The Great Education Struggle

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Episodes of The Great Education Struggle

On January 26, 2016, I watched live as the GED Testing Service announced major changes to the GED exam.  After two years of study, the Testing Service has decided to not just change the performance level indicators, but they also have determine
Hundreds of thousands have been fighting the official federal takeover of public, private, and in large part, homeschool curriculum through the Common Core State Initiative.  Many of them see the similarities between the 20th-century totalitari
After a long a long absence away from the mic, The Great Education Struggle is back. Join Virgina attorney and president of Deconstructing the Collision, Kevin R. Novak as we discuss framers presupposition, the proper jurisdiction of the civil
On June 19th, 2015 America and Great Britain celebrated the 800th birthday of the Magna Carta. This small piece of paper represents one of the two greatest documents westerns have, yet most know nothing about it.  We can tell you about Robin Ho
Education reformers have, for decades, decried the achievement gap among students and espoused the inequality of education throughout the nation. This is one of the major justifications for the implementation for Common Core State Standards. Al
With the implementation of Common Core, Islamic proxy front groups have infiltrated the American school system, including Christian and homeschool curriculums. This is especially can be seen in the CCSS aligned Advanced Placement History Standa
With 93% of teens ages 12‐17 go online, 95% of teens have at least 1 social media account with 86% of those having a Facebook account, and 85% of  10-12-year-olds have a Facebook account, and even higher for those older, social media, parents r
One of the major educational buzz words, today is "critical thinking." The proponents of the Common Core State Standards tought one of the major benefits of CCSS, is that it teaches critical thinking. By like I wrote in"Critical Thinking and Ed
Daniel Foucachon, from episode 30 and president of Roman Roads Media, joins me at the Spokane Christian Homeschool Conference to discuss the importance of studying the works of the Western canon, and in particular Christians  Join us as we addr
Join Dr. Peg Luksik, Founder and Chairman of Founded on Truth, as we discuss the truth behind your state giving up its sovereignty and your freedom by implementing Common Core. Dr. Peg Luksik, Founder and Chairman of Founded on Truth, and is a
This weeks episode consist of my conversation with KrissAnn Hall from Liberty First! KrisAnn and I discuss education, parental rights, and the United Sates Consitution in general and Common Core. If you have not heard KrissAnn before, I encoura
For the biblical Christian parent, the current culture we live in clearly demonstrates Isaiah’s warning, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for
Today's culture, we are so worried about our children being hurt, we ban activities such as dodge ball, and instead of teaching them to be tough, we bubble wrap them. Meanwhile, parents on the otherwise of the globe are training their children
We all have grown up the notion that public school was just a given. We have come to expected them to be available  just like our fresh running water from our sinks; services provided by an altruistic  government for the benefit of the people.
Why does the average U.S. college freshman reads at a seventh-grade level, according to an educational assessment report? How have we gone from Noah Webster's public school system to a socialist/progressives taken over the public school system?
This week I discuss the several topics including the current educational climate, Common Core, liberal arts, Hillsdale Academy, and the educational reforms Hillsdale is proposing and offering to anyone for free. If you are looking for a classic
How does Common Core and its associated assessments affect students? It's a major psychological issue for many. Join this weeks' guest, Mary Calamia, a licensed psychotherapist who has witnessed first hand the mental burdens placed upon New Yor
Are you looking for a college that doesn't use the Common Core aligned SAT or ACT as part of their entrance requirements? Well then you will want to listen to this week's conversation with James Bowers, Admission Director of Shimer College for
So often I hear "religion" has not place in public school. Those who hold to this belief espouse academics can be taught apart from a theologic perspective. What they admit to is that everyone comes into the classroom with certain presuppositio
This weeks episode is a continuation from last weeks where Israel Wayne and me discussed the history of socialization and what that term really means.  This week we discuss how it is positive family relationships beginning with securing your ch
For those who oppose homeschooling, the arguably the question brought up the most is that of socialization of the child?  For homeschooling parents, one of the top concerns is that of the socialization of their children. Where did this concern
Join Pamela S. Clark, director of The New Heights Educational Group, Inc.  as we discuss their effort in providing hope, answers, and resolution for both children and parents in regards to their education struggles. The New Heights Educational
Join Bob and Geri Boyd, from Issues in Education, as we discuss the all out attack on Christians in public school. Bob and Geri are the host of the nationally syndicated program, Issues in Education for past 28 years and recipients of the 2010
Join Ray Fournier and me as we discuss why the institution of the american evangelical church should be supporting homeschooling. Ray was my guest in episode 31 where we discussed the biblical mandate of all Christians in providing a theocentr
Join Dr. Duke Pesta, one of the foremost experts  on Common Core, and me as we discuss Common Core State Standards and our right to question the designers and implementer's of the fundamental transformation of America. Dr. Pesta received his M.
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