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Episodes of The DisBeer and Distress's Podcast

Not your typical survivor show........these people went through some fucked.up.shit! You should listen to this and remember that these people LIVED the next time you spill your half mocha half americano light whipped caramel chocolate chip low
Did you know 1 in 5 men have a dick worm? Well now you know.....so GI Joe......OK OK.......it's probably like 1 in 3,000, but according to Detective Dr. Katie this fact is true :-)Back in episode something (4 we think) we said episode 49 will
Some engineers have NO smarts and make dumb ass buildings, bridges, and stadiums where a lot of people die because they didn't think things through, probably because of some big words about quarterly budget something something business somethin
Many moons ago, we did an episode for Ass4Cast by doing EXACTLY what they did. We pulled stupid statements out of a hat, and defended the shit out of it. It was one of the best things we ever did, you going to love it I promise :)Please know.
What's creepier than the entire fucking state of Florida?  New Orleans!  Seriously, have you HEARD some of the stories from there??  It's like a haunted, true crime, bead throwing, sugar coated, voo doo wet dream..................and we LOOOOOO
We tried once....and shit went south with technology.  We tried a second time....and Wifey had creepers at her door and she had to stand watch.  Now.....we finally did it...........When people disappear you are like, "oh dam......MUST have been
On Friday the 13th, we turned into wearbitches, howled at the full moon, drank some brewskies, and talked about dead bodies.  Basically, nothing different than any other Friday night.  HOWFUCKINGEVER.....we chose some pretty fucked up stories f
OMFG if there were cameras at the foot steps of every dumb ass criminals door we would have so much live entertainment that you would HAVE to pull up a chair, get a cooler, fill that bitch with beer, and enjoy the best of what human evolution h
We talk a lot of sh*t, but don't really get to ask each other which f**ked up thing we would rather do. So this time we did. And we guessed each others answers. If we opted out, we used our death card. So our question to you is what would YOU r
It's a knuckle chub, heart eating, notebook carrying, doused in feces and urine while wearing a dress during your father daughter wedding kinda episode. These initiations are some of the most disturbing things. Sure there are many more out in t
DUUUUUUUUUDDDDDEE!!  If it sounds like a cult, it probably is a cult.  Don't join just because you can buy a one way ticket to the electric rainbow pony Jupiter heaven that Zoidberg promised EVEN if you get a mad discount because you happened t
It's Katie's Birthday Episode!!!!!  Our true crime fanatic and fellow hateful bitch celebrated her birthday with a custom bejeweled bubble, a Jason Mantzoukas cardboard cut out, and muuuuurrrrdddeerrr stories :).  What better way to love on our
We go back to our roots with banter that has nothing to do with a creepy topic. Things got a little shifted with the schedule and we ended up talking about whatever the f**k we wanted. This episode is about nothing, brought to by nothing, the p
Today is Wifey's Birthday Episode so we gave her a very special present :)  No......we didn't let her talk, don't get your hopes up we wouldn't do that to her either :)Instead...we covered one of her favorite topics.......conspiracy theories! 
We had such a blast talking with the Drinking with Nerds fellas about movies. Things we've learned...don't go to another planet with mental baggage, always go north, learn sign language and NEVER live in house that was built on a cemetery. * Fo
Is the devil we know the devil you know?  Maybe...maybe they are around the corner, or living in your basement, or it's the neighbor.......oh fuck now everyone is suspect!  Aaron is here to talk about that devil and this devil and that one over
Disbeer likes to get deep...in real deep. We get so deep that we can't see out of our own holes. Arjun likes to get deep too so he decided to join us for our topic of F**ked up Rulers. Arjun you are AMAZING, and thanks for joining our crazy for
Our first collaboration with another podcaster and we couldn't be happier that it was with Jessica from BodyCount.  In this episode we go over messed up science experiments. * Follow us in the twitter universe - @beer_dis* Listen to us on iTune
Cryptids were real right?  Well fuck that.  Experimental Children and European Alps Worms shouldn't exist as a thought.  You know what doesn't exist?  Wifey's patience.  Sorry not sorry. * Follow us in the twitter universe - @beer_dis* Listen t
Some people create the things they think about, but us drinking folk stand the f**k back and have enough sober smarts to know some sh*t ain't right.Dr. Morning Wood joins us for some dick talkin.* Follow us in the twitter universe - @beer_dis*
The ocean is still a creepy f**king place. Don't think we're trying to save face with it, we're not...the water gets pissed in, there are boxy hoe fish and even a giant exploding swallower. Inch by inch it takes it all the way...... * Follow us
Looking beautiful doesn't have to involve the crazy shit we talk about, but sometimes it does.* Follow us in the twitter universe - @beer_dis* Listen to us on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Castbox, Stitcher, Player FM, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, and a
It's the AMA!  You asked us anything, and we answered it!  This show presented to you by your favorite guest host Dr. Morning Wood.Thank you everyone who contributed to the question bucket: Things you Should have Heard, Drinking with Nerds, Ass
The things you thought were innocent........aren't. * Follow us in the twitter universe - @beer_dis* Listen to us on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Castbox, Stitcher, Player FM, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, and all major Podcast platforms* Leave a review
This episode we talk about childhood toys among other childhood things.* Follow us in the twitter universe - @beer_dis* Listen to us on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Castbox, Stitcher, Player FM, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, and all major Podcast platfo
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