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Welcome back Arrowverse! Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow all made their return this week! The supershows are back, and so is our Super Talk segment where we rate and review each one. We also make a return to the Trailer Park to discuss the New Mutants trailer, the new Justice League trailer, the new Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer,and the final Stranger Things trailer. Eric Marable makes a quick appearance to secure his domination as the best Eric. We continue down our all time superhero list where we rate Flash Gordon, The Punisher 1989, Captain America 1990, and The Rocketeer. In Tube Talk this week Jordan rates and reviews the season premiere of Riverdale, and also Wind River, The Dark Tower, and The Shield. We also discuss Star Trek Discovery and the second episode of The Gifted. Collectible Cave makes a retun this week as well to send us out. Thanks for listening as always. Follow us, email, and send voice messages below: Email: Facebook: (Send voice messages through messenger) Twitter: Bumpers:
Welcome to a very special episode of The Supercast. This episode we are joined by the granddaughter of Bill Finger (Co-Creator of Batman), and star of the documentary Batman & Bill, Athena Finger! We had such a damn good time talking with Athena and gaining insight into what it was like fighting for recognition for her grandfather as co-creator of batman. If you don't know the story of Bill Finger, please watch the Hulu documentary Batman & Bill. Athena goes over the story of Bill Finger and how she won recognition of him as the co-creator of Batman. We ask her questions from us, and from some of you listeners, and we also chat with her about many things. Hope you enjoy this one! Email & Follow us below: Facebook: Email: Twitter:
This week The Supercast Trio is joined by unofficial sidekick Eric Wade once again, and also James Hopp for a 2nd week in a row. Spoiler-Free Kingsman The Golden Circle review comes this week in Tube Talk. We start this baby off with good ol fashioned ranting, and updates on our Episode 50 giveaway. This weeks The Question deals with Star Wars. We then hit up the Trailer Park for the new Punisher trailer, and the new Tomb Raider trailer. We continue to talk about the new Kingsman, Gotham season 4 premiere, Channel Zero No End House premiere, HBO's The Duece, Manhunt Search for the Unabomber, Transformers The Last Knight, and Joe details us on some things he learned about Superman The Movie in a new documentary thats out. Jordan revisits his Wonder Woman rating, and Joe finally rates Baby Driver. This weeks Rewind Segment entails 1986's The Fly! We rate and discuss this fantastic movie. Collectible Cave takes us out once again, and Jordan gives the final 2 words for his giveaway. Thank you so much for supporting us, and thank you to all the new llisteners that have jumped on! Email & Follow us below: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Bumpers:
The very first episode of The Supercast. Here we discuss the 'Killer Frost' Flash Episode, the 'Medusa' Supergirl episode, and talk a little about the 4 part Invasion crossover, but more on that next episode. We also had some discussion about Smallville since Jordan has never seen it, and then we go over some news, the Alpha-5 image from the new Power Rangers Movie, and some other things. Then we close it out with a Doctor Strange Review, and the Collectibe Corner segment (later on changed to The Collecible Cave), where we discuss any collectibles/figures we picked up, and collectible news. Enjoy! and thank you so much for listening to our very first episode! (The Audio quality is much much better on our next episodes, rating system, intro music and some other bumpers are added in Episode 3: Part 1, and future episodes )
