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This week in The OdDer Limits: Haunted Hollywood! Ty brings up some interesting history on the rags to riches story of Hollywood. Zee goes over the curse of The Poltergeist franchise. And Dusty Day returns to talk briefly about the most famous
We are back! On this first episode of season two, Zee and Ty have recruited a very special (G)host Kyna from the podcast Historical AF. The three decided to get down and dirty with Hospitals. Ty prepared some rather disturbing history and stati
On this last episode of season 1 of The OdDer Limits Zee, Ty and (G)host Cam take a ride through the world of hitchhiking. Ty pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose to get down and dirty with some stats and facts. Zee takes us down Route
The OdDer Limits is back again, taking a bite out of another cryptid - Werewolves! Ty walks us through the different breeds of these lunar monsters along with a little history. Zee runs with Peter Stump and his tale (or tail?) that lead him to
The game's afoot this week on the OdDer Limits! Zee and Ty research deep into paranormal games they will never -EVER- play. Ty orders up a Midnight Man snack with the tale of Bloody Mary on the side. Zee takes us to a different level with the E
This week on the OdDer Limits, Zee and Ty dive deep into the world of reincarnation. Ty sheds some light on reincarnation within Hinduism, Buddhism, and science. Zee looks into the mysterious cases of the Pollock Twins and Selim Fesli who met u
Welcome back to The OdDer Limits, Zee and Ty join forces to talk about time travel. Ty goes heavy into SCIENCE! While Zee discusses the time slips from Bold Street in Liverpool and a travelling set of couples who stayed at a quaint hotel displa
This time on the OdDer Limits, Zee and Ty delve into what happens when you reach epic level in this episode on Immortality. Ty gets nerdy with science, history and jelly fish. While Zee barely holds it together talking about Michael "Iron Mike"
The OdDer Limits is back again with an episode all about premonitions. Ty gets into the scientific studies done on precognition and the history of one of the oldest future seers on record, the Oracle of Delphi. Zee brings us two stories, the pr
This episode of the OdDer Limits is all about All Hallow's Eve! Halloween is only a few days away and Zee and Ty decide to celebrate with everything Halloween. Ty goes full historian and gives us the skinny on the history and origins of Hallowe
It's that time again Monsters. The OdDer Limits is here with another two person show on "Signs in the Sky." Ty begins this broadcast with a discussion on historical references to Astrology, comets, and a lot of time spent avoiding talking about
This time on the OdDer Limits, Zee and Ty bring us part 2 of their ghost hunters episode. Zee tells us of Guarav Tiwari, a famous ghost hunter who mysteriously ended up dead in his own home with his whole family near by. And Ty gets into a grav
Welcome back to the OdDer Limits! This week, Zee and Ty find themselves alone as they call on the internet and personal experience to talk about the ins and outs of ghost hunting. In part one of this two part episode they focus on the types of
The OdDer Limits presents, Lovecraft: Oh R'lyeh? Join them as Zee, Ty and returning from the madness (G)host Dusty Day talk about everything H.P Lovecraft. Ty gives us history, lore, and how Lovecraft is an integral part of our society today. Z
This week on the OdDer Limits - Zee and Ty are joined by special (G)host Harrison Wild from the Grief Burrito Podcast and they are all seeing double. Ty talks about Doppelgangers throughout folk lore, leading Harrison and Zee to the conclusion
The OdDer Limits is back in full gear this week with an episode on Near Death Experiences. Joined by a very special (G)host Danielle from Monarchs and Malarkey, Zee and Ty experience a coronation by some very serious Kazoos. Ty shows us the lig
 Welcome to the very first This Just In episode with the OdDer Limits, the segment where we read your stories to the world. In this first episode we bring you stories from Ana, Craig, Junior, Kevin, and Tony. Prepare for a ride with dreams, pra
 This time on the OdDer Limits: we take an old house with nice bones literally, and ramble on about haunted houses with murderous pasts. Ty brings us insight into the real estate game and metaphorically flips a table over pastries. Our (G)host
Prepare thine ears! This week, the gang tackles the infamous creatures of the night, Vampires! Ty serves us history, theory and pop culture. (G)host Dusty returns with the first recorded vampire who haunted a village for 16 years and most likel
 On this week's episode of the OdDer Limits, Ty goes full Hermione "It's pronounced Voo-dOH not Voo-dOO" with background and history, Zee brings the mood down with the case of The Torso in the Thames, and our (G)host AJ fills us in on a strange
 Tune in to this week's episode of the OdDer Limits and look to the skies. It's a bird, its a plane- we...don't know what that is! This episode is all about those mysterious lights in the sky known as UFOs. Cam is back to delight and terrify wi
 This weeks broadcast from the OdDer Limits: It's a whale of a time for Zee and Ty to get a lesson from their guest Riley on sleep paralysis. She delights them both with her understanding of the history and cultural significance behind this cri
This week on the OdDer Limits, Hold on to your planchettes and don't fall for demon malarkey! Zee and Ty are joined on this adventure by Dusty Day as they talk about the sortied inner workings of Ouija - Don't try this at home folks! Ty fills u
On this episode of The OdDer Limits, Zee and Ty take their first steps into the weird, joined by their first ever guest Cam. Listen in as they talk about mystifying disappearances.  Zee brings in a case that culminates in a series of events tha
Welcome to episode 0 of the OdDer Limits! A brand new podcast dedicated-ish to weird true crime and paranormal occurrences.  In this episode Zee and Ty introduce themselves and their love of the weird to the world. Join them as they tell their
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