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Episode 59: If You Sit Like Furniture In An Office You Can't Do The Crime That Will Give You The Time - The Academy Maniacs : Part 2

Released Friday, 9th April 2021
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In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin finish discussing The Academy Maniacs. They discuss the rest of their victims, including some that survived their brutal attacks. They hit on a homeless man who was actually framed by police & jailed for one of the murders that was actually committed by Artyom & Nikita. They talk about how these dickfruits tried to mutilate their victims, but they were too idiotic to understand that their little folding pocket knives were too flimsy for cutting off hands & cutting out eyeballs. They speak on the trial & the black tears of big baby Artyom, no one feels bad for you bitch. Also, both of the boys laborious sentences & what Artyom is up to these days. Nikita was a dark, mysterious man & still is to this day.

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