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The Transformation Blueprint

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Paul Stennett hosts The Transformation Blueprint, where he interviews successful experts and entrepreneurs each and every week, to extract the lessons and the tools you can use to make transformations in your own life. There are many paths to success folks, so let’s find yours together.

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Paul Brunson is a TV host, a matchmaker, an entrepreneur and a board member of BAU, which you’ll learn more about in this episode. In this episode you’ll learn about: - The quality that makes true entrepreneurs confidently face any risk, even financia

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Ray-St. Michael is a long-time lecturer and the founder and CEO of two companies - Discovery Technologies and Y Smart Data - both centred around his passion for data and analytics. He has done a lot of impactful work in Jamaica in the almost 10 years his company has been around, building transformat...

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Michael Dann is the founder of Fusion Professional Solutions, an I.T. professional services firm working with credit unions, insurance companies and small businesses to develop successful web solutions. He is also a Senior Consultant and Technical Manager at RealDecoy and Tutor at the UWI Open Campu...

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Yanique Grant (@yaniquewagrant) is the Managing Director and founder of Professional Training and Occupational Services Inc., a customer experience training company here in Jamaica. She has worked with companies internationally to craft their customer experience to create raving fans and customers. ...

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Entrepreneurship is cool now, but it’s still one of the toughest experiences we could have in life. And failure is a big part of it, they kind of go hand in hand. But what is failure really? Is it something we experience only when we give up, or can we have dozens of micro-failures as we’re growing ...

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