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Theme Park Films Podcast Reviews

These two are hella funny. Forget the title, I have never been to a theme park and found them on podbean as I love British accents. Holly is very smart with outstanding observational skills and Carla holds them together with clear affection and ease of wit that is so dry and natural. My favorite parts are Holly laughing at something Carla says, it disarms her hard exterior in a second and shows a true friendship.
Extremely funny. Holly is hilarious and so skilled at observing the nitty gritty. Carla really gets the best out of her and her killer dry come backs make this a must listen.
So funny - they really deserve to hit the big time. Original, witty and clever. I want to be their friend!
Quirky idea for a show which is really well handled to boot. Check these awesome podcasters out!
Are you not entertained well you will be just stick this in your ear.
Such an original concept & well delivered, great hosts.
As a none ride goer, it's really cool to hear what I'm missing out on. These lady's are well worth a listen
Fun and friendly with an innovative concept, Carla and Holly look at the films that inspire theme park rides. Enthusiastic, engaging and hugely enjoyable!
Great podcast with great hosts. Highly recommended.
A charming spin on the movie podcast format, covering the rarefied group of films that inspired their own theme park rides! Hosted with effervescent enthusiasm by Holly and Carla, you'll laugh *and* learn - the perfect recipe for an enjoyable show.
Love the concept and love the podcast.
Fun and entertaining! Give it a listen :D
Carla and Holly are excellent together. They have a nice unique way of podcasting about the films they are reviewing by looking at it through the lens of the theme park ride. Well worth a listen