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#70 - Stop Doing That ! (It's Not a Numbers Game)

Released Tuesday, 20th July 2021
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Is getting the job you want just a numbers game? Have you heard this - that if you just submit as many applications as possible, you’ll eventually get something? Maybe you feel you’ve already done that, maybe for a very long time, and it still isn’t working out?
If you feel you’ve exhausted all your options, done everything you can, are totally frustrated, and ready to give up - this episode is for you.
In this episode of The Career Rx we’ll discuss:
  • Why successful applicants aren’t playing ‘the numbers game’
  • Three things that are much more important than how many times you apply
  • The right and wrong ways to network 
Today’s we're going to be talking about why applying for the job you want is not the numbers game that you've been told. In fact, if you’re just blanketing the internet with applications, that's among the very reasons you're spending way too much time and energy doing the wrong things  - the things that aren’t getting you the results that you want!
By the end of this episode, you’ll know how to play the job hunt game the right way. You’ll see how ‘long term’ thinking helps you take better actions in the short term. You’ll also be able to evaluate your current career transition plan, and see if you need to persevere OR press pause and make a totally new plan.
In this Episode: 
[1:00] Wondering if you’ve sent out enough resumes, but running out of new places to submit an application? Start here.
[3:00] The fix if you’re feeling burned out, bored, undervalued, or stuck in a toxic work environment - for female physicians only - my retreat in Mexico
[6:50] Are you making one (or all) of these career transition mistakes?
[10:00] This ‘long term’ strategy helps you take better ‘short term’ actions to get the job you want
[13:30] Deliberate planning leads to deliberate results - tough love alert!
[14:00] Are you really out of options? I doubt it. But ask yourself these questions to be sure
[17:50] Stop playing the numbers game - follow this game plan instead

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