This week Jordan & Joe are joined by Rebekah Dahling, The Queen! A lot of stuff to talk about this week! We go through our usual segments this week, plus Rebekah saw Fate of the Furious and gives her review on that, while me and Joe piss on it, and discuss why this Fast & Furious franchise is so popular now. In The Trailer Park this week we discuss and rate the trailers for Star Wars The Last Jedi, Krypton (the recently removed trailer that was leaked that is), Cloak & Dagger, and Star Wars Rebels Season 4. We also discuss Adam Warlock joining the MCU, as well as the recently confirmed Guardians of The Galaxy 3, which will also be written and directed by James Gunn, as well as a new Star Wars animated series coming after Rebels, and much more in News this week. A lot of The Last Jedi discussion is had as well, including our speculation on the movie, and confirmation that it will be Carrie Fisher's final appearance as Princess Leia. We jump into some Tube Talk where we talk about the season 3 premiere of Fargo, the season 3 premiere of Better Call Saul, and the season 3 premiere of The Leftovers, and others. We also discuss some movies we watched, including a Netflix Original "Win It All", "The Founder", and "War Dogs". For Rewind this week we discuss and rate "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and pick next weeks Rewind Movie, and then, as always, we finish up in The Collectible Cave where we discuss what we picked up this week, including some new graphic novels from Rebekah, some Star Wars die cast figures from Joe, and a NECA 1/4 scale Deadpool figure, and an X-Men Legends Shatterstar figure from Jordan. Once again, thanks for reading this long ass description, and thank you to the moon and back for listening to these crazy, long ass episodes. Follow us below to keep saving the multiverse one podcast at a time with us. Thanks Guys! Please enjoy & come again! Follow us at: Facebook: Twitter: Email questions and more to:
Well, here it is...the last episode of The Supercast. First, David and Joe talk about some recent TV and movies that we have seen. Then we wax nostalgic about some great memories from epsidoes past. We are also joined by a special guest before we turn the lights off. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, listened, guest starred, interacted and who became friends with us. We can't thank you enough for all your support. Listen all the way to the end for some special clips and moments from episodes past.
This week Jordan and Joe are joined by Ty Purvis from the new Humperdoo Review podcast, and unofficial sidekick Eric Wade as always, plus Rod Claerbout joins later on, and Sidekick David stops by for the big Star Wars news. We mostly talk some big news this week, as we discuss the newly announced Star Wars Trilogy from Rian Johnson (Director of the upcoming Star Wars The Last Jedi movie). We also get our first reactions from critics and such for Justice League. How is it doing so far? Another divisive film, or a fun outing? Find out. ALSO, Disney ALMOST acquired Fox and the X-Men! Dream come true, or no??? We give our thoughts on we think would happen. We also discuss all the recent hollywood allegations, as a few more accused actors joined the list as we were recording. What are we seeing here? Lots of controversial, dark, and weird things being discussed on this episode, so beware. We talk The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in this weeks Super Talk, as well as The Gifted in Tube Talk this week, among other things. Don't forget to look for our Justice League spoiler episode next week, as well as our normal episode with no spoilers. Thanks for listening as always, and get in on the conversation! Send voice messages to our facebook @ and email us at, and follow us on Twitter at Email: Facebook: Twitter:
This is the normal episode for this week. We also released Episode 54: Thor Ragnarok with our full breakdown review in spoilery goodness. This episode Jordan, Joe, David, and Eric review Stranger Things 2 in full. Jordan reviews the new Call of Duty WWII, did this series finally get back to its roots? In the news this week we find out just how much Ron Howard re-shot of the Han Solo film. We get some more Shazam casting news, and who the villain will be. Also we get news of Jordan Peele possibly being involved with the new Twilight Zone reboot, and what we think of that. In Tube Talk this week Jordan reviews Atomic Blonde, while Joe, David, and Eric talk about some shows that impressed them over the week. Super Talk has been retooled, so we are now doing this segment a little differently. This week in Super Talk we mainly discuss this weeks Flash episode with Elongated Man. To close out, Collectible Cave brings us goodies as always, as Joe received an aweome wood light saber from the one and only Matt Kirby, while David continues his streak of getting a collectible each week. Dont forget to check out our Thor Ragnarok spoiler review episode if you've seen the movie! Thanks guys, email, send voice messages, and follow us below: Email: Facebook: Twitter:
