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This is not only a bonus episode but its gonna be a regular feature too! You lucky devils you!On a regular basis we will invite our good friend Azeem Digital to discuss the latest in SEO.Every bonus episode we will each bring a SEO article to discuss and give our opinions on.Basically just 3 good friends having a good old chat about the latest in the industry.Of course there's still gonna be a feature... it wouldn't be an SEO SAS podcast episode without one.Sarah is always gonna be the quiz master, as each time Hannah and Azeem will go head to head.Azeem Digital's article:'s article:'s article: to find AzeemWebsite:
This week Sarah and Hannah chat to the wonderful Kostas Petrou, Co Founder of Ascend Digital, who specialises in SEO, Digital PR and Social Media Marketing.It’s time for Kostas to get out his mystic ball, as Hannah and Sarah ask him what he thinks the next 5 years may look like for SEO. They discuss what has already changed in the last 5 years, what may change going forward, and what will stay the same eg will content and backlinks always play a key role?We also find out how Kostas got into the industry, challenges and success he has seen running his own agency and of course there’s a quick fire round of questions. If Voldemort offered him a hug, would he accept and other questions such as guilty pleasures and what the last problem he solved was?As Kostas’ agency is based in Nottingham, this week’s feature Sarah tests him and Hannah on their Nottingham slang knowledge. Who will be the reigning champion?Where to find KostasLinkedIn:
This week Sarah chats with Enrico Chiodino, SEO Director at Blue Array SEO with around 11 years experience in the industry, all about philosophy in SEO.In the usual quickfire round of questions, Sarah gets Enrico to do an impression of an animal and we find out what he's missing most in lockdown, any annoying habits plus more.Sarah then asks Enrico about his career and how he got into the wonderful world of SEO, and what a typical day looks like as SEO Director at Blue Array SEO.Sarah and Enrico then move onto discuss the very interesting subject of philosophy in SEO. They cover a lot in a short period of time including why SEO’s do what they do, how AIs are evolving to become more human, if SERPs amplifies bias bubbles, if Google is ethically responsible for the answers it provides, plus so much more.This week’s feature is one of the hosts' favourites, which one? Only one way to find out...Where to find EnricoLinkedIn:
This week Sarah and Hannah chat to the ever so lovely Louise Parker, PR Director at Propellernet, all about agencies, debating the pros and cons of having agency support versus in house and other alternatives.The episode kicks off with a quickfire round of questions, where we learn about Louise’s fear of frogs, when then move onto how she got into the wonderful world of SEO and digital marketing and talk about her awesome TikToks - which are famous in the industry.We then get into debating agency versus in house, starting off with asking Louise if she has worked in both and if so, which she prefers, her bad experiences, and why she believes some agencies get a bad rep plus.We then go through real life cardinal sins of agency to client relationships, and get Louise to score them out of ten, on how bad she thinks they are.We then discuss what are the worst types of clients and why, if it helps them knowing SEO and what makes a good client.The episode finishes with Louise talking about why she thinks they recently won Gymshark as a client. What does she think gave Propellernet the edge? Hannah also asks Louise if she has any questions for the hosts and of course a feature which is Halloween related.Where to find Louise:TikTok:
This week, Hannah and Sarah have the absolute pleasure of interviewing Ric Rodriguez, Head Of Search at VASHI, Co-Author Of An Amazon Bestseller, Speaker, Head Judge & Mentor.The episode begins with the hosts learning more about Ric with a quickfire round of personal questions, where we learn everything from unpopular opinion to secret talents and unpopular opinions.Questions then move onto finding out about his career, how he became a co-author of an Amazon bestselling book, what he likes most about judging, how he got into the industry and what he loves most about SEO.With it being Halloween, the theme of this episode is SEO horror stories and ghosts of ranking past.Ric discusses what are some of the old SEO techniques that people still do and shares SEO horror stories that he has experienced, what the fix/solution was and what he suggests is best for safeguarding your website from these horrors in the future.Of course this week’s feature is Halloween related. What does Sarah have up her sleeve for Hannah and Ric, only one way to find out...ResourcesMastering In-House SEO (book)Where to find RicLinkedIn:
