The Hungry Gamers

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Three Australian guys talking about the world of video games with a dash of pop culture, fried foods and the day to day life. Each episode sees them pick apart the weeks big news headlines, while also covering all the upcoming new releases titles and geek friendly events taking place across Australia.

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How the hell did we make it this far? One hundred episodes?!?  The short version is we made it because of you amazing sexy fans who tune in week after week and listen to us rant/joke/cry about all things video games. We couldn't have done it without your support and we are eternally grateful. …

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For what feels like an eternity, Ally, Brendan & Saleem finally reunite on the ninety ninth episode of The Hungry Gamers to share their initial thoughts on their time with Fortnite (4.48). On this episode they dive into: - PUGB Mobile (19.40) - Noctis' debut in Tekken 7 (34.10) - Ninja blowing up …

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The Hungry Gamers ninety seventh episode sees the new A Team, Ally, Nato & Saleem reunite to bring you another tasty serving of gaming laced banter & shenanigans. On this episode they dive into: - Ally's time playing Humans Fall Flat - The final hands on with the Sea of Thieves beta - The latest …

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The Hungry Gamers ninety sixth episode sees Ally & Brendan joined by The Ghost Pepper Bandit himself, Nato. The trio bond over mobile games, namely WWE Supercard and a new Harry Potter style beta as well as drunken Mario Kart escapades. On this episode they also dive into (NOW WITH TIMESTAMPS): - …

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The Hungry Gamers ninety fifth episode sees Ally & Saleem joined by the man with the hottest takes in the biz, the host of A+ Anime and Divinity 2's biggest fan - Nato freaking J. Does the episode end in celebration or disaster? Be sure to listen in & find out... On this episode they also dive …

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