Note: I apologize for the audio this episode, im not sure what the hell happened, but it is definitely not up to our normal standards. Episode "DC 52". This week Jordan, Joe, David, and Eric discuss a ton of DC! The Question this week is DC related where we and the listeners picked our favorite DC movie and comic characters, as well as our favorite DC movie, and comic story. We also continue down our All-Time Superhero Movie List but in DC style as we rate all the DCEU movies to date. We visit the Trailer Park to discuss and rate the second new Black Panther trailer. Highlighting the news this week is a new DC TV show in the works from The CW, Thor Ragnarok early reviews, the Russo brothers may be done with the MCU after Avengers 4, some Battlefront II news, and the Han Solo film finally gets a title, plus a lot more. Of course we go through the CW Supershows in our Super Talk segment as we voice our opinion of the overall quality of the shows so far, and we talk some Star Trek Discovery. In Tube Talk we discuss some Gotham, and Joe talks Geralds Game among other things. We announce what is in our Halloween Giveaway, and Collectible Cave takes us out. Email, Share & Follow us below: Facebook: Email: Twitter:
This week The Supercast is joined by Joe Stark and Kyle Kohl to discuss the news of The Joker getting an origin movie that is NOT in the current DCEU and NOT starring Jared Leto, and has Martin Scorsese involved. This could possibly be a the start to a new banner of "Elseworlds" movies DC is considering. On the other hand, Jared Leto has been tapped for 3 new DC movies, as he confirms he is back in the DCEU as The Joker. What do we think of all this developement? The Batman WILL be set in the DCEU, plus a lot more of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and Other News. Joe Prime finally watched Power Rangers and gives his rating on that right in the beginning of the show. How did this GREAT film live up in the eyes of this Prime? We jump into Throne Cast this week to discuss the Game of Thrones episode "Beyond The Wall" and all the amazing things that happened in this episode, why everyone needs to chill out on all the "problems" game of thrones is supposedly creating, and we speculate more on the upcoming season finale. In Tube Talk this week, Jordan reviews new netflix film "Death Note", and the first episode of Amazon's new super hero comedy "The Tick". Jordan & Joe rate and discuss USA's new show The Sinner, and Joe rates Salvation, and Ozark as he recently finished that. Stark and Kyle review some stuff they've been watching as well. Collectible Cave closes us out as always, where Jordan talks about some Legends figures he received as gifts, and some awesome Alex Ross stuff he picked up as well, as Joe Prime rediscovers some treasures he forgot he had. We also give you a run down on collectibles that were released this week that we think are worthy, and that you may want to seek out. Thanks for listening as always, and please email us your thoughts on the show, and some ideas you may have for our upcoming 50th episode. Follow & Email us below: Email: Facebook: Twitter: Bumpers:
This week we come at you with some scary rants. Jordan's rant including a DEATH THREAT! Oh No! Joe's pissed off about something as always, then we bring you the latest news in The Daily Planet News, including Ryan Reynolds & Tom Cruise on the Hal Jordan actor shortlist for Green Lantern Corps? WHAT??? Also, X-Men Series finally ordered to FOX with Bryan Singer to direct the pilot episode, and much, much more. Then we FINALLY get our CW Supershows back. We break down & rate the midseason premiere's of Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow. We then get into our REWIND segment, and rewind time to go back and watch & review 1978's Superman: The Movie! (Well Jordan had to go back and watch it for the first time, Joe's only seen it over 1000 times, which is no exagerration, that is literal.) Then, just like every week, we finish this thing out with the all-time famous Collectible Cave, where Jordan ordered the new Spider-Man Koto, Joe gets his He-Man Dorbz, and then some collectible news. Thank you for listening! And let us know how we're doing!