This week Sarah chats with SEO consultant, business owner and fashion influencer, Eleasha Ajadi, all about creating engaging content that converts.The episode begins with the usual quickfire questions round, where we find out everything from what her guilty pleasure is to how many times she snoozes her alarm clock. We then move on to Eleasha telling us how she got into the industry and about her business, Core Consultancy.When it’s time to talk about content, Eleasha explains what is meant by the term and gives her 3 top tips for both engaging and the converting customers.We then get into common mistakes or missed opportunities, what businesses should be measuring and whether UX or the actual content itself is more important. Perhaps we need both?Of course there is a feature and this week it's the good old lie game, where Eleasha tries her best to confuse Sarah. Is she successful? Only one way to find out!Where to find EleashaWebsite:
This week Hannah and Sarah interview the lovely Julia Bocchese, SEO and Pinterest Consultant, about the overlap of SEO and Pinterest. Yes you read that right folks.The episode starts with the usual quickfire round where we find out all manner of things about Julia including what superpower she would like to have, favourite smell and if she can name one of the seven dwarfs. She also tells us about herself and how she got into the wonderful world of digital marketing.Julia then discusses how there is an overlap between Pinterest and SEO, including how Pinterest works as a search engine, similarities between strategies, and the similarities and differences between keyword research.We also discuss if Pinterest can help all businesses, what type of content drives traffic, biggest challenges and what you should be tracking to measure success.This week’s feature is the good old lie game, and this week Julia and Hannah go head to head. Who will be this week’s champion?ResourcesJulia Travel BlogPinterest Keyword Research ToolUberallPinterest AnalyticsCanvaTailwindWhere to find JuliaWebsite:
This week Sarah and Hannah invite the wonderful and lovely Kristina Azarenko to join them on the podcast. Kristina is an Ecommerce and technical SEO consultant, speaker, writer and business owner, she also has her own SEO course and newsletter. Where does she find the time?Kristina is invited on the show to discuss how faceted navigation causes duplicate content issues, why this is a SEO problem and what you can do about it.Like every SEO SAS podcast, the episode begins with a quickfire question round where we learn Kristina's guilty pleasure, whether or not she can whistle, what her super power would be and more!She also discusses how she got into this wonderful industry and what its been like being a business owner.Will you do better than Kristina's and Sarah when Hannah’s quizzes them for this week’s feature? There’s only one way to find out...Resources:Google Search ConsoleMarketing Syrup NewsletterKristina’s SEO CourseWhere to find Kristina:LinkedIn: Twitter: Website: Engine Land: Tech Network:
This week, Sarah and Hannah discuss awful SEO advice. Not the kind of thing people will put out there on Twitter. They’re not quite brave enough to publish this stuff usually, but they will say it in meetings, on calls and most annoyingly in front of people who think they know what they’re talking about.Now – massive point here – it’s pretty much guaranteed that no-one knows everything when it comes to SEO, that's impossible. This episode is not trying to make people feel like imposters. Far from it. This is about raising myths and untruths about SEO - for debate. It’s not until you’ve tried something and seen it work for yourself that you should take anything for gospel. However you should steer clear of some of the bloopers we’re going to share with you.What's this week's feature we hear you ask?! Well its been a while since we've done a tenuous link... and oh boy, you are in for a treat!
What is the SEO SAS podcast? Good question! Well it is a marketing podcast. SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation' and SAS stands for 'Special Answering Service'.Why should you listen? Well take a listen to the trailer...
