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Important News From The Monster Hunters
ATTENTION! Important information from The Monster Hunters! Listen now for exciting news about the future of everyone's favourite 1970s set monster bashing comedy horror adventure show. Then head to to check out some more great podcasts from Definitely Human.  Follow us on twitter: @huntingmonsters @HumanDefinitely Support Definitely Human:  
Series 3 Episode 3 - Queen of the Yeti Men
An incredible life changing discovery inside Mount Everest itself! Who are the Kantaks? Who are the Naylim? As they are drawn into life in the mountain, will they ever see their human civilisation again? Find out here ...    @Huntingmonsters  
Queen of the Yeti Men trailer
Happy Halloween! Here is a trailer for our next episode - Queen of the Yeti Men. Coming sooooooon ... @HuntingMonsters    
Series 3 Episode 2 - Death on Hell Mountain!
A dangerous journey to the Roof of the World, one that will tax our heroes both physically and mentally... As they find themselves up a mountain with no books or booze, can Roy and Lorrimer best Mother Nature herself?  Scale the heights of adventure in episode 2 of The Monster Hunters - Death on Hell Mountain!    @Huntingmonsters
Series 3 Episode 1 - The Parliament of Wolves
A meeting at a deserted warehouse, and a change of direction for our heroes!  A conference of werewolves and a struggle for power! Join The Monster Hunters for a brand new series of adventures as they lift the lid and discover the true nature of London’s steamy underworld!    @Huntingmonsters
The Rapping on the Mirror
What sinister secret hides within a mirror so ugly that no sensible man would have it in his home? What happens when the thirst for knowledge overtakes Lorrimer Chesterfield like a horse left unattended at a water feature? What use is Roy Steel when he realises he can't punch a mirror? Join us for the Monster Hunters Christmas Special 2015!    @Huntingmonsters
The Doll's House
The Monster Hunters return for a brand new Halloween adventure - one that will take them into the heart of the macabre world of private waxworks. What horror could be changing so many of our wealthiest industrialists? What chills await in a mysterious private gallery? Is Roy Steel finally losing his famous lady powers? All these questions and more will be answered when you enter The Doll's House! Featuring music by Simon Magus, you can hear more at    @Huntingmonsters
The Monster Hunters and the Box of Desires
A terrible box that must never be opened... An ancient horror, its talons on a mission to kill! A dark night, a fearsome tale, an instant soup. It can only be The Monster Hunters Christmas Special!    @Huntingmonsters
A Knife at the Museum - LIVE!
A face from the past...what power does she hold over Sir Maxwell House?A scream in the can a man bleed to death via his knees?A dinner and some wine...but is the desert DEATH?! Join us for the Monster Hunters Halloween special, recorded live at the 2014 London Horror Festival!    @Huntingmonsters
Destroy All Monster Hunters!
Series 2 Christmas Special - The Whispering Fog
BEWARE! The deadly killer that stalks the streets of Old London Town! PONDER! The terrifying secret that terrifies behind the door of a terrifying house! COWER! From the housekeeper who lives only for kippers!    @Huntingmonsters
Series 2 Halloween Special - Bride of the Deep
A holiday at sea, on course for danger! A mysterious woman with a mysterious past and a mysterious destiny!  An undersea people, ready to fulfull their prophecy!    @Huntingmonsters
Series 2 Episode 6 - The Beast of Albion Part Two
The thrilling conclusion to The Beast of Albion. Who will survive, and what will be left of them?    @Huntingmonsters
Series 2 Episode 5 - The Beast of Albion Part One
A horror from beneath the earth ready to return! A face from the past with a vendetta against Roy Steel! A trip to the shops with a detour into danger for Lorrimer and Sir Maxwell!    @Huntingmonsters
Series 2 Episode 4 - X: The Terror From Beneath!
SET COURSE for a million year old horror from beneath the very earth!  FEAR the creature from beneath! Fear its deadly legacy! A legacy of fear-y terror! LISTEN! Listen to the sound of its screams!    @Huntingmonsters
Series 2 Episode 3 - The Prey of MANTIS
MANTIS: A million pound brain with a printed circuit for a heart! MANTIS: A computer designed to find a legendary beast. But first it must destroy! MANTIS: Isn't even shaped like a man!    @Huntingmonsters
Series 2 Episode 2 - Green Prison of Death
BEWARE! The terrifying horror from the vegetable kingdom! WITNESS! Two men left to their own devices! THRILL! As your ears experience fear so powerful they'll want to move to Spain!    @Huntingmonsters
Series 2 Episode 1 - They Stole Lorrimer's Brain!
WITNESS! A fiendish doctor with a lust for brains! EXPERIENCE! The horror of his menagerie of beasts! GASP! At the exciting return of The Monster Hunters!    @Huntingmonsters
Christmas Special - The Haunting of Roy Steel
WHY is Roy's wife sat in Roy's flat? What does she want with Roy? How many times can you put the word Roy into a paragraph? WHAT horrors lie in the spooky old house? Do the secrets of its curse lie in the mind of Mrs Brownlow? HOW? Just how?    @Huntingmonsters
Halloween Special - Taste the Scars of Orloff
WHO has resurrected the fearsome Count Orloff from his ultra secure resting place? HOW secure was his resting place anyway (hint: It was designed by Sir Maxwell)? CAN our heroes prevent the entire country falling victim to Orloff's terrifying powers? and, WHAT secret sits in the relative safety of Roy's flat?    @Huntingmonsters
Episode 6 - The Powers of Lord Greg
IS Roy Steel's visit to the town of Karnstadt the work or a devious mastermind or an over enthusaistic tourist board? WHO is Lord Greg Powers and what grudge does he hold against our heroes? CAN Lorrimer Chersterfield save Roy from a perilous fate of terror or will his own problems overwhelm him? Join us for this, the sixth and final episode of this series of The Monster Hunters!    @Huntingmonsters
Episode 5 - The Voodoo Zombies of the Snake Woman
WHAT ancient evil is coiled beneath the streets of London? ARE the living dead really on the loose? And could these two events be connected in some way? (HINT: Yes) WHO is the mysterious Tiffany and what hold does she have over Sir Maxwell House?    @Huntingmonsters
Episode 4 - The Hour of the Witch
WHAT terrorful craze is sweeping through the innocent ladies of London like some kind of terrorful craze? WILL Roy Steel become a victim of temptation? CAN Lorrimer Chesterfield convince the police to drive at a sensible speed? Find out here ...    @Huntingmonsters
Episode 3 - The Hand of Anubis
WHAT are the contents of the mysterious package from Egypt addressed to Lorrimer Chestefield? IS the title of Episode 3 a clue, or simply a coincidence? HAS the greatest monster hunting mind of the 1970s fallen victim to an ancient curse? WHAT use, if any, is Sir Maxwell House? Or will he be plying our heroes with drink again? Join us and discover the truth behind the death of Margot Chesterfield in Episode 3 of The Monster Hunters, The Hand of Anubis.    @Huntingmonsters
Episode 2 - The Heir of the Dog
WHAT is the fearsome beast terrorising England's Richest Man? WHO is the mysterious Madeline Lockheart and what secrets does she hide? WILL Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield save the day, or are they doomed to make wisecracks and bicker like normal? Find out here ...    @Huntingmonsters
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