Episode 100 - Jor-Dan, Joe Prime, David, Brian from PCL, Joe Stark, Rebekah Dahling, Sturdy This is it. What every podcast strives towards when they begin. 100 episodes. For this landmark episode we are joined by a few of our most loyal guests including: Brian from Pop Culture Leftovers, Joe Stark from StarkCast, Rebekah Dahling from Number 1 Comic Books, and STURDY joins for the 2nd half of the show. We have a LOT of fun here just celebrating 100 episodes, and we even get all sappy in the end. We do get down to business though as we introduce to you a change to our show: DC WEEKLY and also MARVEL WEEKLY. In DC Weekly this week we review the new DC Universe streaming service, this thing was our dream, did it live up to expectations? Find out! We also discuss Superman possiby leaving the DCEU, some Supergirl movie rumors, rumors that WB wants to reset the DCEU, a possible Batgirl series coming to DC Universe, Lois Lane was cast, and another surprise character joining the Arrowverse Crossover! In Marvel Weekly, we go over the Marvel News for the week, and we also follow up and review the entire season 2 of Iron Fist. We do have Tube Talk this episode as Jordan and Sturdy review the premiere episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Joe reviews Ozark Season 2, and everyone else each brings a show or movie to talk about as well. We also throw in some BLOOPERS at the end so check that out! Guys. We love you. Each and every week you listen and support us. Please keep doing so. PATREON AND PAYPAL coming soon! Follow us on social media & email us below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Email:
Episode 95 - This week its all Jordan and Joe, except for a brief time with David as we start off with some rants including a possible dead body, and Jordan's story of being a bank robbery suspect once. Exciting i know! This week is highlighted by the following: NEWS DC News: Ruby Rose cast as Batwoman in Arrowverse, Cyborg joins DC Universe' upcoming Doom Patrol series, Supergirl DCEU movie in developement, Black Mask reportedly the main villain in the upcoming Birds of Prey, Plus more! Marvel News: Dave Bautista threatening to quit Guardians 3? Nick Fury and Maria Hill appearing in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Stan Lee no longer attending public events, and more! Star Wars News: Rumors Other News: Patrick Stewart returning as Captain Picard! Academy Awards add Popular Film category, Movie Pass fails again, and more! TUBE TALK: Better Call Saul Season 4 Premiere Lodge 49 Series Premiere Christopher Robin Plus More COLLECTIBLE CAVE: The Batman Who Laughs SDCC Statue Review, Old School Shazam Memorobelia, The search for Silver Surfer and MCU First 10 Years Figures begins! Follow us on Social Media & email us below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Email:
On the first full episode of Sportsball, we begin with one of the most exciting Free Agency season in NFL history! We dig into the biggest free agency signings, and the biggest moves made in the beginning of the new league year. We talk about Kirk Cousins signing with the Vikings, Jordy Nelson going to the Raiders, the million additions the Browns made, and a WHOLE lot more! We tell you if we like each move, and what we think. For our first Throwback segment, we go back to The Bad Boys of the Detroit Pistons back when basketball was much more brutal. If you haven't already, go back and check out our Episode 0, as that episode goes over who we are exactly, and what we will be doing each episode. Thank you so much for checking us out! Email us recommendations, and let us know what you think by emailing us below: Email:
Welcome to this MEGA episode. This episode is FULL of great stuff to talk about! We begin with a huge announcement for the show regarding Rebekah from Number One Comic Books as she joins us! And yes, it finally happened, THE RETURN OF ERIC WADE! This is our biggest episode so far of 2018 headlining content wise. This week we cover the following: DC WEEKLY: Titans Series Premiere, The Flash Season 5 Premiere, Black Lightning Season 2 Premiere, James Gunn to DC to write and possibly direct "Suicide Squad 2", first look at Ruby Rose as Batwoman, and a whole lot more! MARVEL WEEKLY: Iron Fist Season 3 CANCELLED by Netflix, Daredevil Season 3 Early Reviews, Kingpin Teaser, New Avengers 4 team costumes revealed?, New Avengers Movie Title Rumor, and a lot more. TUBE TALK: Venom, First Man, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Star Wars Resistance, Better Call Saul Season 4 Finale STAR WARS & OTHER NEWS: The Mandalorian Stormtrooper Set Photo's, Bryce Dallas Howard to possibly star?, Universal Soldier Reboot, The Boys Trailer, and more. COLLECTIBLE CAVE: DC Primal Age NYCC Exclusive Mr. Freeze, The Thing Marvel Legends Figure, The Batman Who Laughs Diamond Gallery Statue, DC Foil Stunt Covers, Special Spider-Man Covers & MORE! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: PAY-PAL DONATIONS:
