Episode from the podcastThe History of Witchcraft

025 - Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot

Released Sunday, 11th March 2018
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In today's episode, we return to the narrative of early modern Britain, and finally combine the episodes on England and Scotland in the form of one man: James VI and I. We cover the problems and priorities facing James once he inherits the throne from Elizabeth; England's diplomatic situation, its religious dissidents, and a Parliament that is getting a bit too self-important for the absolutist James.

This episode primarily makes use of the following sources:
Herrington, H. W., ‘Witchcraft and Magic in Elizabethan Drama’, in The Journal of American Folklore, 32, 126, (1919)Holmes, R., Witchcraft in British History (1974)MacFarlane, A., Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England (London, 1970)Levack, B., 'State-Building and Witch Hunting', in Darren Oldridge (ed.), The Witchcraft Reader (London, 2002)A full bibliography can be found on the website.
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