This week, Sarah is joined by eCommerce and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) consultant, Luke Carthy.Like every guest, Sarah does a quick fire question round where we find out Luke’s guilty pleasure, the last thing he ate, least favourite algorithm update, whether being organised or attention to detail is better, plus much more.After the quickfire, Luke chats to Sarah about how he got into the industry, how he got into CRO and what he enjoys most.Sarah chats to Luke all about CRO and eCommerce, some of the topics include what it is and why businesses should care, biggest challenges and what to measure.Luke also talks about pet peeves with CRO, super smart CRO tactics he has seen on websites and where to go to learn more about this fascinating subject.This week’s feature is an old favourite… but which one? Only one way to find out!ResourcesMastering In House SEO (Book)Room 101 (TV Show)Opie OilsCXLEconsultancyWhere to find LukeTwitter - LinkedIn - Website - 
BONUS EPISODE! You lucky, lucky people you. Two episodes in one week?!?!The bonus episode is a little bit different... You wouldn't expect anything else right?The wonderful Azeem Digital invited Hannah and Sarah to join him on his podcast called 'Azeem Digital Asks'. Azeem does such an awesome job with his podcast, and the ladies had so much fun, that we just had to share it with our audience.Taken from Azeem Digital Asks episode show notes:When podcasts collide! In an absolute first for the podcast, I'm joined by TWO guests, the incredible Sarah and Hannah, co-hosts of the wonderful SEO SAS Podcast.We have a great conversation about how they began their podcast, how they feel about becoming co-workers, and they also share some really useful tips that can help you become better marketers. We also get to the bottom of why one of them had their eyebrows done - for a podcast - you read that right.It was an absolute pleasure to record this with two brilliant people who have a lot to share about their past experiences and how it helped them to become who they are today, this episode (I think!) is guaranteed to brighten up your day. As always, if you enjoyed this, and other episodes - please like, share, rate and subscribe - it really helps!Where to find Azeem Digital (and the podcast of course)Azeem's Twitter:'s Website:'s Instagram:'s Podcast:
This week, Sarah chats with Head of Digital Marketing at Informa Tech, also digital and tea enthusiast, Martina Simon, about the evolution of on-page & off-page SEO from Panda to BERT.First time hearing about either Panda or BERT? Don't fret as Martina goes into detail about both. First explaining what Google's algorithm update Panda is and how it effected websites and SEO, and then moving onto to discussing how Google uses machine learning (BERT) to better understand the queries people search for in its search engine.Side note... Anyone else think of 'Sesame Street' when talking about BERT? Can't just be us...After covering the basics, Sarah then asks Martina if and how BERT is impacting SEO, what we need to be doing differently as an industry, any disadvantages to BERT and her least favourite algorithm, including why.There is of course a feature and Martina comments that its the best quiz she has been involved with. There's only one way to find out if she is being sarcastic or not...Where to find MartinaLinkedIn: Ten Types of Human BookThe Great HackThe Social DilemmaSearch Engine LandMoz BlogTea Quiz
This week Sarah and Hannah discuss where to begin when putting together a robust content plan for your website, that gets you found in search engines and increases website traffic.The episode begins with the hosts discussing life matters such as Hannah working at the weekend (shock horror), Sarah tries to sell her audio editing side hustle and we learn just how much Hannah's husband enjoys cycling (maybe a bit too much).Hannah then does a quick fire with Sarah covering common content debates such as content length, keyword targeting and whether you should write for Google or humans.After the quick fire, it's time to get into where to begin with a content plan, which is of course research. The hosts give listeners loads of ideas of where to look eg Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends and Exploding Topics. They also discuss how you can use keyword intersects, social media, polls/surveys and reviews to come up with more content ideas.Sarah is the quiz master, and the episode ends with Hannah trying to get into Sarah's mind. 
This week, Hannah and Sarah pick the brains of Performance Marketing Manager at Ingenuity Digital and International Speaker, Dan Saunders, all about Amazon SEO.The episode begins with a quick fire where we learn whether Dan prefers Pizza Hut or Dominoes, the countryside or city, Beyonce or Jay Z etc. We also find out about his career and how he got into the wonderful world of SEO and marketing.We then get onto the subject of Amazon SEO, discussing everything including why SEOs should care about it, how customer/shopping behaviour has changed, Dan's top tips when optimising for Amazon, the risks involved, how to get started, his success stories plus so much more.The episode ends with Hannah putting Sarah and Dan head to head in this week's feature... who will come out on top? Only one way to find out!ResourcesDan's 'how to rank on Amazon' articleWhere to find DanLinkedIn - - -