It's time to Ragnarok'n Roll. SPOILER EPISODE! You've been warned. This episode is all Thor Ragnarok. Jordan, Joe, and David are joined by Matt "The Blue Fish" Kirby as we review in full Thor Ragnarok. We rate the movie, give our overall thoughts, break it down from beginning to end, talk about the biggest reveals, and ask some questions that this film has left us with, while we also try to answer some of those questions. Is this the best Thor yet, and where does it rank among The MCU? Is Hela the best villain we've had in the MCU? We tell you what we think! ALSO this week there is a normal episode as well covering all the things we usually cover weekly, so look out for that episode as well! Send us your thoughts of the movie to our Email below, and/or send us a voice message to facebook below: Email: Facebook: Twitter:
Welcome to the 3rd Annual Christmas Cast! This year we pit 2 of the greatest christmas movies against one another, 1966's The Grinch vs. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! We also go over our favorite Christmas Dish, and Jordan reviews the new Netflix christmas movie "The Christmas Chronicles". In DC Weekly this week we go over some revealing titans news, as well as some brand new DC Universe show release dates, as well as more Stargirl casting news, and more! (the Titans finale review will be in the next episode). In Marvel Weekly this week Jordan and Rebekah review the first 2 episodes of Marvel's Runaways Season 2, and Jordan reviews Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1. We close it out with Tube Talk where Rebekah reviews The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2, and Jordan reviews the surprise early release of the pilot to "Deadly Class" - a new show from SyFy, as well as Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom since he finally watched that. We hope all of you had a merry christmas, and a very safe new year! You can help support the show by donating through paypal below, and follow us on social media below: DONATE/SUPPORT: (or send through PayPal to FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: EMAIL:
This episode we are joined by Matt Kirby, and it is all about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Everything Guardians, with some other bullshit thrown in here and there. We discuss the movie at length, rate it, and break it down. We talk about our favorite scenes, how we felt about the villain, and a lot more. We revisit the past as well as everyone takes a blast from the past and talks about their walkmans, and VCR's and boomboxes, and all that other old shit. We also have some random discussions about who each of us thinks is the worst MCU villain, and the future of the MCU. Thanks for listening guys! Let us know what you thought of the movie by visiting our facebook page, emailing us, or following us on Twitter. Follow here: Facebook: Twitter: Email:
I have a bad feeling about this. Welcome to our Solo: A Star Wars Story Review Episode! Spoilers will be found in this episode, you've been warned! Jordan, Joe, and David are joined by James Hopp from the "Rock with Hopp" podcast to dive deep into Solo: A Star Wars Story as we review the film, break it down, talk about its troubled road during production, talk about potential spinoffs this movie sets up, and also the spinoff we would like to see most, and a whole lot more! Did we have to eat crow? Was this movie as bad as it could have been after the firing of its initial directors, and all the setbacks this movie suffered? Find out what we thought, and let us know what you thought as well! Email us, and follow us on social media below: Email: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
We're back after missing last week, and we're grumpy. We open up the episode by talking about Netflix movies being removed from film festivels, and some comments that were said among cinemaphiles that believe Netflix movies should not be allowed to contend for awards, and we ask the question: In 20 years, will there still be movie theatres as we know them? Headlining this episode, the long awaited Krypton on SyFy finally premiered as we break down the first 2 episodes and review the show so far. We hit the Trailer Park to discuss the new Deadpool 2 trailer. Did we, or did we not see the grey X-Force suit? That is the question. In Tube Talk this week, Jordan reviews AMC's new show "The Terror", and also the hit 2017 film "Detroit", which is now streaming on Hulu, Joe watched some more Spartacus, and David fills us in on his viewing over the last 2 weeks. Highlighting the news this week, we get word of a new Astro City TV adaption, Constantine joins Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular in season 4, Donald Glover's Deadool animated series gets cancelled, The Fantastic Four are finally returning to Marvel Comics in a new series, we're getting a new Atari Console, and much more. Collectible Cave closes us out, as Jordan got a rare funko pop, some Saga funko pops, and more. We also talk about the new Obi-Wan sixth scale Hot Toys figure. Thank you so much for supporting us, and you can e-mail & follow us below: Email: Facebook: Twitter:
