Episode from the podcastThe Racist Sandwich Podcast

E79: We Will Rise (w/ Zahir Janmohamed, Serena Maria Daniels, Martina Guzmán & Devita Davison)

Released Wednesday, 15th April 2020
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It's often said that the Coronavirus does not discriminate. This is true, but how the virus affects communities varies depending on the resources a community has access to and what that community has historically faced. This is especially true in Detroit, where, according to CNBC, "African Americans make up about 14 percent of Michigan’s population, but 33 percent of its coronavirus cases and 40 percent of all COVID-19 deaths."
In this special episode, we welcome back co-founder and former co-host Zahir Janmohamed. He interviewed three fellow Michigan residents: Serena Maria Daniels, of Tostada Magazine, about food shortages created by COVID-19; Martina Guzmán, of Wayne State University, about how thousands of Detroit residents still don’t have access to running water; and finally, Devita Davison, about how this pandemic is disproportionately affecting black-owned businesses and how Detroit, as it always does, will fight back. 
Produced by Zahir Janmohamed, Stephanie Kuo and Juan Ramirez. Music by Brad Turner and Blue Dot Sessions.