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Herbal medicine is and has always been, the peoples’ medicine.  Just as there’s significant variation in the people and cultures that fill our world, there’s a myriad of medicine-making techniques that reflect these differences.  What are some
Detoxification felt like a big fad for a while, where like everyone was cleansing and detoxing and trying to purge a lot of things that shouldn't be in the body out of the body. And they turn to herbal medicines in order to assist in that proce
Most herbs tend to be drying in nature. They're bitter or they're warming or they're astringent. The dynamic of dryness in terms of the state of our tissues or the state of someone's constitution is common. We live in a culture that is common f
Why do we get sick? When we're speaking about getting sick from some sort of pathogen, do we get sick because there are pathogenic germs that get into our body and make us sick, or do we get sick because of the terrain of the body, the ecosyste
Bitters are a common category of herbal medicine that are universally used to support digestion. While bitters are amazing and incredible in all the many ways in which they support the digestive system, they're not always the most appropriate t
It's common for folks to think about willow as an alternative to aspirin. Most people know that willow bark also contains salicylic acid, which is the main compound in aspirin. But if we think of willow just as an herbal form of aspirin, it can
Herbal oil applied to the skin is an excellent form of self-care. Oils provide several benefits: there’s the healing from the medicinal constituents of the herb, the affirmation that we’re taking care of ourselves, and the self-healing power of
Using plants to address ADD and ADHD can be beneficial for children on so many different levels, not just helping them navigate our standard educational model, which isn't always suitable to all learning types, but also helping to keep these ki
As Ayurveda has become popular, interest in eating according to your constitutional type has grown. Over the last few years we've seen this dynamic of eating and tailoring your diet to specifically suit your unique dosha.    And while I think t
A student from Africa asked some questions about how to start to fit herbs into our Western model of understanding them when that information isn't readily available. In Africa, there are lots of local medicinal plants that you can't look up in
On this week’s episode of The Plant Path, Whitney is joined by herbalist Rosalee de la Forêt. They have a discussion around wildcrafting practices; how to build relationships with the plants that grow around you by learning how to honorably har
Say there's a remedy that you really want to work with, but you don't have it available, or maybe it's an at-risk plant that has a threatened ecological status. What are the things that you want to look at in order to find an ideal replacement
A number of medicinal plants directly influence our nervous system and can have an influence on healing our mind and our psychological state. ———————————— CONNECT WITH SAJAH AND WHITNEY ———————————— To get free in depth mini-courses and videos,
Comfrey is an important plant in traditional Western herbalism, as well as in modern herbalism, but there's a stigma around it too. People seem to be a bit scared of comfrey because of some research showing some of the constituents are potentia
Oftentimes with medicinal plants, there will be other species in a particular genus that can be used in the exact same way as the standardly accepted species that we typically use in herbal medicine. ———————————— CONNECT WITH SAJAH AND WHITNEY
As herbalists, we tend to rely pretty heavily on alcohol as one of our main ways for extracting and preserving the medicinal properties of plants. Herbal tinctures are one of the most commonly used forms of herbal medicine.  In modern herbalism
Bitter herbs have been gaining a lot of popularity over the years, and they're sometimes seen as a magical cure, especially for the digestive system. Some people say that everyone should be on bitters because they're so amazing for digestion. M
One of the biggest fears that we have as herbalists and as practitioners is that not only will our remedies potentially not work or heal the person that we're working with, but that they might actually do harm, that we might give someone a plan
Upper respiratory allergies can sometimes be a little bit tricky to work with as an herbalist. In this post, we’ll focus on giving some lists of some remedies to consider for treating upper respiratory tract allergies, but really on a deeper le
Astrology is a holistic system that sees not just the whole plant or the whole person but their connection to the whole cosmos, to the wholeness of nature. It's looking at the wholeness of life itself and the connections between the various exp
On this week’s podcast episode, I talk with my good friend Jason Scott. We talk at length about astrological herbalism, the doctrine of correspondences and the doctrine of signatures, and especially how Jason uses those doctrines in his work wi
In this episode, Robert and I have a deep discussion on the differences between chemistry and alchemy. Robert reveals how chemistry has had a profound impact on his study of alchemy and spagyrics, what his work as a chemist allowed him to do th
When we're thinking about herbal medicine making, some of the topics that generally come up amongst herbalists are linear in their approach to how we prepare herbal medicine. It's not common that the dynamic of intention is discussed in standar
Modern biomedicine tends to view the human body like a machine made up of multiple "gears." When something goes wrong, we simply need to fix the broken part. This mechanistic view of the body is significantly different from more traditional per
It's easy when you first get started studying herbal medicine to just focus on the plants- after all, that's usually what gets us into herbalism to begin with- we love plants! But the plants are just one half of the "herbal equation." It's one
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