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Are we living in the last days and are we staring at the abominable #markofthebeast as foretold by #jesuschrist in the holy Scriptures? We’re taking a deeper dive into the #vaccinemandate and this insane #joebiden regime. You won’t find truth l
You would be amazed how different times were and what the world looked like back during the Bible times. Our God is infinite and mighty to save and in this episode of the grace reign podcast we’re going to dive into the power and mate of our ki
Where does this all lead? On one hand, the power players of the #newworldorder are systematically with calculated cruelty and hate in their hearts seek to murder the free will response of the free world towards their destructive behavior of soc
What is the revealed reality in which we are being subjected too? Why are they fixated on globally irradiating what it is to be human? What do they have to gain from destroying God’s perfected genetic design which makes you capable of being hum
Where are you going to be in these last days? Are you spiritually prepared for the rise of the beast system and it’s mark? What about the #markofthebeast and all the wonders and tribulation of our time? Join us today as we discuss in this short
What is the truth concerning this dark evil blanketing the world and what steps must we take to devour this evil with the purity of truth as pristinely described to us in the Holy Scriptures of God. Donald Trump has lost the confidence of the p
We’ve all send and come short of the glory of God and we know that the wages of those since his death however we also know that though we might get dragged down the road even on to death, may God be true and everyman a liar. God is watching ove
With a world full of people bent on destroying themselves, faithless and hopeless, we take a deeper dive at current events that pertain to a shadow of things to come. #endtimes #trump #bible #lastdays #attention
Is the Anti-Christ making his way on to the world stage? Is this for real? All over the world it seems as if something strange is happening. Like a turn of the page, so are the times we’re living in. Isn’t it amazing? One minute we were all hud
In today’s podcast we take a look at what particular enforcement’s have been implemented in the world in regard to Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci that word forward an Anti-Christ agenda. It is time for the world to hear the truth and be prepared for
There are many reasons why we stop and ask very serious questions. In this time and age we consider the current circumstances and wonder to ourselves if we aren’t living in the last days. Do you think we’re living in the last days? Are we on th
It’s been an interesting last few months hasn’t it? Here we are locked down in our homes and told not to worship, and told her practice social distancing, while on the other hand nurses and staff, along with many doctors, are speaking up. Of co
If you’ve seen it here you’ve seen it there protests and people coming together either violently or peacefully against the tyranny that has been placed on them. In this episode we’re going to discuss these strange similarities and happenstances
Bill Gates seems to be at the center of so much research surrounding COVID-19. Why? Have you ever wondered what is up with these billionaires and their obsession with population control? When you get finished listening to this episode you’re go
Bill Gates Senior sat on the board of Planned Parenthood and this is likely where his son bill gates Junior copped the ideas and radical motivations toward what he calls philanthropy but what we call forced eugenics. Let’s take a Christ centere
Prepare yourself for a wild ride in today’s episode where we discuss Bill Gates and his idea of a global vaccination and digital certifications. What does this all mean? What does the Bible say about this? Are we as Christians about to enter an
We’re going through pretty epic times in the world and today we’re going to dive in from a Christ centered perspective and discuss some of the epic news and societal issues that we as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ need to be well aware of.
In today’s episode we’re going to take a dive in and examine the patience of Almighty God. It is important to remember on a regular basis that God has been patient with you and he loves you and is desiring a more unique and prosperous relations
What does the world look like after this pandemic is over? Many of us are considering the damage #Coronavirus is doing to the world and are wondering what happens when this is all over. I suspect while the world is trying to recover from this #
Has Donald Trump ever asked God for forgiveness? In today’s society there are words coming from all different directions trying to lead us to salvation with the Lord Jesus. In this episode we’re going to discuss and dive in for a closer look at
Who can measure the pure hatred that Satan has for God’s creation, especially humankind because we are made in His own image. Yes, I’m talking about you and I. Does that old serpent have a plan in place to weaponize #Coronavirus in order to des
Welcome to The GraceReign Podcast. The world seems to be going down a path of global civil unrest. Today’s episode takes a Christ centered approach at examining current events and where Christians belong in these days. Bill Gates is introducing
You won’t believe your ears when you hear the news today from a Christ centered perspective here on grace rain. The United States is paralyzed and waiting for stimulus checks while the same time living on life support as #Coronavirus devours th
Today will be listening to some of the real live stories from healthcare professionals and one particular, gut wrenching story that will remind us as believers where your hope comes from. It’s going to be a hard episode to listen too. #coronavi
News is circulating while speculation increases that Christians could be the reason why coronavirus is spreading across the globe. Of course we know this is nonsense and today we’re gonna take a deeper dive into these wicked speculations and mo
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