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While the USA recently saw its own disaster of an insurrection take place in Washington DC, Nazi-turbo dweeb Adolf Hitler once tried to kidnap his way into control of an entire country. Learn how the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch would only be a small bump in the road on his way to power, and how the events of that night helped shape the butcher of Europe.
The nerds at NASA say not to worry about the passing asteroid Apophis. They're probably right, but consider what could happen when big objects come from the sky.  From existential lunar destruction to the very real Japanese mission to extract dust from a passing object, we've got your fill of interstellar rocks this week. Sources:JAXA Asteroid prope landing ( hitting the earth (
If you've ever wondered how memories are formed, where they're stored, and why you're so terrible at remembering anything, we've got the episode for you. Give into the innerworkings of your mind a look while taking a look at how they can be changed and even falsified.,and%20the%20source%20become%20dissociated.  
Stationed on an island in the Philippines and ordered to wage war on the enemy, Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda kept his personal battle going for 29 years against any enemy he could find.  Likely responsible for the death of around 30 people, once found he was welcomed in Japan as a hero.  Learn the story of how he was stuck there, the men who were with him, and more.  Sources:  
Every 10 episode we treat you to a slew of unusual topics to tantalize the senses and stimulate the various glands collected in your body.  This Mind Moppets learn about feral children, a hidden civilization in the jungle, a defense of Teen Vogue, and more!
Learn about the six days of uprising that inspired movements for equal rights across the world. From the conditions endured by members of the LGBTQ community to the punishing legal conditions to the countless raids by police, this was the spark that lit the fire of the movement. It's episode 69!   
Reddit founder and all-around wonder-kid, Aaron Swartz was always gifted, but when he struck it big in tech, he left the business world behind to advocate for open access to information for people around the world. Despite his best efforts, the world he wanted to make better didn't want to listen, and when he downloaded a massive store of academic files from MIT for unknown purposes, the US government came for him and didn't stop until they had taken everything. Sources:     
Now you see it... now your coworker is dying slowly trapped inside of it. Explore the story of the Philadelphia Experiment, a secret government project to turn a ship invisible. Only things don't go quite according to plan.  Learn about the origins of the hoax, and how it launched the time travel voyage (and public speaking career) of Al Bielek.
During the mid 1990s and 2000s Viktor Bout was one of the world's most successful arms dealers. Though the attention would eventually land him in jail, he dealt his horrible wares to world while also being the basis of the movie Lord of War. Take a moustache ride down the rabbit hole. 
Halloween, All Souls Day, All Saints Day, and Samhain might have passed but learn why the holiday isn't quite what most people think. From ancient traditions to how we celebrate today, it's still a day surrounded by mystery - and candy.   From the episode, see how they get it done in Lithuania:
Last week we saw what happens when someone kills to satisfy their bloodlust, this week we see what happens when people are motivated by something almost as sinister -- greed. Hear about the hard life and crimes of Dorothea Puente and the at least nine men she poisoned to keep a lid on her schemes. 
Hear the horrible story of one of the worst human beings ever to draw breath. Starting from tragic beginnings to infamous ends, we tell the story of Richard Ramirez, a man who would become known as the Night Stalker.
Walking a dark voyage or a the way of light? Is your magic white or black? Are your on the righteous way or the left hand path? Find out if you take your mystical peanut butter crunchy as we study the scrolls to get some context on what separates the two schools of magick in the West. 
In the 1920s, women flocked to one of the first industrialized new employment opportunity available, painting the dials on watches. Tragically, the glow in the dark paint would turn out to be radioactive.  Learn why never to trust your boss on The Unusual Show. 
Every 10 episodes we get wiggitty and bring a selection of topics from both hosts. It's been 60 episodes of mangling our subject matter so get ready to learn about human head transplants, how to survive being hit by two trucks, the alien fish eating the great lakes, and more. 
Before anyone could hack computers people hacked the phones. Meet the misfits who cracked AT&T with a cereal whistle, who built the first blue boxes, and the revolutionaries and criminals who took up their technology. 
With nine brains, eight legs, three hearts, and one beak that was made for loving you (baby), cephalopods are some of the smartest non-vertebrate on the planet.  Learn how to escape a jar from the inside, why scientists think these smaller krakens are so smart, and more as we unlock the secrets of cephalopod intelligence.
Half the episode, half the adventure, and even half the hosts. While James is pitching south of the border, we've got a rare catch of an episode.  Strap in for the four wars you may never have known existed as the Þorskastríðin or The Cod Strife sets sail off the coast of Iceland. Learn how the UK lost FOUR times to a microstate with no standing army, and why we usually have two people on this show
The theories that explain how things operate on the quantum level are myriad, but two have stood the test of time. The Copenhagen Interpretation and the Multi Worlds Interpretation try to connect the microscopic to the macroscopic. Figure out which theory works for your world. 
Ahmad ibn Fadlan was an Islamic theologian and diplomat sent to instruct the Volga Bulgars in the ways of his religion.  Writing about his travels, he's most known for his detailed observations of Viking traders from Sweden called the Varangians. Learn the hidden secrets of the shared washbowl, a chieftain's burial, and how to learn languages like Antonio Banderas. 
Deep within you might burn a fire to be the best white coffee salesman on earth, but also deep within you might be a fire that will leave only a few unflattering appendages and Smutz all over the walls.   Spontaneous Human Combustion is a condition that claims lineage all the way back to the 1500s. Learn about how it was thought to go down and how you might be susceptible to lightning sneaking in the window. 
In part 2 of our series on the armed Welsh insurgency learn of the new players on the movement that would revive the failing MAC and throw the occasional wrench in the planning of Prince Charles' investiture.  Bombings continue and over the span of one day, the groups would suffer their first fatalities.  
Not content leaving the armed rebellion to other celts, in the 1960s Welsh nationalism's most extreme members formed into various militant groups.  Learn how Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru and the Wales Free army was launched, their bombing campaigns inside the UK, and the comedy of errors that followed them everywhere. 
It's true crime time, and to make sure it's a memorable ones, we've selected one of the worst recorded serial killers in history, Andrei Chikatilo.  Follow his horrible path from a childhood in German-occupied Ukraine to a loyal soviet, professional asshole, and prolific killer. 
Every ten episodes we invite you to expand your mind with a series of topics instead of just one.  For our very happy fiftieth, we're bringing everything from Calcio Storico Fiorentino (medieval murderball), black superheated ice, the Toronto tow truck mafia, and more
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