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It’s the time of year that a lot of us enjoy scary stories, spooky films, and morbid poetry. Tune in tonight as Andy, Johnny, and Tim help you to get on your fright.Pencil Revolution is now a zine! Shop the first few issues on Etsy.Show notes and linksErasable PatreonKeep MovingGreat British Baking Show“Wildflowers” home demoThe Fall)Stolen Sharpie RevolutionIDLESEscape to the ChateauLast Tango in HalifaxStar Trek Lower DecksThe Invisible LibraryMusgrave debate pencilsMusgrave HatBaronfig LibertyPencil Revolution, The ZineCoralineThe Mist)If It Bleeds“The Tell-Tale Heart”“The Raven”House of Leaves11.22.63Her Fearful SymmetryBruce Coville’s Book of Monsters/Aliens/etcGet OutA Quiet PlaceSunset BoulevardSleepy HollowI Am The Pretty Thing that Lives in the HouseCommunionDon’t look now (1973)The Changeling (1980)Black ChristmasDoctor Who, “Blink”Eerie, IndianaStranger ThingsThe RoadThe Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert FordThe Downward SpiralUndertowAntichrist SuperstarYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem
Pencils and zines have both survived blogs, social media, even instant video apps. Tonight, we chat with Ed Kemp of The Word Distribution about his zine, Pencil of the Week.This episode is sponsored by Notegeist, purveyor of fine pencils, notebooks and stationery. Check out their brand-new pencil collection log book, the Geistnotes Pencilog, and save 15% off these fine products in the Erasable Collection using the coupon code ERASABLE150 upon checkout.Show Notes and LinksNotegeist Erasable collection: Save 15% by using ERASABLE150 on these items**Geistnotes Pencilog: the Pencil Collection Log BookErasable PatreonThe Word DistributionThe Word Distribution ShopThe CornerEscape to the ChateauExhalationGarden of the GodsOzark 3FreudChronicles Vol. IReady Player OneStaedtler Pencil HolderOrange ConfidantsMusgrave Debate PencilsWrite Notebooks tear padsField Notes United States of LetterpressBaron Fig Guardian ProBaron Fig Mosaic Desktop holderStolen Sharpie RevolutionBilly McCall, Zinester Etsy (Last Night at the Casino; Antiquated Future; etc.)
Journaling is good for us. All of us. Tune in tonight as your three favorite journalers chat with journaling teacher and expert Abraham, writer and illustrator of the blog La Vie Graphite.Show Notes & LinksLa Vie Graphiteairwavessongs in the nightgraphite archiveErasable PatreonMan of SpainPortrait de saint Jean de la CroixWherever You Go There You AreLiving in the Material WorldBraving the Wilderness by Brené BrownLittle Fires EverywhereThe MandalorianWokeThe Young and Prestigious T. S. SpivetThe Right to WriteThe Body Keeps the ScoreThe StrangerWriting Down the Bones by Natalie GoldbergOur GuestAbraham, editor of La Vie GraphiteYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem
It’s a short, just-the-Fresh-Points episode this week and our three intrepid hosts dive into the newest Volumes release from Blackwing.Show Notes and LinksErasable PatreonJustin Townes EarleBest American Essays 2013The AmericansMusgrave HBRadioactivePhantom ThreadMe Talk Pretty One DayWatchmen)Not Best Seller | TwitchBlackwing Volume XIXBaron Fig Bloom Meditation JournalHemingway Library of America edition (Use offer code SUM2020)Rhodia GoalbookYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem
We’re giving you, our faithful listeners, a special preview of something we’re trying out for our Patreon supporters — an episode of our inky offshoot show, The Indelible Podcast. After our tools of the trade and fresh points, vintage fountain pen restorer Jesi Raine of Vintage Pen Shop will be joining us to talk about the history of Esterbrook pens, and how she rehabs them.Show Notes and LinksErasable PatreonVintage Pen ShopJesi at The Well-Appointed DeskThe Writing DietThe CollectionMe Talk Pretty One DayOn Becoming a God in Central FloridaThe Hardest Job in the WorldIf All I Was Was BlackTheft By FindingFolkloreBlackwing EraThe new Parker 51!Poe Theatre on the AirMetaphor DiceOur GuestJesi RaineVintage Pen Shop@jesi_raine on Twitter and InstagramYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem
Tonight, we are time traveling: through three times zones and far into the past. Dave Tubman from Pencil Fodder joins us for a discussion of vintage pencils and maybe even how modern pencil manufacturers can learn from what older makers got right.This episode is sponsored by Notegeist, an online purveyor of fine stationery. Through August 5, use the coupon code ERASABLE146 to save 10% off your order. For your order of $30 or more, you’ll get a free Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild notecard.Show notes and linksNotegeist Online Stationery ShopErasable PatreonPencil FodderWork Notes - Endless RecorderWrite Notepads LenoreTombow Mono 100 ‘fashion’ blue cap model (HB)Pentel Black Polymer 999 Alpha (HB)Montblanc Meisterstück Le Petit Prince LeGrand Fountain Pen - Medium nibMontblanc Royal Blue inkDublinersAnton Chekhov - Five PlaysBroadchurch season 1 (rewatching)Lenox Hill1984Ahmad Jamal Trio (street food, taste the nation)Blackwing EraMoleskine Two-GoThe CrownA Beautifully Foolish EndeavorThe Poetry Home Repair ManualBirds, Beasts and Relatives (Corfu trilogy #2)The English GameUSCO 486 No. 2Our GuestDave TubmanPencil FodderYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem
Maybe you’ve seen artists walking around your city, sketchbooks in hand, drawing what they see — perhaps even drawing you! Our friend Tina Koyama is a veteran urban sketcher, and she’s here to give us the rundown on this growing movement in contemporary art.Show Notes and LinksErasable PatreonFueled by Clouds & CoffeeTina Koyama on InstagramUrban Sketchers ManifestoGabi Campanario (founder of Urban Sketchers)Suhita Shirodkar (an urban sketcher who can sketch anything under any circumstance)Eduardo Bajzek (whose urban sketching workshop changed the way I use graphite)Well-Appointed DeskTina’s sketch kitCaran d’Ache Museum AquarelleViarco ArtGraf water-soluble graphiteBlackwing “MMX” MatteMitsubishi Hi-UniTombow Mono KM-KKS 6BStaedtler Mars Lumograph 12BWhite Gelly RollUni Pin brush penM+R sharpenerStillman & Birn sketchbookJurassic Park)Koshien: Japan’s Field of DreamsThe English GameThe Red NotebookFreud (TV series))Broken BreadNew Waves: a novelThe CrownHamilton)Billy Collins’ NotebooksBlueline NotebookFrench-ruled paperBlackwing Eraser Hack-A-ThonOur GuestTina KoyamaFueled by Clouds and Coffee@miatagrrl on InstagramYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem(Download)
Maybe you’ve heard of the incredibly popular notebook brand Field Notes. Maybe you’ve heard us mention them a few times over the last six years. Tune in as we get to chat with Aaron Draplin, graphic designer extraordinaire, Field Notes inventor, and all-around awesome guy.Warning: this episode has several R-rated words that we decided not to bleep out, due to the color and richness it lends to the conversation. You may not want to listen to this with kids.Show Notes and LinksDraplin Design CompanyField Notes BrandField Notes Heavy DutyThird Man Field NotesLeah’s Note To SelfBaronfig Simple ObservationsBlackwing Volume 3Walt Whitman, Song of HimselfPadma Lakshmi’s “Taste the Nation” on HuluHow to be an Anti-RacistWhite FragilityJason Isbell Live at the Brooklyn BowlTalking to StrangersHello from the Magic TavernOutstanding in a FieldPencil Sharpener SumulatorAaron on Pencil Revolution (2011): Part 1Part 2Our GuestAaron James DraplinDraplin Design Company website@draplin on Twitter and InstagramYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem(Download)