There are many ongoing debates in the SEO world. That's one of the reasons why this is industry is so interesting. One big debate that SEO professionals often discuss is out of Ahrefs and SEMrush, which SEO tool is better?When Sarah was tasked at LikeMind Media to find out whether Ahrefs or SEMrush would be better for their needs, there was a lightbulb moment. Yes, this week, Sarah and Hannah debate which tool is better.Sarah has a weeks trial with both tools, and Hannah quizzes her to see which comes out on top.They also share what they found out about the tools when they asked the SEO community on Twitter, used the audience intelligence platform SparkToro and researched what people said on the platform Trustpilot. The hosts debate how you pronounce the tools, and Sarah calls out people for pronouncing SEO SAS wrong... jokingly of course!Aside from discussing SEO tools, they also talk about what their spirit animals are, how Hannah is obsessed with sheep and there is of course a feature involving unlikely partnerships.ResourcesAhrefsSEMrushSparkToro
This week, Sarah and Hannah invite technical SEO analyst at DeepCrawl and 'Python Queen', Ruth Everett, to talk about diagnosing technical SEO problems and UX.The episode begins with a quick fire round of personal questions, where the hosts find out that Ruth isn't a big fan of hot drinks (is this even a thing?!) however, is a bit of a cheese fiend. Especially halloumi.They then move on to discussing Ruth's career and how she transitioned from working in email marketing to SEO, and then falling in love with technical SEO.They then get technical and Ruth chats about what is involved with being a technical SEO analyst and how she loves playing detective.Sarah and Hannah take it in turns to ask other questions such as what one technical aspect everyone should be checking on their website and why, tried and tested methods for keeping website errors at bay and how to monitor them, if website performance is down and there's no chat about an algorithm update what would she recommend checking, plus more.They also chat about website and UX, including whether SEO experts are generally good at this and who should own bounce rate issues, the UX or SEO team?where they have to lie to each other.Where to find RuthWebsite - - - Blog - Engine Journal Blog -
This episode, Sarah & Hannah chat with Azeem Ahmad, Digital Marketing Manager for Staffordshire University, who has over 7 years experience in the industry.In the usual weekly 'quick-fire round' we find out what Azeem is missing most in lockdown and the last book he read.They then go on to discuss his career, what he studied at university, his favourite digital marketing discipline (and why), programmatic marketing and much more.The main topic of this week's show is about the lack of diversity in relation to BAME marketers in the industry and what we can do to fix that.Azeem chats about the survey and two articles he has written on the subject, whilst also sharing his own experiences and how ignorance plays a big part.Azeem is asked about unconscious bias and to recommend the best resources learn more about this topic.Where to find Azeem:Website: article oneAzeem article twoNew Books in African American Studies PodcastWhy I'm No Longer Talking to White People About RaceNatives: Race and Class in the Ruins of EmpireDigital Marketing in an AI World
Yes folks, this week is a special episode - it's even got its own fancy name, SEO SAS Unmasked.What is SEO SAS Unmasked? Good question! This episode, tables are turned and the hosts become the interviewees.Previous podcast guest, Jess Peace, Content Strategist from Rise at Seven, interviews Sarah and Hannah. It's called SEO SAS Unmasked, as this week its all about getting to know them.Some questions are related to SEO and their career, whereas others are more about their friendship and them as individuals. And, in true SEO SAS fashion some are completely random.Of course, Jess has a featured planned for the girls, and this episode Hannah and Sarah are tested to see how well they know each other. How well will they do?You'll laugh, you'll cry (in a good heartwarming way) and you may even gasp on occasion...~You can find Jess Peace on...Website:
This week, Sarah chats to College Lecturer and Client Success Manager at Searchmetrics, Lisiane Ndong about content, SEO and data.Originally from France, not far from Bordeaux, the podcast starts with them discussing everything from red wine to how lockdown in France compares with the UK and a quick fire round that reveals Lisiane's favourite smell to how she got into the wonderful world of SEO and digital marketing.With 6-years experience in the industry, Lisiane talks to Sarah about her journey to becoming Customer Success Manager at Searchmetrics, from analysis and PPC, moving through various areas of marketing and business ownership.Lisiane was invited onto the podcast to discuss content, SEO and data, but so much more is covered including being creative in SEO, their mutual love for Brighton SEO, Azeem Ahmad and Areej AbuAli, how to use data to create and optimise content, plus much more.Where to find LisianeTwitter: SEO: Quiz:
