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To get the jab, or not to get it: This is the big question. Some say those who get it are less likely to die of the virus, while others cite data that appears to indicate otherwise. John Piper is now encouraging Christians to get the jab if the
The lemmings continue to invest in thin air, and now space settlements and frivolous trips into space. The present age has abandoned that which is sensible, stable, valuable in the economy. At the highest level of finance, our nation h
For 1,500 years, cremations disappeared in Christian countries. But, last year cremations outnumbered burials in America for the first time. We look at the recent history of cremation, and then ask the question, “Is it a sin to cremate?” Does t
How much of the pro-life movement or conservative movement in politics has been a sham? Why do Christians support the legal position that some blacks cannot have equal protection under the laws, or some babies must not get equal protection unde
Time Magazine’s list of the most influential people makes up a group of do-nothings or been-nothings. But, who are the most powerful people who are doing the most damage to the world?   We contrast the world’s heroes with God’s heroes
The average US household has lost about half of its income by inflation since 1975, if you account for the massive increase in median housing prices, median new car prices, education, and medical insurance. The official CPI and PCE measure
Do Facebook and Disney have ill intentions when it comes to our children? Kevin Swanson and Adam McManus discuss the dangers of social media, movies, and tv shows today on this edition of Generations. This program includes: 1. The
Over the last two years, many of the states have moved to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, or with some hybrid. The erasure of 2,000 years of Christ in the Western world is almost complete, while the indigenous religions are co
When we abandon the fear of God in the science classroom, catastrophes ensue. We see this in China, where they have recently produced mice from two moms—with a survival rate of about 15%. What do Christians say about these types of “science”? W
On this edition of Generations, Kevin Swanson interviews Scott Brown on vaccine mandates. Should Christians attempt to resist tyranny? Who ultimately has the authority over what we put in our bodies? These questions and more are addressed in
When Eli’s sons come out with their particular sexual orientation, should Eli have supported them? We take a look at the Focus on the Family counsel for families whose children “come out” and announce their proclivity towards homosexual lusts.
As of last week, the richest man in America is. . . Elon Musk. His company is overvalued by a factor of 200-fold. His only profit comes by regulatory credits. . . i.e., extortion from more honest car companies. How in the world did this guy’s w
The recent exponential increase in options trading is one more indication that Wall Street has been redecorated as a casino. For the first time in history, options trading exceeds honest investment in companies doing business making useful thin
Radio Talk Show host Dennis Prager asks the question, "Who would hide a Jew today should the Nazis or Commies take over?" “Who would hide Christians?” is probably the more appropriate question. His answer is, "Christians." It was Christians who
Tired of the politically correct lies that your kids are receiving through the culture? Lies like boys can be girls, babies are expendable, and Communism is better than capitalism. Guest host Adam McManus interviews Elizabeth Johnston, the
He gave his life for the English Bible, and we have a great deal we owe this man. But who was William Tyndale, and why was he a wanted man, and finally burned at the stake? Kevin Swanson interviews author and pastor Steven Lawson (also the edit
In this edition of the Generations program, Kevin Swanson interviews Christian counselor and pastor, Todd Adams, who has counseled hundreds of Christian families over the course of 30 years. They address the specific challenges we face when it
On July 23rd, France virtually banned home education. In light of President Joe Biden’s ill-conceived vaccine mandate through businesses with 100 employees or more, is it possible that America will once again become hostile to the freedom to ho
It's a question of justice. Should a woman get an abortion, or should she make use of a Glock 19 when attacked by a rapist? Answers to such questions betray a worldview. But, this also brings up the question of whether Christians should prefer
Things are getting worse and worse for the nation under President Biden. What can possibly protect us now from the day of God's judgment? We develop the spiritual prepper plan on this edition of the program. Also, we analyze the Southern Baptis
As national governments are forcing vaccines on churches, some denominations are capitulating. But, shall we trust the FDA? Shall we trust an increasingly anti-Christian medical and governmental cartel? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has
When a student at a Christian college flaunts a particular sexual sin (whether it be homosexuality, incest, or typical fornication), what must the college do? These are increasingly important questions in an age of apostasy. There are two diffe
Australia is now enforcing vaccinated-ONLY worship for churches. We visit with an Aussie pastor who explains the un-bu-lievable Nazi-like state that has developed. This eye-opening expose will highlight the differences with American liberties,
The debate between the incrementalists and the abolitionists is heating up. How do pro-lifers strategize now, given a more favorable Supreme Court and a less favorable Congress and Executive Branch? Do we bet on the disintegration of the United
Parents in Hudson, Ohio (not to mention the mayor), are up in arms over sexual content in one particular class. But what about the rest of the literature—The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, and Catcher in the Rye? What about godless, materialist
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