We’re not bringing you an episode about pencils this week, but instead a short message, and some resources for how you can work toward ending systemic racism in your community.Black lives matter. Period.If you’re in the United States, please consider a sustained donation to The Bail Project and other organizations working to bring judicial reform to our government.Being non-racist is not enough: we need to learn how to be anti-racist. Author Ibram X. Kendi has an Anti-racist reading list for us as we begin and progress through our journey.And when you do pick up these books, be sure you do it from a Black-owned bookstore nearest to your community. LitHub has a great list.After the media event around the protests against police brutality inevitably ends, white people need to find ways to sustain our support. Tatiana Mac is a software engineer, a writer, and an activist, and has a great Twitter thread with practical ways to avoid burnout and keep up momentum.Last week, one of our Facebook group members crowd-sourced a list of Black-owned stationery companies or shops that we could support. Here’s what we came up with:GREERChicagoLoyalty Bookstore in Silver Springs, MDFrugal Bookstore in Roxbury, MAPage Eleven Paper GoodsKeynote StationeryEffie’s PaperCloth & PaperDrama Mama BookshopThe Quiet Life Los AngelesSemicolon BookstoreOdin Leather GoodsThe Desiderata Pen CompanyMethodical Stationery UKPaper Penguin CoWe’re sure there are lots more. If you have a Black-owned stationery company or shop, feel free to link them in the comments, and we’ll be sure to add to this list.
It’s been a long time since we updated our Top 5, and tonight’s the night! Tune in to find out what’s the same, what’s off the list, and what’s on.This episode is sponsored by Kamikokuen, an online stationery shop selling vintage Japanese pencils and fun pencil-themed stickers. Save 20% on your order of 2 items or more, plus a fun sticker, with the coupon code ERASABLE20.Show Notes & LinksKamikokuenErasable PatreonJason Isbell ReunionsSourdoughBroadchurchBubblegumZoey’s Extraordinary PlaylistMy Family and Other AnimalsRobert Frost, CompleteField Notes Deader PrintsKeith McCleary/RandomThinksRandomThinks at NotegeistWorkFromHomeDesks.comPalomino HBMitsubishi 9852EWBlackwing MMXBlackwing NaturalMusgrave Tennessee RedViking School PencilPalomino Golden BearMusgrave Test Scoring 100Camel HBVintage Velvet(pencilsBerol MiradoFaberCastell/Eberhard Faber “American”PaperMate Mirado Classic
Today’s episode is a short one, but don’t equate that with being light on subject material! We have a chat with Steven Lawson, the creator of a notebook organizational system called Monk Manual. He tells us about his holistic approach to helping people organize their lives and themselves — professionally, personally, and philosophically.Show Notes & LinksErasable PatreonMonk ManualBroadchurchSalt Fat Acid HeatReunions by Jason IsbellThe Wander SocietyAmerican Experience: George W. BushStopping the Noise in Your HeadStopping the Noise in Your Head videosAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsMarvelous Mrs. MaiselRick Steves on HuluThe Membership PodcastWorld-Ending FireField Notes Deader PrintsBaron Fig AdriftBaron Fig FanaticsOur GuestSteven LawsonMonk Manual website@monkmanual on InstagramYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem
Perhaps this year more than in years past, poetry can help to sustain us spiritually and intellectually during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help us wrap-up National Poetry Month, renowned poet and teacher Kiki Petrosino was kind enough to join us to talk poetry, writing, pencils, and how literature heals the soul.Kiki’s new book, White Blood: A Lyric of Virginia comes out May 5! Order it from her publisher, Sarabande Books.Show Notes & LinksKiki Petrosino (official site)Kiki Petrosino at the Academy of American PoetsKiki Petrosino at the Poetry FoundationPre-order White BloodPencil of the Month: The Viking SkoleblyantenStar Trek: PicardYacht Rock “channel” on PandoraThe Happiness TrapLight the DarkMidsomer MurdersMrs. AmericaJohn Prine: John Prine, The Missing Years, and The Tree of ForgivenessAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsAmerican SongwriterThe Show and Tell ShowHuge box of Arrowhead erasersBaron Fig Do WorkBaron Fig AdriftBaron Fig face masksMusgrave Harvest Pro“Thigh Gap” by Kiki PetrosinoOur GuestKiki PetrosinoWebsiteNew bookYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem
