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Lust is a feeling. Thirst is the performance of that feeling. Join Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins as they explore the public ways women express their desire, particularly in this moment when we are all asking more pointed questions about Hollywood, representation, and opportunity. Examine why we desire who we desire through conversation, original fanfic, and fantasies that take us by a lion would a gazelle.

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We've missed you during the hiatus, thirst-buckets! Thankfully we had OUR VERY FIRST LIVE SHOW before the withdrawal symptoms began to hit really hard. Recorded on Monday February 12th in New York, we discussed Black Panther, supervillain, um,... prowess, underrated romcoms, K-dramas, and even …

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“I was wondering if you guys could help me find another sexy monster man to thirst for.” We reflect on the past season, and hear some listener voicemails we didn't get a chance to tackle.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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That's right, you little thirst buckets. Our season finale is all about Chris Evans — and guess what? We speak to him! We have a nice long chat with the man, the hero, the legend-in-a-smedium-tee, about what it feels like to be an Object of Thirst. Our new bestie for life also talks to us about his …

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This week, we are singing The Ballad Of Colin Farrell... too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral-BAE. Those soulful eyes! Those thick eyebrows! We're joined by writer and editor Kendra James, who shares her Colin expertise as we track his career from bad boy to family man. And yes, we do talk about That Sex Tape …

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Thirst evolves as we age and mature, and sometimes it's that maturity you... crave. This week, we swoon over some seasoned baes ("zaddies," if you will, though Bim wishes you wouldn't) — classics such as Laurence Fishburne, Bruce Willis, Jesse L. Martin, and more. We have a couple of guests: …

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