Part 2. Jordan, Joe, and David return. We've all been waiting for Joe Prime's take on the Shazam Suit, and the time is here. Set photo's have leaked showing us the suit. What do we all think of it? Jordan's dreams have come true as Fox has announced a Silver Surfer movie written by Brian K. Vaughan! Did Luke have a wife before The Last Jedi? We bring you a report indicating he may have! Plus much more in news this week. In Tube Talk this week we discuss and review the Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 premiere, Jordan watched Darkest Hour and gives his review on that, and Joe had to watch a bunch of blu rays since he had no power or internet over the weekend. We hit the Collectible Cave to finish things up as Jordan goes on the hunt for the Infinity Gauntlet. Thank you for listening, and head over to Part 1 for our Waco Finale review, and more! Follow & Email us below: Email: Facebook: Twitter:
This week Jordan, Joe, and The Sidekicks are joined by the better Eric, Eric Marable, as the time has come for the Jedi to end. Welcome to our SPOILER Review, Discussion, Breakdown, and straight up war with each other over Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This episode is ALL Star Wars The Last Jedi. We open up by giving our intial rating and overall thoughts, and by the end of the episode after we have all had enough, we revisit our ratings and see if they stand. Nothing gets us worked up quite like Star Wars can, and it shows in this episode. Things get heated as we review the movie, break the movie down, go over each major reveal, go over things we would have done different, things we loved, things we hated, and honestly, we just go all out and all over the place with this movie. This is definitely one for ages that we will come to call "The Day of David" which you won't understand until you listen! So enjoy, and may the force be with YOU. Let us know what you thought! Email & Follow us below: Facebook: Email: Twitter:
Guys! Jordan here, back in action. I start this one by welcoing everyone back, and filling you in on whats been going on with me, what collectibles i've picked up since i was last on here, and just an overall story of everything leading to this point! Then I jump into detailing the show moving forward and what it will be like, and I end with telling you why its ok that Spidey is not with us in the MCU anymore. Trust me. As well as some thoughts on the upcoming Joker, some crazy thoughts on life in general, and more! Please follow us on social media below, and let us know what you think of the show by reviewing us on Apple Podcast and emailing us below! Once again, its so good to be back!!! Support the show:
Welcome to a bonus episode with Jor-Dan, Joe Prime & Sidekick Rebekah. This episode is a shorter one, where we cover last weeks Marvel Weekly, DC Weekly, and Tube Talk. We review the phenomenal "Doom Patrol" episode of Titans, go over all of the headlines from last week including Psycho Pirate joining the Elseworlds Arrowverse Crossover and more! For Marvel Weekly we go over the newly announced Falcon & Winter Soldier Team-Up series coming to Disney's new streaming service, plus the newly titled "Once Upon A Deadpool, and we go over the comic "Avengers Halloween Special". Follow/Contact/Donate below: PayPal Donations/Support: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Email: (all emails read on the show, unless otherwise stated)
Welcoooooooome to.....JOE PRIME TRIVIA TIME! We debut a new segment this week, "Joe Prime Trivia". For the inaugural trivia debut, we do DC Trivia, where Joe Prime tests all of our knowledge on the history of DC Comics, and it's beloved characters. Also this week we cover the much anticipated 2018 New York Toy Fair, as we cover what we saw from DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Hasbro, and more! We each pick our must-haves from the Toy Fair, and also our winners of Best Collectible of the 2018 New York Toy Fair. In Tube Talk this week, Jordan and Joe rate and discus Starz new show "Counterpart" starring J.K. Simmons. Jordan also rewatched Thor Ragnarok, Jordan & Joe rewatched Justice League (details on a JL watch-along commentary episode coming soon), and other movies are discussed such as Big Hero 6 and Miracle. We all watched the newest episode of Waco and we discuss that as well, among other things we all watched. In the news this week, Joss Whedon and WB/DC part ways on Batgirl, updates on the Black Widow movie, Star Wars Episode 9 script is in, starts filming soon, and a lot more in News this week. Thank you for listening to our debut of Joe Prime Trivia, let us know what you thought, and Email/Follow us below: Email: Facebook: Twitter:
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