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The Rolistes Podcast

A Games, Hobbies and Other Games podcast

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The Rolistes Podcast is your London based tabletop RPG podcast, discussing everything: games, life in London, best spots and events, life as immigrants, food, music and other geek stuff.

Recent Episodes


Here's the second and final part of your evening with James Wallis. As promised you will hear James' theory that Nordic LARP is actually a Galaxy Quest kinda situation, as well as a few other things. Thanks again James for this lovely evening and thank you also to Ashlee, Federica (both missing fro...


I had the honour (0.5 points of Glory for my Kakita Courtier actually), of joining the crew of the most excellent Shadows of The Cabal (another proud member of The RPG Academy) for a GMT afternoon/EST night. However there was no sweet nor bitter Legends of The Five Rings actual play awaiting me(yet...


After much delays, here's finally our episode with the most excellent game designer James Wallis, recorded already back in April 2017. James, the self-proclaimed "Creator of the British Roleplaying Industry", has so many stories that it is difficult to properly introduce them (I mean check the insa...


Here's the FINAL part of our episode recorded at the UK Games Expo. At Last! Thanks again to the fans supporting the show via Patreon and unlocking that UKGE goal. After a rather Frenchy episode, we are back on our side of the Channel. Meet Cecily from Aeon Games publisher of a variety of games … C...


Here's the second part of our episode recorded at the UK Games Expo! Thanks again to the fans supporting the show via Patreon for unlocking that $30 goal. For this part, we took a rather French path with representatives of the two biggest RPG publishers of the Hexagon (that means France). First, we...