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The Crazy Town Podcast

A Comedy, Weird and Weird News podcast

12 Ratings
Two Random Guys on Their Way to The Crazy Town Discussing Everything Weird, Crazy, & Unusual About Life Along the Way.
Topics include: Weird & Odd News, Interviews, "Are You Urban"(Game), Rants, Rambling, Elaborate Opinions, Tangents, Unique Life Observations, Crazy Life Stories, Solutions to the Hard Problems, and a Little Bit of Insanity.

Recent Episodes


Topics include: Circus Freak Symposium and R U URBAN with Chachmyer for the 3rd time!


Topics include: Darrin Pfeiffer of Goldfinger Interview, Dolphins Drug Choices, and the Browns reach the Ultimate in Futility.


Topics Include: R U URBAN with Melody Peng, Dad Jokes with Chachmyer, and & Cow News with the Hosts of the Super Pee Pee Time Podcast Jeff and Cade


Topics include: Legal Drugs, Beer Assault, & Cash Pigs (Amongst other things!)


Topics Include: Strange New Year's Traditions and Dr. Youngblood Interview Part 3