Episode from the podcastThe Chronicles of a Time Lord

Episode Five of The Final Game

Released Monday, 13th April 2020
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With his power over the Daleks revealed, the Master finally unveils his
ultimate objective and his pathway to absolute power. Meanwhile, the
Doctor embarks on a dangerous quest across Skaro to topple the Master’s
supremacy, but the journey may be his last.

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the fans for the fans. We, nor any of the cast involved profit from the
making of this audio. Please support all BBC and Big Finish audios.
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Doctor Who - Marshall Tankersley

The Master - Terry Cooper

Sarah Jane Smith - Sarah Wheatley

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart - Tony J Fyler

Liz Shaw - Denise Sutton

Mike Yates - Johnny Robinson

Sergeant Benton - Richard Gurl

The Daleks - James Hart

Voice of Prime Minister Jeremy Thorpe - Mark McManus

The Cybermen - James Hart

Special Musical credits to:

The Creatures of Moonlight Cove - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Hypersleep - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Creeping Frog - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Doctor Who Opening and outro Theme – Delia Derbyshire

Suspense by ARGSOUND

Scary Rising Horror - https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/faq

Alive Evil - Hainbach - https://bit.ly/2G9JJpK

Epic Battle Music - Dragon Castle - Makei Symphony

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4 International License.*
Title: Drums of Fury* Composer: Alexander Hoff * Youtube Channel:

The War - Ender Güney - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Industrial Cinematic - Kevin McCleod - Licensed under Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0

Road to Dark Tower - Royalty Free Music by orchestralis.net

Heart of the Beast - Kevin McCleod - Licensed under Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0

Battle Troopers - Makei Symphony
The Masters theme – Dudley Simpson

Gregorian Chant for the Dead: Dies irae (Sequentia) · Aurora Surgit