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Today we welcome back Jack Rosetree to talk about his upcoming Kickstarter for Tales of Pride, an RPG anthology for his game Pretty Fairy Princesses with adventures and art created by members of the queer community in support of Pride month 202
Spontaneous Game Creation! Chug that milk and metabolize your calcium friends, because today we are all going for a ride on the Bone Train courtesy of your hosts Jack and AJ, with help from our special guest Jack Rosetree! Today we imagine a di
Thought Gang vs The Road Movies! And the games they should not be. Duncan sits in the director's chair this episode, demanding AJ and Jack produce movie-tie-in RPGs that should never have been made. AJ begins with a nice, simple crime-solving g
As part of the 48hr RPG Jam 2019, AJ created a whole new RPG over a weekend and has been chipping away at it ever since. Enter the MOOKS: You play as a crew of semi-immortal minions doing the bidding of your boss Smarman Bast'ardius as he fulfi
RC Beiler joins forces with AJ and Duncan in this episode of Spontaneous Game Creation, drawing on the dark magic of Yahtzee!, D6s, and dicey divination... A simple push-your-luck re-roll mechanic involving a handful of D6s catalyzes concepts f
Spontaneous Game Creation! Sam Mannell jumps in as special guest to make some games on the fly with AJ and Duncan, and the lads all have fencing on the brain. Have you been looking for a quick duel mechanic that lets players rapid fire blows an
Duncan has made a post-post-apocalyptic board game all about building farms slash not dying and he is going to talk about it! Sit back, grab your bag of ants, and try to ignore that uncomfortable poo smell while Duncan takes us through the ins/
Dungeons and Dragons are all very exciting, but what about the other side of the Prime Material Plane? The shopkeepers. The cleaners. The millers. The tiny, inconsequential cogs in the great machine of society. Welcome to Dreary on the Hill, a
Check it Twice vs The Other Christmas Carols   'Twas the same month as Christmas, and all through the land, Whispers told a Holiday Special was planned. "We'll have presents!" cried Jack, brimming with glee, "Elves, crack, and steroids, the win
Special Guest Episode! Cole Luther from the Dive Cloud podcast joins AJ and Jack for some spontaneous game creation, and the boys are out looking for love. Ever wanted to find true love for your D&D character or take your players' social encoun
Los Cronocrímenes vs Butterfly out of Water Jack is taking command of the time circuits this episode, laying judgement down on two conniving chronological creations. AJ begins with a baffling combat-puzzle game, pitting Duncan and Jack against
Kill Cards vs Escaping the Inside-Out   Good evening guys, girls, and ghouls, welcome to podcast hell! Tonight you will bear witness to many gruesome happenings and hauntings, so steel yourself as Duncan plays host in this hideous Halloween spe
Kill Cards vs Escaping the Inside-Out   Good evening guys, girls, and ghouls, welcome to podcast hell! Tonight you will bear witness to many gruesome happenings and hauntings, so steel yourself as Duncan plays host in this hideous Halloween spe
Dinosaur Cold War vs. Dinosaur Punchers   AJ hosts the twin tyrannical rivals of Jack and Duncan fighting to the death to impress him with games all about fightin' dinos. Jack enters the ring with Dinosaur Cold War, a prehistoric Pokémon battle
Only one person knows what the Head of Vecna really is ... and it could be AJ's parents. Find out who's lying, and who's the real expert on everything. -------------------- Follow the Idiots on Twitter! AJ: @i3rpg Duncan: @dppacey Jack: @Medlan
Magic the Gathering? Star Wars Rebels? Fable? Do any of these Idiots Three know where a Chicken Chaser comes from?  -------------------- Follow the Idiots on Twitter! AJ: @i3rpg Duncan: @dppacey Jack: @MedlandSlater And much love to our guest c
So what the hell is "duralumin"? One idiot knows, two don't - but they are gonna damn well lie through their teeth to pretend they do.   -------------------- Follow the Idiots on Twitter! AJ: @i3rpg Duncan: @dppacey Jack: @MedlandSlater And muc
Welcome to the Consortium vs. HQ2 Jack takes hosting duty this episode, with AJ and Duncan trying to win his vote with two politically themed games. Duncan opens with a model UN RPG that encourages "co-operation" and "harmonious trade" between
The People in Patrick vs Dreary on the Hill Duncan is in the host seat with Jack and AJ pitching the most boring games they could make fun - mundane settings with fun mechanics. AJ starts off with The People in Patrick, where players must work
Trash Tales vs Raccoonteurs AJ hosts this episode, with Jack and Duncan submitting their trash-panda-themed, D8-driven RPGs for summary judgement. Now, raccoons and D8s is a hugely vague requirement, meaning the games must surely be totally, co
Cyrus: Cyber Virus vs Autotomy Cybernetics Jack hosts this episode, with AJ and Duncan providing their own spin on the Cyberpunk genre. Duncan kicks off the podcast by infecting one of his previous games with a Cyber virus, leading to some of t
Shoot Out vs The Good, The Bad, and the Chaotic Neutral: Duncan hosts, demanding Spaghetti Western themed fast-to-play games from AJ and Jack. Jack goes first with a game so simple we ran out of questions in the first five minutes. AJ draws sec
A TABLE OF FABLES vs FORK-KNIFE: AJ is in the hosting seat with Duncan and Jack tasked with developing kid-friendly games. Duncan pitches an RPG that integrates school classroom subjects with roleplaying, quests and storytelling. Jack is hot on
OXIDISED METAL vs WONKAVERSE: Jack hosts with AJ and Duncan bringing their best survival-themed RPGs that "Must be Customisable". Duncan swings first with a post-apocalyptic, loot-gathering, base-building adventure. Second but not to be cowed i
MURDER AT FIERI MANOR vs. BANES & BOONS Jack and AJ face off with judge Duncan's special category of "Must Not Use Dice". AJ debuts strong with a Cluedo-esque whodunnit called Murder at Fieri Manor (yes, Guy Fieri) which features a quirky playi
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