expected decided that they needed to be a part of that journey.
I never knew I could want what Ally had until she unashamedly shared the deepest and darkest parts of her story. I never knew that I could possibly do that too, and it may just end up being right.
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