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BR 6 Ep 97 Cruella De Vil & Mother Gothel Team Lists

Released Monday, 10th May 2021
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Yes, it’s that time again, the time you all wait & yearn for every two weeks – the latest episode of the Ministry of Dice!

It’s a bit of meandering episode this time around – we open with just a broad chat about basically nothing at all, other than the merits of Disney based Dice Masters expansions and an update on the small-box family-friendly games Andy was recommended.

Then, in our core segment of this episode, we talk Dice Masters Keywords. What are our favourite keywords and why? Which Keywords should be better, but aren’t? Are keywords confusing? The lads chew the fat on these subjects and more as they discuss Keywords.

Then, in a short, and somewhat strange last segment, the topic of discussion is doing random things with your spare cards & dice. Seasoned players will have accrued quite the collection of Dice Masters dice & cards duplicates, so what can be done with them? It’s possibly the most pointless segment we’ve ever had on this podcast, which is REALLY saying something.

All this – and Chris’ thoughts on live action re-makes of Disney animated classics…

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