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The Poisoners' Cabinet

A weekly True Crime podcast
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Episodes of The Poisoners' Cabinet

We're off to Suffolk at the turn of the 20th century for a spot of murder mystery!Who killed Rose Harsent? What secrets did she have to hide? And where can you find a cannon for every mood?The secret ingredient is...smoke!Join us on Patreon to
We're telling a pretty modern tale this week as we consider the case of Dorothea Puente.How did she earn the nickname Death House Landlady? How much did she know about what was buried in her garden? And is potato water the greatest poison of th
Happy New Year to you all! We're leaving 2021 with bang, covering a case that ticks all of our favourite boxes - poison, sex, blackmail, terrible doctors and weird finishing schools. What happened to socialite Madeleine Smith? What scandals too
We're back with our festive special! And it's time to talk about the most notorious serial killer of all time - Jack The Ripper himself.We give you a quick history of the killings and then offer up some saucy suspects for you to consider. In tr
While we're on our festive break, we thought we'd bring you another little taster of what we do over on Patreon with our Trilogy of Terror!Three compelling tales from Mr Nick that will chill and tickle you in equal measures.What became of the p
This week we head to France during the Second World War where something unsettling has been found in the house of supposed respected doctor, Marcel Petiot.What drove this man to kill? Was he working for anyone but himself? And can you ever stok
This week we wander well into the 20th century but we're dealing with troublesome butlers. Namely Archibald Hall...What drove this butler to murder? Can we believe everything he said? And are jackalopes real?The secret ingredient is....rabbit!J
We're off to Poland for the tale of Father Denke, a much loved member of his community who had something to hide behind his front door...What drove Karl Denke to commit his crimes? Is hunger the greatest poison of them all? And can any good com
We're back in England to tell the perplexing tale of George Joseph Smith who did away with three wives...How did George get away with murder for so long? What happened to these ladies as they took their baths? And will tomatoes ever make it on
This week, we finally head to South American to tell the tale of flame-haired tyrant Catalina de los Ríos y Lísperguer.What drove this woman's ambitions? Is she unfairly represented compared to men of the era? And can a colour be a flavour?The
It's the Halloween special and we're talking about witches! Both Nick and Sinead have some tales for you about allegedly murderous witches and famous witch hunters, including Agnes Waterhouse and The Witchfinder General himself!And we encounter
We're off to Australia for a mad tale involving a vomiting tiger shark, a human arm and a web of crime around Sydney's shores.How did a single arm end up in the fish's stomach? Who did the arm belong to? And is this the best cocktail we've had
Spooky month continues with the famed tale of the Greenbrier Ghost, who returned from the dead to ensure her murderer met justice...What happened to Erasmus Shue's other wives? Are you Team Nick and treat such tales with cynicism? Or are you Te
Spooky month continues as we tell the tale of William Dove, a terrible farmer whose faith in a local wizard would end in murder...Was the wizard really helping William? What type of cake do cows like? And why did no one listen to the one druggi
Happy spooky month! We're tackling one of (apparently) several murders in red barns, with the sensational and slightly spooky tale of William Corder and Maria Marten.What happened to lovely young Maria? Why are red barns so ominous? And are all
We're off to Colorado this week to tell the tale of Alfred Packer, who took drastic measures to survive the mountains....or did he?What happened to his fellow travellers on their way through the San Juan Mountains? Why did he keep pretending to
Ep 80 is loose! And we're telling the troubling tale of Dr Hazzard whose patients found the road the wellness was a barren one...Was Dr Hazzard a serial killer? What drove these people to willingly starve themselves to death? And what's your fa
It's a big gruesome tale this week as we cover the case of the acid bath killer, John Haigh!What drove Haigh to murder? Was he really a bloodsucker? And is Latin the greatest poison of them all?The secret ingredient is...a fur coat!Download, su
Ep 78 is loose! And we're heading back to the wilds of Essex for another poison panic tale, from Mary May...What happened to Mary May's brother? Would you join a burial club? And will Nick ever recover from wine and tequila?This week's secret i
We're off to the USA for the gruesome tale of the Atlanta Ripper, who brought terror to the African American community of Atlanta in 1911.What drove the assailant to kill? Will we ever know their identity? And will Sinead ever stop being angry
This week we are heading to the dark and dangerous slums of old London Town to meet the Bethnal Green Gang. Inspired by the infamous Burke & Hare, these resurrection men weren't too fussy about where their merchandise came from or who they sold
We're heading to Vienna for the tale of Martha Marek, a woman who got creative with her insurance claims as her greed grew.Why was this woman so determined to live the high life? What did she sell on her street stall? And just how stupid was he
It's a juicy tale this week as we cover the case of Mary Pearcy, a murderer who may have hidden some pretty huge secrets...What happened when her love rival came to tea? Did she ever go to Whitechapel? And - the question that will haunt Nick fo
Steady your nerves for this week's truly chilling tale of unsolved murder and strange goings on at a small farmstead in Germany.What happened at Hinterkaifeck? What secrets did the Gruber family hold? And who kept the home fires burning after m
Having a dead body on your hands could prove lucrative in 19th century Edinburgh, if you knew the right people...and infamous duo Burke and Hare certainly did.Why were people paying so much for corpses back in the day? Do the ends ever justify
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