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HIIIIIIIIIIIII! Surprise! We're (very briefly) back to talk about UFOs, Jeremy Corbell, and our weekly joys.
Wow, what a ride. Thank you for hanging out with us, sharing your stories, correcting us whenever we discuss math or science, and being the best dang community of listeners we could have possibly asked for.  We're celebrating our final episode
There were some mighty strange bigfoot encounters in the Pacific Northwest in 1924. Albert Ostman got kidnapped by a family of bigfeet, then tried to kill one with chewing tobacco. Fred Beck shot a bigfoot that tried to break into his cabin, bu
Eric Mayson stops by to talk about the wonderful world of industrial musicals. From the 1950s through the 1980s, many American companies, including McDonalds, GM, Ford, Miller, Shell, and RCA, produced high-budget musicals about their products.
Rob Kristoffersen's back to tell the tale of Pier Fortunato Zanfretta, an Italian security guard who claimed to be abducted 11 times by 10-foot tall aliens who looked kind of like angry Christmas trees.  Check out Rob's podcasts - Our Strange S
Spencer and Lydia are talking about the Voronezh alien abduction, roller skates, and baby pictures.  Check out Lydia's podcast, Solicited Advice. New episodes every Monday!  Buy yourself or a loved one a gift in our shop. Join us on Patreon and
We're talking about the Bigfoot of Pokemon cards, Ryan's new Alice in Wonderland house, and Spencer's new drum kit.  Buy yourself or a loved one a gift in our shop. Join us on Patreon and get an extra episode every week, plus a back catalog of
Valiant Thor (allegedly) came to Earth to help us out, but the dang government (allegedly) wouldn't let him. We're finally diving into the wild, wild story that is Valiant Thor and Stranger at the Pentagon.  This episode is sponsored by BetterH
Kryptos is a sculpture by Jim Sanborn that was installed on the CIA's campus in 1990. The sculpture contains a four-part, encrypted riddle. So far, three of the four parts have been deciphered, but the last section remains unsolved. We sure are
Got too many Prince records stacked up in the basement? An alien with very specific atmospheric needs? Maybe some Harry and the Hendersons outtakes? Iron Mountain has you covered!  This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Use promo code whatif
Who you pointing at skeleton? Sometimes it rains fish, sometimes it rains money, sometimes it’s three inches of frogs deep in the streets. Visit to hear Spencer's new album Buy yourself or a loved one a gift in our shop. Join u
On February 8 1983, Shergar, a beloved Irish racehorse worth over $15 million, was kidnapped by a group of men armed with machine guns. After failed attempts to collect a ransom, the horsnappers said the horse had an accident and died. Shergar
Rob Kristoffersen's in the house to share a story about telepathic floating brain aliens. Spencer tries to push every button on the soundboard.  Listen to Rob's podcasts!  Our Strange Skies | The Coda | Rolling Through the Realms | The Order of
Spencer found the strangest cryptids he could and Ryan's trying to guess what they are based solely on their names.  This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Use promo code whatif for 10% off your first month. Buy yourself or a loved one a gift
On October 4th, 2001, Amy Rylance was taken from her home by a beam of rectangular light shot through an open window.. Three hours later, she showed up about 500 miles away. She, her husband, and her friend who witnessed the event believe she w
Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey seems like a dang neat show, so why can't we watch it? The 2010 animated film starring Chris Pine, Amanda Peet, Jason Alexander, William Shatner, James Earl Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Hamill, and Neil
Our friends Max Selim and Nick Mestad launched a new podcast called The Oscar Went To, and we stopped by to talk Harry Potter.  We discussed the movies, books, video games, and inevitable remakes, as well as the merits of public vs. private wiz
We're discussing Haim Eshed's claims that there's a contract between aliens and various world governments which allows aliens to experiment on humans in exchange for anti-gravity technology. We also recall the time the CIA attempted to remote v
Lydia Liza joins to talk Muppet movies, superlative trees, cyber security, and a bunch of other nonsense.  This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Use promo code whatif for 10% off your first month. go listen to Lydia's new podcast, Solicited
So many people have had so many bad ideas for casinos, and a few great ones! We're talking about casinos that weren't, when your students forget to bring you coffee, terrible band names, and obelisk watch 2020 this week on What If?  This episod
Throughout much of the 2000s, Brits have seen a triangle-shaped UFO flying silently through their skies. The craft has been dubbed The Dudley Dorito, and there's more evidence than usual to support its existence.  ***THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT***
New Jersey is scary! Or at least Clinton Road is - there are claims of ghosts, murder, UFOs, flying wolves, and a bunch of other crazy stuff. Also, Ryan got really upset about the definition of a crayon for some reason...?  Outro music: Willie
In 2012, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers noticed they were missing about 540,000 gallons, or roughly $13 million, of maple syrup. Several people were convicted of stealing and reselling the syrup, but the majority of it was never
Look. We had a great episode planned, and we'll get to it next week, but today we needed a good laugh more than anything else. So, we spent most of the episode talking about Hulk Hogan's pasta restaurant at the Mall of America and Macho Man Ran
We're telling some spooky stories in honor of Halloween! Ghost trucks, creepy hikers, mysterious lights over the ocean, and a town full of mannequins! OH DANG Please vote! Make sure you're registered, find your polling place, or request an abse
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