The COVID-19 pandemic is still gripping the globe, and most of us are quarantined to some degree in our homes. To be human is to be connected with other humans, no matter how introverted we are. And letters are the natural way to reach out to other people for the Stationery Inclined. Join the Erasable hosts for a chat with Courtney Cochran, founder of the Snail Mail Social Club — all about letter-writing!This episode is sponsored by Notegeist, an independent, one-stop stationery shop online. Use code ERASABLEFUN on your order of $30 or more to get a special goodie bag and 15% off Blackwing products. Limited to the first 50 orders or April 30, whichever is reached first.Show Notes and LinksNotegeistSnail Mail Social ClubSnail Mail Social Club PatreonCourtney’s past Erasable EpisodeBuy stamps onlinePencil of the MonthAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsHow to Change Your MindOne Hundred Years of SolitudeCounterpartParker 98r safety razorLa Berlue pencil caseReview of the sameBulsa BagsJohnny’s favorite Airmail envelopesOur GuestCourtney CochranSnail Mail Social ClubInstagramFacebookPatreonYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem
While March is Women’s History Month, we’re kicking off April with a question based on Virginia Woolf’s 1929 A Room of One’s Own — if you have a room of your own (man, woman, or nonbinary), what does it look like? What kind of stationery is in it to assure maximum productivity? How is this room serving you during remote work? And if you don’t have a room of your own at the moment, what does it look like in your dreams?Show Notes and LinksPDF of A Room of One’s OwnLadies of Erasable playlist on SpotifyIron Curtain Press Task PadThe Underground Railroad by Colson WhiteheadWhose Story Is This? by Rebecca SolnitHometown on HGTVMadame SecretaryThe VoiceFrozen IIPBS NewshourThe Queen by Josh LevinShinola stationeryBlueberry Oatmeal Muffins recipePier 1 Papasan chairBaronfig Gather Review Journal
Social distancing doesn’t mean we need to be socially isolated. On March 23, 2020, while the world is staying indoors and away from others to stem the surging tide of COVID-19, we recorded a special episode live, as Zoom webinar. We talk about how we’re occupying ourselves, our partners and our children with stationery, in order to stay happy and healthy during a supremely stressful time.Because of the unusual nature of this episode, we do not have show notes for this episode.
We are back from our Baltimore adventure, with stories to tell, tattoos to show off, and to celebrate our six years of podcasting. Tune in as we reminisce about our weekend together and rap about the new spring releases from Write Notepads, Field Notes, and Blackwing.Show Notes and LinksErasable PatreonBaltimore Washington International Pen ShowPencil of the Month: Mitsubishi 9852EW HBOracle NightNeeding to Know For SureHuntersThe Future of Another TimelineErin RaeTownes Van Zandt (Be Here To Love Me)The Rise of Theodore RooseveltH. R. Spanks TattooWrite Notepads AmethystField Notes VignetteBlackwing Volume 840Legendary Lead Co.
(On February 28, 2020, Johnny, Tim and Andy met up in person — for the first time ever — in Baltimore to hang out, get tattoos, and record an episode in front of a live studio audience at the Baltimore Pen Show. This is that recording.) Since we were recording in front of an audience at a pen show, we thought it only fitting to make the case for wood case — pencils, that is. Joined by pen show superstars Ana Reinert and Brad Dowdy, and fellow graphiteer Dade Scolardi from The Weekly Pencil and the RSVP Stationery Podcast, we laid out what we hope is a compelling case for those who are into fancy fountain pens to pick up and consider a humble wooden pencil.