This week, Sarah chats with SEO specialist, author and speaker Marco Bonomo about Google Jobs.Marco started his SEO career in 2015, during the podcast he talks about how he got into the industry and his transition from freelancer to consultant. He also chats about how he is now working for a London based marketing and advertising agency, MediaCom.Originally from Verona, Italy, Sarah asks Marco about his decision to move to the UK in 2012, and how London compares to his beautiful Italian town and what he misses most.Marco and Sarah also discuss what they miss most during lockdown and whether people are listening more or less to podcasts.When they discuss Google Jobs, a lot is covered including what it is and why businesses should care, whether it poses a threat to traditional job boards, how you can improve rankings, how to check Google is indexing your jobs and common issues, plus much more.Where to find MarcoWebsite: Engine Land ArticleGoogle For Jobs Help
This week, Sarah invites entertainers turned entrepreneurs, Rob & Kennedy who founded ResponseSuite, a survey platform to talk about surveys, emails and SEO.The episode begins with Rob & Kennedy talking about their background/career, interesting facts about themselves and their 'lockdown' hairstyles.Conducting your own research/surveys with the purpose of publishing original content is one way to go about building backlinks for your website. Rob and Kennedy discuss everything you need to know about putting together a successful survey that gets responses including the absolute do's and don'ts, how important personalisation is and whether they are a fan of the progress bar or not.Moving on from research and surveys, the second part of the podcast is about how email can support and amplify your SEO efforts including effective processes for collecting Google reviews to improve your local SEO and how to put together the perfect outreach emails to promote your research to others.This week's feature includes Sarah quizzing the mind reader and hypnotist on their musical theatre knowledge. There's also a very dramatic forfeit for the loser...Where to find Rob and Kennedy:Twitter: Group: LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Website: Marketing Podcast: SAS DealTao Twitter BookThe One Thing Book
This week, Sarah and Hannah chat to Patrick Stox, product adviser, technical SEO and brand advisor at Ahrefs, who also organises multiple SEO events including Raleigh SEO Meetup, Beer and SEO Meetup and Findability Conference.They discuss beer, clean sheets and the hosts find out that Patrick loves musicals, would happily give up his phone and would rather live in a space ship rather than a submarine. They also find out about his career and how he first started off as a developer, and then his boss asked if he wanted to learn SEO and the rest is history.Patrick was invited on the podcast to talk about pagination after Hannah came across a blog Patrick wrote all about how SEOs are breaking pagination and how to get it right.They discuss everything from how the implementation of rel=prev/next has changed to whether pagination is important and debunking pagination conspiracies to crawl paths and making sure everything is discovered on a website.Of course there is a feature and Patrick technically tries to cheat, but quizmaster Sarah is having none of it.Where to find PatrickWebsite - - - Contributor - Engine Land Contributor - Land Contributor - blog
This week, Sarah interviews founder of Bednar Communications and digital PR specialist, Hana Bednarova.The episode starts with Sarah asking Hana about how she got into digital PR and what she did before founding her digital PR agency. Sarah also asks our guest for a fun fact about herself, and Hana definitely does not disappoint... I don't think you'll expect what she reveals.This week's topic is all about outreach emails for digital PR. They discuss why email is often the go to communication method when it comes to the press and how it used to be done, back in the day!They also talk about best practice for outreach emails such as how to write the perfect subject line that grabs attention and what you should include in the actual email itself. Obviously including what not to do too.During the episode, Hana highlights the fact that many news sites have accessible media packs which are an invaluable asset, as you can use them to better understand their target audience, which helps you to pitch better.So much more is covered too, including other channels to use to support your email efforts, how to speed up the process, if there's a best time of day and the best and worst PR campaigns Hana has seen.For this week's feature, Hana gets quizzed on her Sex and the City knowledge. How well will you do compared with Hana, only one way to find out...Where you can find Simon:Website - - - Lockdown Campaign
This week, Sarah interviews author and CEO of the UK's largest SEO agency, Simon Schnieders.The episode starts with quick fire questions where we learn that Simon is very much into his food and crocs are only allowed if white sport socks are involved.We talk about his varied career and how he went from heading up SEO at well-known organisations such as Yell, Daily Mail and Zoopla, to starting what is now the UK's largest SEO agency, Blue Array.They also discuss the lesser known/used SEO technique of 'moating' and how having a creative background is beneficial in the industry.And then, of course, they talk about the book he compiled and published, 'Mastering In-House SEO', which shares 'bleeding edge strategies and tactics from leading in-house SEO experts'. Discussing how the book came about, their love and respect for technical SEO specialist Areej AbuAli, what people will get from reading the book, plus so much more!Where you can find Simon:Website - - - In-House SEO bookBlue Array Academy Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and PersuadeSamaritans
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