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3 BROKE PEOPLE: How to Avoid Being the 4th

Released Tuesday, 5th June 2018
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3 BROKE PEOPLE: How to Avoid Being the 4th VITAL LESSON I did a Facebook post on this post, and it got a lot of action. Not all was positive. Many people agreed with me, and some absolutely did not. The premise is that if you hang out with 3 broke people, you will be the 4th. Without knowing anymore..... right now..... do you agree or disagree? Now set aside that thought, and learn a bit more. First, that is a generalization. There are always exceptions. Most often it holds true. Generalizations are needed for teaching moments and demonstration purposes. Here's why I personally believe the statement holds true: 1. The people you spend most of your time with each day, week or month are most often very similar to you. 2. When you spend time with people, you tend to shop, enjoy entertainment, and have dinner at places everyone can afford. 3. People who are overweight tend to hang out with other people who are overweight (less pressure to change). 4. People who like to workout regularly, tend to stay together and discuss their active lifestyles. 5. People who like to travel (and can afford to travel) tend to hang out and travel together. Similar resources and goals. 6. People who belong to a country club, and spend time together at the country club, tend to talk about similar things because they all have the financial resources/lifestyles to be a member of the club. 7. People who live in a state of scarcity and have a limited mindset tend to huddle together. Those people are not going to discuss the endless opportunities that you can experience in life. 8. People who belong to a Ferrari club are similar. They enjoy the lux lifestyle and the same cars. They are also more likely to discuss travel, similar experiences and economics. No scarcity thinking. I could go on and one with thousands of life examples of how like-minded people tend to huddle together. And, people with lack (of anything) will not provide you with the same opportunities for success (in various areas) than people who think and act and live in terms of abundance. REMEMBER, I'm NOT saying people who have less are bad, evil, or "not good" in any way. I just know that anything in lack (scarcity mindset) cannot provide you will an abundant lifestyle. It doesn't work that way. People have done the work to become more financial secure and free will discuss economics, business growth, finances, taxes, investments and similar topics freely. DO YOU DISCUSS THESE TOPICS REGULARLY WITH YOUR FRIENDS? WHAT SOLUTIONS WERE CREATED? People who have not moved to that mindset will not have these discussions. So, you will not/cannot have those conversations if you hang out with people who haven't experienced it, won't experience it and are afraid to experience it. You are far less likely to get a million dollar idea from 3 broke people than from one person who DID THE WORK to get on the other side of broke. In my post, one person strongly disagreed and said, "What about contentment?" They were implying contentment is more important. What is fundamentally wrong with that question/thought? It is a negative presupposition. They believe that you cannot have both (wealth and good friendships, or... that friendships are more important than wealth, or.... that money somehow comes before friendship). Well, you would also likely believe that you cannot have money and be happy. Obviously that isn't true. Are you more content when you can easily pay your bills, or are you more content (at ease) when you run out of money before your bills are paid? Which puts you at ease? See, that falls flat. As for the latter, you can have all types of friends. I do. I like everyone who is kind and cool. And, I know if I choose to spend the majority of my time with friends who are broke, I will be denied soooooooo many opportunities (personal and financial) because they don't have those discussions. They are not that type of life-long learner. It's only going so far. Do this experiment..... Which 3-4 people did you see, spend time with, go on vacation with, go to dinner with and "hang out" with most in the last 365 days? Approximate their annual income. Average it. Now be honest.... you are within 20% or so of that average. This is my point. Up-level. Up-scale. Be kind to everyone and just spend more time with people who want and demand more of themselves, personally, professionally, physically and financially each day. It rubs off. PERIOD! Thanks, JSE If you are now ready to join an incredible group of people who are elevating all aspects of their life, check out the Penthouse Group. 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