We have been talking about the exciting new brand and marketing efforts of Musgrave for a few months now. Tonight, we are lucky to have creative directors Nicole and Tim Delger on the show with us, to chat about rebranding an American pencil icon.Show Notes and LinksNicole DelgerTim DelgerMusgrave Pencil CompanyErasable Episode 106Baltimore Washington International Pen ShowErasable PatreonThe Body Keeps the ScoreStar Trek: PicardAnd It’s Still AlrightNathan CoulterThe MiniaturistThe Year of Magical ThinkingDecomposition BooksWrite Notepads & Co Open HouseHipster Logo Design GuideOur GuestsNicole on InstagramTim on InstagramYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem
We are lucky enough to be joined again by Lady Graphite herself, Caroline Weaver. Her new book Pencils You Should Know is out this week! Tune in to hear all about some of the pencils whose stories are featured.Show Notes & LinksCW Pencil EnterprisePencils You Should Know | Chronicle BooksFebruary Pencil of the Month: Mitsu-bishi 9852EWWriting is DesigningMiss AmericanaGeniusOK IkumiMarcus Aurelius’ MeditationsThe Unbearable Lightness of BeingWhen in Doubt, Make BeliefLegendA Beginning at the EndThe Flop House podcastShrill Season 2The Blackwing rebrandingBaron Fig Work/Play 3Pencil Revolution’s Musgrave Tennessee Red ReviewBlackwing single hole sharpener
It’s nearly a month into the new year. How is your organization system working out? Tonight, we are joined by our friend Caitlin Elgin, to talk about getting our crap together for 2020.Plumbago Magazine, Issue 7 is now available for pre-order! Order your copy of this tiny issue now in the Erasable shop.Show Notes and LinksErasable PatreonJanuary 2020 Pencil of the Month: Musgrave Tennessee RedKiller InsidePermanent Record (Edward Snowden)I Am Dynamite (Nietzsche bio)Frontline (“America’s Great Divide”)The New PopeI Heart HuckabeesAll American BoysThe Serpent KingUntitled Goose GamePencil Things Palomino pencilsGrow Daily Journal | BaronfigMonk ManualErin Condren PlannersClear Habit Journal | BaronfigPoketo Project PlannerStalogy Washi Tape dotsMoleskine sticky notesPencil page flagsOur GuestCaitlin Elgin@cait.elgin on InstagramYour HostsJohnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem(Download audio file)
We are ringing in the New Year with special guest Brian Manning, owner of Portland’s new Revolutions Bookshop. Tune in to learn about the adventures of running an independent bookstore in the Age of Amazon. Plus, a dramatic reading of a Gilmore Girls novel, as a treat.This episode is brought to you by Notegeist, an online, curated stationery shop, re-launching January 9. Be among the first 40 people to use the coupon code ERASABLES to get a goodie bag with your purchase of $10 or more.
The year is almost over, and as you rush around in a panic over what to get the very specific type of people in your life, don’t worry. We have your back. Join us for mini roundups of our most used tools and our brand new gifting guide, from the middle aged coworker who thinks pencils are for kids, to your third cousin whose main hobby is carving decoy ducks for hunters!
With new releases from Field Notes, Musgrave and Blackwing, tonight we tackle all of the Freshest Points at the setting of Autumn 2019.We’re pleased to announce the Baron Fig x Erasable #2 Squire, now on sale only until December 13, 2019! Buy yours today and help send us to the Baltimore Pen Show!
Join us for our usual pencil goodness and, later, as Johnny and Tim join forces with Ted Walker and Adam Webb from the Take Note podcast to talk the real skinny about getting into NaNoWriMo.
At the start of National Novel Writing Month, join your three hosts for a discussion about the month ahead -- as well as details about our brand-new Patreon program.Check our our new Patreon page! Please consider lending your support for our show and future programming by pledging a small amount of money each month. It helps keep us accountable to you, and to develop new programming. Thank you!
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